Saturday, April 16, 2016

Exibition Tribute to Crepax - Fantagraphics bookstore and Gallery - Seattle - 9th to 21st April

Poster for Tribute to Crepax with international artists original artworks, videos by Alex Korolkovas and Sound installation by Sérgio Rocha from 9th to 21 April in Seattle - U.S.A

Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery did a Crepax book launch in 9 April with an exhibition that will be in display  until 21st April 2016  to promote the first book of the complete Crepax collection series for the first time in english that's already available in almost all comic book stores in the world with some original tributes to the iconic comic book character Valentina created by Crepax by some of the best international comic book artists such as American artists David Lasky, Mark Wheatley, Benjamin Marra (that also exhibited a tribute to Belinda that is another Crepax comic book character), Mark Wheatley, George Pratt (with two tributes to Valentina original artwork), Peter Kuper and Roberta Gregory, Argentine artists Mister Ed (with 2 Valentina originals exhibited) and Santiago Caruso with two pieces as well being one of them a tribute to Belinda as well, Spanish artists are also present in this exhibition with original tribute artworks by Pedro Espinosa, Sandra Hernandez and Javier Olivares.
 This book launch is also a multimedia tribute to Crepax with with Sound installation by Portuguese musician Sérgio Rocha with the voice of the Italian maestro Guido Crepax mixed with sounds and tribute vídeos to Valentina by Brazilian artist Alex Korolkovas with Brazilian models as Valentina's character Barbara Nogueira and Adriana De Moura
An exhibition worth checking for those who live at Seattle or want to visit Fantagraphics Bookstore for the first time from other states.
 All the feedback is being excellent by artists and public since appeared in the store several people to see this multimedia exhibition, some celebrities comic book artists such as David Lasky, Ellen Forney and Grammy Award musician Bill Frisell among others.   
 This saturday, 16th April due to Record Store Day at Georgetown art attack in Seattle, the videos and music for this exhibition will continue streaming all day.
 Everybody in the area should check this exhibition with excellent original artwork by some of the best comic book artists ever and buy the first Crepax Fantagraphics book until 21st April 2016.
Many thanks to all artists who paid tribute to Crepax and helped this dream of us come true.
Special thanks to Caterina Crepax and Gary Groth for their support and here are some photos of this sucessful event.

Crepax tribute exhibition with first Crepax Fantagraphics book at Seattle

Screening video by Brazilian artist Alex Korolkovas

Another photo of the other screening video by Brazilian artist Alex Korolkovas

Visitors at Crepax book launch party at Fantagraphics bookstore and gallery

Exhibition with original works by Artists George Pratt, Roberta Gregory, Santiago Caruso and Javier Olivares

 American artists David Lasky and Ellen Forney were also at Fantagraphics bookstore and gallery to see the exhibition at Crepax book launch party

Original tribute to Valentina by Argentine artist Santiago Caruso 

Grammy award winning musician Bill Frisell talking at Crepax tribute multimedia

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