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Music and Musicians exibition - international artists - December 2017

Wide Awake Somewhere 

I never know what to write when curating exhibitions with help by several international artists.
 I remember that somebody tried to hurt me really bad by stealing my kitty Ilvie from me (more or less an year and a half ago and my life quickly changed into surrealism) using several people to put my mental health and my spirit in jeopardy.
 I was listening to a James music named "Ring the bells" then while thinking to myself:
- "why there's evil people in this world or why friends become enemies several times?".
 Of course that it will be a huge task trying to have my kitty Ilvie back, just because someone suddenly went crazy and that thinks that nothing matters in this life, but I know that my kitty will always be part of my life and that I'll fight to have my kitty back with all my strength.  
 Curating exhibitions is real tricky, one must be real focused on what he's doing or thinking, so this exhibition started with that before mentioned James music with its lyrics on my head:
"When you let me fall, I grew my own wings
Now I'm as tall as the sky
When you let me drown, I grew gills and fins
Now I'm as deep as the sea
When you let me die, my spirit became free
There's nothing challenging me    
Ring, ring the bells
Wake the town, everyone is sleeping
Shout at the crowd, wake them up
This anger's deeper than sleep
Got to be awake to what's happening
I no longer feel that God is watching over me
Got to tell the world we've all been dreaming
This is not the end, a new beginning
I no longer feel my God is watching over me
Break, break the code
Concentrate, let the doors swing open
See through all your walls, all your floors
Now you're in deeper than sleep"

 I've continued listening to lots of music of all genres and paying even more attention to its lyrics, since I'm not amnesiac and I love Radiohead's songs and how they send messages to us about social injustice with theirs lyrics, I've thought about a particular song named "You and whose army?" that in my opinion describes how crazy the world is right now with several people talking while saying nothing at all while forgetting their origins, countries and in my opinion not thinking properly with the help of social networks and the illusion that they give us (be it a common person or even a politician).
 So, I've asked Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen to design a poster based on this band album named "amnesiac" and he told me that it was similar to a painting by American painter Mark Rothko, so this is a simple tribute to this amazing music band and to this awesome painter.

Poster for Music and Musicians exhibition - December 2017 

For the back poster, it was easier... Me and Christophe used the same patterns that Mark Rothko used in a painting by him and an image of David Bowie as "The Thin White Duke" that was a sort of father figure for me and millions of people and that left this universe too early.

Back poster for Music and Musicians exhibition - December 2017 

 It's almost christmas time and this exhibition will be held during my youngest niece Letícia birthday (that loves to be in my company several days per week during hours and hours always filled with magic everywhere), xmas, my own birthday and another month filled with reasons to celebrate and once again I'm without the physical presence of my kitty Ilvie. (and I don't understand why).

My youngest niece Letícia with me playing theater

The last picture that I've took to my kitty Ilvie in May 2016

 I've asked international artists to send me some artworks based on Music or Musicians for this exhibition.
 They've send them to me.
 I've photographed them in places where I think that art should be such as chapels or coffeeshops and they will be framed at the coffeeshop boemia caffe in Porto for this exhibition.

Javier Olivares artwork near a chapel in Porto 

Isabel Pessoa's artwork in a coffeeshop in Porto 

Joaquin Aldeguer artwork near a chapel in Porto 

Teke Teke's artwork in a coffeeshop in Porto

Dario Mekler's artwork near a chapel in Porto 

Bill Koeb's artwork in a coffeeshop in Porto

 I really love to comunicate with international artists in several languages because they're real kind, generous and they also understand how hard life is.
 I continue doing my work on international books, exhibitions, interviews to artists and sometimes it seems that I really don't have enough time, so most of the times when I think on something, I act a bit with some kind of feline instinct while comunicating with people in several languages.
 This exhibition is part of the concept that I've developped with the help of several international artists during years with the name of this same blogue.
 I really don't know when I'll be able to start publishing books with the concept/brand Invicta Indie Arts (maybe next year), but I'm working and thinking hard on this idea with several international artists that supported me and that I know that their artworks should be published in excellent books with excellent design.
 Until then, I must thank all artists that support or have supported some ideas that I've had (this was not an easy job, because you were more than a hundred with me trying to speak or write to all of you in several languages for several exhibitions all over the world and I'm only a simple guy from Porto).
 There are more artists finishing their artworks for this exhibition and later when the exhibition is prepared to open to the public, I'll write in this blogue in another post some more words and I'll put here images of this exhibition and the Permanent one that will be happening at the same time in another coffeeshop named Greentea.

Tom Waits as seen by Argentine maestro Mr ED 

Tom Waits as seen by Portuguese artist Paulo Pinto 

Page "Tales of The Smiths" by UK artist Con Chrisoulis   

Sonic Youth band as seen by Italian artist Danilo Dast Strulato

Video link by British band Radiohead performing live "You and whose army?" and that stuck several times in my mind and spirit while thinking on curating this exhibition.

Special thanks to Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen for his work on the design of poster and back poster for this exhibition, to Daniel Castro, to my youngest niece Letícia, to a special "someone" in my life and to my kitty Ilvie that's always part of my heart and soul.

Da mui nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto
Manuel Espírito Santo  

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