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Narrative about memories with t-shirts - Upcoming project - Past, present and future

I never know what to write or about to write in between projects with help by international artists, but I know little things in life, being one of them that I always loved George Orwell's masterpiece "1984" since my teenage years and another one that I love all my nieces and nephews and what they write to me as can be read in the below picture.


I know that I always loved t-shirts because they're clearly a part of my essence and who I am because they form part of my body in movement.
I'm not a t-shirts collector but I love them because of memories or narratives that can be built with them through the years.
 I know that since I was a teenager that I love t-shirts with rock bands or artworks by international artists with characters that gave me a vision of the meaning of how our memories aren't brief at all with some t-shirts that I still wear in present time being them of my past and maybe they'll collide with my future.
I know another thing that's that Graphitti Designs released awesome t-shirts with comic book characters and that I've some of them.
 When I was reading Neil Caiman's Sandman masterpiece in the 90's, I was a bit shocked when an endless was committing suicide to ask another entity to walk in his own shoes, below is a picture with myself wearing a t-shirt with an artwork by American artist Jon J Muth that as the static image that it's proves the power of how an image can be stuck in our own memories and mind. 


 Sometimes people tell us that all dreams or nightmares are temporary, below I'm wearing a vintage t-shirt created by British artist Dave McKean that created all Sandman covers and that will be published with his tribute to comic book character Valentina by Guido Crepax in limited Crepax booklets at Fantagraphics publishing book company that I've organized/curated and that was worldwide exhibited with help by more than 150 international artists, so maybe the past collides with the present in order to create future in this life that we live in.


 Being Portuguese is tricky because when somebody took me this picture, I knew that I was wearing a Sandman vintage t-shirt by American artist Jill Thompson that was the artist for my favourite run on this saga named "brief lives" and that behind me was the genius Henry, the navigator that was born in Porto and knew about parts of other lands and countries that nobody in Europe knew at the time and in this artwork tile, we can actually see Henry arriving to Ceuta in Morocco.


 In my mind, past and present Sandman's jigsaw puzzle created by British writer Neil Gaiman was still present the original Sandman, so I'm pretty sure that he didn't committed suicide in the run "kindly ones" that was drawn by the magnificent American artist Marc Hempel that also created a Sandman Artwork for a t-shirt that was worldwide released by Graphitti designs and that can be seen in the pic below.


American artist Kelley Jones was responsible for the artwork of one of my favorite Sandman short stories named "Calliope" that deals with a writer that captured a goddess to be able to have inspiration and the dream weaver asked him to release her and gave him inspiration with words towards eternity.
 Kelley was also responsible for the design of another Sandman t-shirt released by Graphitti designs that I treasure deeply since my teenage years and that was published with his tribute to comic book character Valentina by Guido Crepax in limited Crepax booklets at Fantagraphics publishing book company that I've organized/curated and that was worldwide exhibited with help by more than 150 international artists, so maybe the past collides with the present in order to create future in this life that we live in and that can be seen below in a picture 


At the time that Sandman was coming to an end was published a magnificent comic book by American writer Gary Reed about an endless man and an endless female identity where past, present and future also connected.
 The man was Saint Germaine and some people said (through Gary's mind) that maybe he was Portuguese.
The woman was the first woman that appeared in this planet named Lilith and that was sent to hell because of her emancipation regarding Adam.
 Below is a picture with myself wearing a t-shirt also worldwide released by Graphitti designs with an artwork by American artist Vince Locke and that also will be published with his tribute to comic book character Valentina by Guido Crepax in limited Crepax booklets at Fantagraphics publishing book company that I've organised, so maybe the past collides with the present in order to create future in this life that we live in.


In my humble opinion "From Hell" graphic novel created by British writer Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell is one of the best books ever written with an awesome investigation that Alan and other friends made in order to understand not who Jack the ripper was, but why did he did what he did as the first serial killer that existed.
Graphitti designs also released worldwide a t-shirt with From Hell's masterpiece logo as can be seen below in a picture.


 I was never fond of superheroes or supervillains, but a friend of mine gave me a t-shirt that was worldwide released by Graphitti designs with an artwork by Brian Bolland drew based on The Joker for Batman's masterpiece "the killing joke" with a story by British writer Alan Moore where as British writer Grant Morrison once said in an interview that in this story Batman kills the Joker at the end of it. 
 I know that Brian Bolland drew 3 artworks for iconic comic book character Valentina that I've organised in the past with worldwide exhibitions and that one artwork by him was published with my help in a limited Crepax booklet published by Fantagraphics and that I'll try to publish the other two also, so past, present and future will always dwell in my mind.
Below is a picture of me wearing a this before mentioned artwork designed by Brian Bolland for a simple t-shirt.


 Like I've written before in this same post and in another one with personalized t-shirts by international artists, I love t-shirts since a teenager because when I went to a rock concert, to movies festivals, or even a theater play with friends or women, I've tried to buy a t-shirt to have them as a souvenir for that key moment in my life. I know that I've lost several t-shirts along the way but I've memories of buying t-shirts in concerts by Icelandic band Sigur Ros, British band Bauhaus, British singer Peter Murphy, Catalan performers La Fura Dels Baus among others, but there're some that I still keep at my possession like the ones posted below because I trust in rock.


  British band Radiohead always was a huge influence in who I am and they made a revolution in how we actually see music and the objects where they were recorded or registered, their albums "amnesiac" and "Kid A"  were stunning that not only had awesome songs, but also had excellent messages in them regarding society.
The picture of the t-shirt that can be seen below is worth more than what it actually is to everybody: "a simple t-shirt" because it marked a revolution regarding what's a collectable in my humble opinion.


 I listen to Scottish band Mogwai since 90's and I went to 2 or 3 concerts by them.
I remember buying their "young team" album.
They were young, I was young, having a t-shirt that could register in my mind, heart and soul what I've felt in their concerts is a great way to trigger in my mind the memories of their early concerts while past, present and future once again are in synch, because I've a ticket to see a concert by them in a month.



 Mão Morta is a Portuguese band that I truly admire since the 80's.
They sing in Portuguese and I've learned a lot about writers such as Heiner Muller, Guy Debord, Clement Duval, Gorki, François Villon, Maiakovski, Lautreamont, Ray Bradbury and directors such as Maya Deren.
It's unbelievable how this band actually is constantly improving their music with the years and in each concert that I see them, they're always perfect.
 Maybe being them from Braga (that's a Catholic city in the north of Portugal), made them act against the system there and later to all country.
 The band's leader and singer Adolfo Luxuria Canibal is not a professional musician (none of them are). 
 What I know is that he's a lawyer, so sometimes I think this towards myself: 
"Maybe he works as a lawyer to see the atrocities that are made every single day towards mankind with laws".
The picture below is from one of their tours named "Ventos animais" from 2008.


 British band Bauhaus gave me as much knowledge as Mão Morta or even more in the eighties, with them I was able to learn about writers such as Antonin Artaud, actor Bela Lugosi, the industrial revolution, Bauhaus art movement, German expressionism among many other things.
 "Bela Lugosi's dead" was their first released song and I believe that it was the second song that I've listened to by them.
 A curious fact is that Bauhaus are from Northampton England and Bauhaus member David J. performed several times with British comic book writer Alan Moore (he was the composer and singer of "v for vendetta" soundtrack masterpiece written by Alan Moore and illustrated by UK artist David Lloyd back in the 80's) and that even Alan Moore wrote texts for this band in their earliest beginnings.
 It's also a fact that I've personally talked with Peter Murphy and that he loves non superhero comic books and that David Lloyd ("V for vendetta" artist) also made a tribute to iconic comic book character Valentina that was worldwide exhibited by me with several international artists help and published by Fantagraphics in a limited Crepax booklet.
Last but not least, in an arts festival that I've organized in Porto named Mab with a small team, Alan Moore's wife (American artist Melinda Gebbie) worked with me on Portuguese wines labels of Niepoort brand and she loved Porto and Alan Moore loved the Portuguese wine that Melinda Gebbie brought to Northampton due to her work on this labels.
Life moves and always will move in circles with past, present and future everywhere.



 I love Czech writer Kafka and maybe I prefer Fernando Pessoa as a writer.
I know that I have (or had) Pessoa's t-shirts when I was visiting his house.
 I never visited Prague, but a Czech woman from my past was truly amazing and gave me a Franz Kafka t-shirt that can only be bought there and only asked as some sort of trade a t-shirt with Porto's city landscapes.
 Memories are remarkable with simple t-shirts and the pic below shows that I was working on a project based on a 21st century/woman/musician/character with help by international artists and that's my friend Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva.


 It's also a fact that I'm getting older and that I love communicating with women and artists from all over the world and sometimes I personalize t-shirts with artworks by international artists, so Svetlana was in Porto, my friend and awesome Italian artist Stefano Zattera drew her there, this was enough for me to personalize a t-shirt with Stefano's work as can be seen below.


 I love Swedish artist Max Andersson's artworks, he created one of the best books that I've read in years named "the Excavation" and he even drew me as a carboy character for a comic book festival in the South of Portugal, I remember that in the last month I was thinking in women as muses and source of inspiration for my work, it was natural for me to take a picture with a friend of mine that disguises herself as a faerie in the prettiest city in the world while carrying Max Andersson's t-shirt with myself being a carboy character drawn by Max as can be seen in the picture below.


 I've also personalized Max Andersson's carboy artwork based on myself in a mug because it's a fact that living beings need to drink and It was natural in my mind printing this artwork by Max and another one also by him in a mug.



 Lars Erik Sjunesson is a Swedish artist that I also love and he actually drew an awesome artwork on my Bosnian Flat Dog copy with Max Andersson and later he drew myself in order to be printed with a text written by myself regarding Max Andersson's presence and exhibition in a catalogue of a comic book festival in the south of Portugal.
 Lars and Max's artworks weren't published in the catalogue but they're printed in a personalized mug for myself.
Life's cool even when the odds are against you.


 Everybody that knows me knows that I love my youngest niece Leticia a lot (like I love all my 5 nieces and 3 nephews) and that I do try to see her grow in order to see her as the excellent woman that she'll be in the future, she loves to be the center of my full attention and for me it's natural because virtually or physically, I'll always be her uncle that will always take care of her no matter what (like I did with my other 5 nieces and 2 nephews in the past or I do in the present).
 Below the little princess us showing me her Boavista F.C t-shirt because I'm also a Boavista fan, so I was astonished when she was showing me her t-shirt in a webcam.


 Of course that later she wanted to be physically with me for us to play hide and seek and for me to make her laugh and she also makes me laugh all the time as can be seen in the picture below.

 Leticia and her friends love me because I do try to play games or theater plays with them and while this happens, the world suddenly stops.


My life is present, past and future in sync with women and cats or cats and women, so it's natural having women and cats in my past and a woman and a cat in my present even if the cat isn't my kittie that was stolen from me.
 The pictures below show how fond I am about cats and women, but the fact is that regarding my personal or professional future, I clearly can't say what will happen in it, but I do love to enjoy my present with memories of my past that maybe will be part of my future on a professional level.




Manuel Espirito Santo 

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