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Upcoming exhibition - Promotion of upcoming 1st Fantagraphics Guido Crepax book - Tebeo Valencia - 2015

Working on such a peculiar and interesting character as Valentina by the maestro Guido Crepax and all his complete works at Fantagraphics is awesome since at Fantagraphics we all love comics.

Searching for all printed editions and info over Guido Crepax works; trying to pay attention to all the tiny detail over a collection such as this, it's a lot of work but Fantagraphics proves to be one of the best comic book publishers in the world with all their amazing and skilled staff.

Poster made by designer Sérgio Rocha
Tim Pilcher, Paul Gravett, Sarah Horrocks and Katie Skelly gave me a helping hand as well on the 1st book and for the second we'll have more helping hands.

Never in my wildest dreams, I've thought that I would be working with a comic book publisher such as Fantagraphics and on a collection such as this one.

Due to some delays, the 1st Fantagraphics Crepax book will be released only in 6th march 2016 in stores.
This collection will be of 10 books that will be released two per year on a huge deluxe hardcover format with several extras never before published anywhere.
 The press release of the collection is here:
To know more over it, please be tuned on info that can appear here or at Fantagraphics website, since the complete information over the collection isn't correct on any website, since we're still working on it.
 You can pre-order the book here:

I'll be at Tebeo Valencia in Spain, 4,5 and 6 December, talking a bit over maestro Guido Crepax and Fantagraphics with comic book scholar Álvaro Pons and with some artists that made homages/tributes to this Valentina exhibition with a special soundtrack made by portuguese musician Sérgio Rocha. The exhibition will have artists from all over the world that paid homage to Valentina over her 50th anniversary, some made more than one artwork.  It was really difficult for me to choose one artwork over another, so I've picked some tributes for an exhibition at Valencia and others will be exhibited on other cities or countries if it all goes well.

Here's the oficial information from Fantagraphics:

There'll be also Fantagraphics book pages and cover and back cover on this exhibition.

We're preparing at Fantagraphics 10 free booklets per volume with 24 tributes/homages to Valentina by Guido Crepax by international comic book artists that gave us permission to use them, to be released along the 10 Fantagraphics Crepax colection volumes, that can be bought at Fantagraphics store or website.

Huge thanks to all artists involved, Álvaro Pons and Daniel Tomás and special thanks to Caterina Crepax over this idea and Gary Groth for their support.

Many thanks

Here's the list of artists that will exhibited at Valência - Spain with one homage each

John Kurokawa

Nicolas Mahler

Daniel Zezelj

New Zealand
Dylan Horrocks

Alex Baladi

Con Chrisoulis

Puerto Rico
Nivea Ortiz

Rune Ryberg

France (4 artists)
Apollonia Saintclair

Italy (5 Artists)
Walter Minus
Caterina Crepax
Rocco Lombardi
Sergio Ponchione
Stefano Zattera

Portugal (10 Artists)
Paulo Pinto
Debora FM
Ágata Rola
Ana Biscaia
Ricardo Drumond
Sérgio Rocha
Paula Fonseca
Dario Duarte
Osvaldo Medina
Quico Nogueira

Argentina (7 Artists)
Alejandra Sanguinetti
Carlos Dearmas
Carlos Nine
Ed Ed
Quique Alcatena
Fer Calvi

Sweden (2 Artists)
Nicolas Krizan
Kolbeinn Karlsson

Finland (3 Artists)
Tommi Musturi
Marko Turunen
Sami Makkonen

UK (10 artists)
Brian Bolland
Dave Mckean
James Harvey
Hunt Emerson
Steve Yeowell
Rian Hughes
David Lloyd
Glenn Fabry
Simon Davis

USA (23 Artists)
Andy Bennet
Arnold Pander
Beto Hernandez
Bill Sienkiewicz
Bill Koeb
Brian Biggs
Brian Quinn
Bob Burden
David Mack
David Lasky
Ethan Persoff
George Pratt
Jason Alexander
Jeffrey Alan Love
Justine Mara Andersen
John Marroquin
Jude Harzer
Katie Skelly 
Kelley Jones
Mark Wheatley
Michael Avon Oeming
Michael Gaydos
Mike Huddleston
Noah Van Sciver
Paul Pope
Peter Kuper
Richard Sala
Roberta Gregory
Sam Henderson
Tim Sale
Timothy Georgarakis
Vince Locke
Brazil (11 artists)
Alex Korolkovas - (photographer) - Model - Barbara Nogueira
Alex Korolkovas - (photographer) - Model - Adriana Moura
Camilo Solano
André Diniz
Laudo Ferreira Jnr
Victor Freudt
Rodrigo Rosa
Tainan Rocha
Doug Lobo

Spain (31 Artists)
Alejandro Santos
Albert Pons Vazquez
Carmen Ortiz
Cesar Moragues
Chema Garcia
Chris Stygryt
Daniel Esteve
Felipe Navarro
Fernando Vicente
Fidel Martinez Nadal
Gustavo Rico
Javier Gay Lorente
Javier Olivares
Javier Rodriguez
Juan Berrio
José Gabriel Miedes
José Luis Ágreda
Jon Ander Azaola
Juan Diaz Canales
Lem Castañeda Serrano
Miguel Almagro
Miguel Aisa
Pedro Espinosa
Piedad Ortiz
Ruben Pellejero
Sandra Hernandez 
Santiago Sequeiros
Sonia Pulido

Mexico (2 Artists)
Gaston Ortiz
Tony Sandoval

Poland (6 Artists)
Joanna Joka Karpowicz
Magdalena Minko
Wojciech Stefaniec
Bartosz Jekiel
Chris Chalik

Frans Mensink

Christoph Mueller

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