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A simple love story/narrative about life without Easter Eggs

Love stories are always an hard subject to write about.
We can write about the love that we have for women or men in Present, Past or Future.
We can write about the love that we have for family.
We can write about the love that we have for pets.
We can write about the love that we have for nature.
We can write about the love that we have for the universe.
We can write about the love that we have for life.
We can write about the love that we have for a character.
We can write about the love that we have in our job.
We can write about the love that we have for a city.
We can write about the love that we have for arts.
I will try to write some sort of love story below with pictures and words (with or without my professional life) being myself either a simple guy born in Porto or another guy with an heteronym named Mauno (based on an idea given to me by the magnificient Finnish artist and my friend Terhi Ekebom) that is living somewhere in Finland in a small house near the sea. 

Love for family with my youngest niece Leticia and her best friend Cecilia
Love for family with my youngest niece Leticia and my cousins Eva and Luna  

Love for a character - Carboy drawing by Swedish artist Max Andersson
Love for the city where we as human beings are born into life

 Love is a strange feeling that turns us numb and dumb but it is an excellent feeling to be able to love and be loved in return in the life that was given to us as living beings in this blue planet called Earth since our birth.
 Sometimes, people talk or comunicate about love with me in this life in several languages and I understand what love is because love is life and light.

Love for a woman as source of light - Drawing by Spanish maestro Eduardo Alvarado Sanchez Cortez

Love for a woman - Drawing by Spanish maestro Eduardo Alvarado Sanchez Cortez
  I truly believe that living beings can be only lovers left alive and as a living being, I always loved female living beings and how they see the world, because they`ll always be a puzzle to solve for male species and almost all living beings love to solve puzzles or riddles.

Only lovers left alive - concept/narrative being written and created 

A simple woman with an open book and with a name that I love

A woman with a name that I love

 Several times,I really don 't know where I will be or what I will do in a professional way as a common living being in this planet,but I know that I will always be fond of love stories (doesn't matter the love story, what it matters to me most is the subject or theme in it).

Helsinki - Finland 

I remember that my friend and magnificient Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom gave me a contact in order for my physical presence to be at Helsinki - Finland in September 2016 with an exhibition curated by me there with help by international artists at an arts festival based on a paper woman and that I didn`t went there at the time due to health issues. (this can be read in some previous posts in this same blogue).
 I love communicating with Terhi, she`s an amazing woman and human being that loves arts,nature and she has a beautiful cat. 
 She tells me all the time that Finnish love people who write about them.
 She was telling me today that she was waiting for a bus in Helsinki with a lamplight and that people were talking about the lamplight with her and I was laughing all the time, because in the country where I was born, people would talk not about the lamplight but instead they would ask why do people carry a lamplight in a bus.
 She also told me in the same minute that she was carrying furniture in a bus and later at the subway and that people were looking at her and talking with her about her furniture.     I suddenly imagined my poor heteronym Mauno at Finland in a small house gazing at the sea while the other me, was actually communicating with Terhi Ekebom about Finnish people life in general and I have thought this to myself:
 - I must do everything to be in Finland to write stories or love stories for people there. Why have I left my heteronym Mauno all alone there? 

My friend and magnificient Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom with a lamplight while waiting for a bus

Love for life
A quote that I love because of love for nature by Frank Lloyd Wright

Mon Cheri chocolate 

 I know that in this road that we call life that I will always love everything that I have mentioned above, so I'm trying to do a concept/exhibition based on a character that I love and that`s Zombierella (that in fact is a woman in flesh and bone) with help by several international artists that I admire and love as friends.

Zombierella as a musician/character/woman lost in Porto as seen through the eyes of Argentine Artist Martin Arrizabalaga

Zombierella as a musician/character/woman as seen through the eyes of Mexican Artist Gaston Ortiz

Zombierella as a musician/character/woman as seen through the eyes of Spanish Artist Jon Ander Azaola

 Writing love stories is hard because we human beings mix words with feelings or feelings with words.

Love for words

 Loving my work, makes me search within my mind, heart and soul in order to have inspiration to write about it, in this life that we have as living beings in the universe, knowing that I will enter in some road to nowhere (or anywhere because this is the world wide web) and I am sure that curating exhibitions, talking live with international artists,editing, writing or organizing books or books collections while trying to see them published in my mind is real tricky.

Poster with European tour ending in Beja - Portugal by Swedish artist Max Andersson with myself as his host there and a collage made by my friend and magnificient Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom as she sees Zombierella as a character/musician and a 21st century woman   

Poster with European tour ending in Beja - Portugal by Swedish artist Max Andersson with myself as his host there and an artwork by my friend and amazing Catalan artist Toni Benages Gallard as he sees Zombierella as a character/musician and a 21st century woman   

 I know that I always loved love stories with feelings since I was a child, because life isn't an utopia and we as living beings aren't simple machines in it like is mentioned in books that I love and that I have read when I was a teenager such as George Orwell's "1984" or Aldous Huxley "Brave new world".

Aldous Huxley "Brave new world"
George Orwell "1984"

   In this narrative that is a common love story, I have tried to have help (or inspiration) in it with music, actors and actresses dialogues from TV series such as Peaky Blinders or Westworld and an awesome song by Scottish band Mogwai named "Yes, I am a long way from home" with spoken words in the beginning of it about love and life that can be watched/read below.     
This is only a simple love story and love stories are always hard to write.
Many thanks to all international artists who support some of my ideas. 

Special thanks to my family (particularly my youngest niece Leticia), to my friend Terhi Ekebom and to my friend and extraordinary musician/character Zombierella
Manuel Espirito Santo

Love is being the sky of one living being towards another no matter what, like we can actually watch in this video above and read within it with a dialogue by characters Tommy and Grace from Peaky Blinders Tv Series with written words below.

Grace : I am so sorry Mr Shelby. I am Grace by the way.
Tommy : I know who you are. You got a nice dress. I am going to take you to the races, what do you think?
Grace : Anything you want. 
Tommy : Right. Get up on a chair.
Grace : Happy or Sad?
Tommy: Sad 
Grace : I warn you, I will break your heart.
Tommy : Already broken. 
Grace : I was afraid to ask you Mr Shelby.
Tommy : But you are not
Grace : I am. What is going on between us?
Tommy : Since when?
Grace : Between last month.
Tommy : I haven`t spent a day without thinking about you. It's good to see you Grace.
Grace: Because the thing is I love you, not him. There's busyness and there's love 
Tommy : Today is my fucking wedding day. NO FUCKING FIGHTING.
Grace : I know there's busyness on your mind and I know that always will be.
Tommy : Yeah. I am scared for you and I am scared for the baby.
Grace : Tommy, just get this busyness done. Promise me.
Tommy : I promise. 
Grace : I love you Tommy Shelby.
Tommy : I promise that I will make you safe.I need you Grace. I need you. I need you. Oh... I have met a woman. 
Grace : Damn you Tommy Shelby. 
Tommy : Yeah a woman who I love. 

Love is loving arts, feelings and our existence in nature in this universe as we can listen in the video above and its words below.

"Cause this music can put a human being in a trance like state and deprive it for the sneaking feeling of existing.
'Cause music is bigger than words and wider than pictures. 
If someone said that Mogwai are the stars I would not object. If the stars had a sound it would sound like this.
The punishment for these solemn words can be hard.
Can blood boil like this at the sound of a noisy tape that I've heard. 
 I know one thing.
 On Saturday, the sky will crumble together (or something) with a huge bang to fit into the cave."

Love isn`'t being programed as living beings with gizmos or machines like in Westworld Tv series where sometimes we can`'t distinguish a host from a human being in a narrative, because I believe that we as living beings can and must be better than this in this planet like we can watch in this scene above or by reading the dialogue within it with written words and also with lyrics by British band Radiohead that served as inspiration for it below.

Lab Man : Fuck! OK ! Yeah. Fuck. Come on.
Maeve : You said Upstairs.
Lab Man: Oh my God !!!Are you ok?
Maeve : I want to see it.
Lab Man : Upstairs?! No.No.This is so stupid.
Cowboy hosts :  You son of a bitch, I will put a bullet in your head.
Maeve : Where are we now?
Lab Man : DESIGN. Can we please turn back now?

Radiohead - motion picture soundtrack lyrics

Red wine and sleeping pills

Help me get back to your arms
Cheap sex and sad films
Help me get where I belong
I think you're crazy, maybe
Stop sending letters
Letters always get burned
It's not like the movies
They fed us on little white lies
I will see you in the next life

write because of its complexity/simplicity. 

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