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Narrative about Zombierella character - book project - book collections by international artists that I've organised and exhibitions that I've curated with help by international artists

Writing about a simple woman as Svetlana Nagaeva that's clearly a XXIst century woman with a complex character named Zombierella makes me wonder about some things inside people hearts, souls and memories.
 I clearly know that's difficult to explain why an idea based on simple collages of Svetlana's pics by me with her permission gave me ideas of conceiving a book about her that I'm writing with help by more than 40 international artists from several countries like it's mentioned in lists with international artists names in this same blogue in previous posts.
 I've tried to use in this narrative some images of books, movies or songs that I've read, watched or listened in order to try to sync it all in this sort of narrative.
 I also know that I've made an interview to Svetlana in this same blogue in a previous post and that she told me about her influences in arts.
 Below are some random thoughts by myself in a jigsaw narrative within my mind.       

British writer Grant Morrison's masterpiece Invisibles issue 5 covers with design by British artist Rian Hughes and Morrison's words "All we want is everything"... "You are now leaving the twentieth century" and an Hellblazer random sketch of this character by British artist Sean Phillips and signed by British writer Jamie Delano with these words in it "you're never alone in the 21st century"

Zombierella reminded me that I've left the 20st century 18 years ago, that all that everybody wants right now is everything served in a plate without any work and that we aren't alone in the XXI century.

Zombierella as seen by Australian artist Tim Grace and a dialogue that I love from Peaky blinders Tv series 

I also know that signatures or identity, lost "friends" or partners makes us wonder who we're, like in the dialogue below.    

Peaky blinders Tv Series dialogue:
Tommy: So is this why you came here? For my fucking signature?  
May Carleton: You... have lost your wife, and now your brother too. I thought it would make you different, but it doesn't seem to change you.

Zombierella as seen by Australian artist Tim Grace and a poster from 8 and an half movie by Italian director Federico Fellini

Trying to write about Svetlana or Zombierella is like being lost in Fellini's masterpiece movie " 8 and an half"

Tommy and Grace from Tv Series - Peaky Blinders 

I clearly know that myself or Svetlana don't share the same love that Tommy and Grace do at Peaky Blinders Tv series

Tommy from Tv Series - Peaky Blinders with a quote by him that I love

I also know that I rarely answer questions. 

Tommy and Alfie from Tv Series - Peaky Blinders 

I'm pretty sure that I'm not the wanderer jew that Alfie Solomons character interpreted by British actor Tom Hardy describes in 
Peaky Blinders Tv series

Hellblazer issue 40 by British writer Jamie Delano and British artist Dave Mckean 

Written words in Hellblazer 40:
"The first is who you are 
The second's in between.
And the third is who you want to be."

I'm also aware that I'm a simple guy that was born in the prettiest city in the world and that I do try to deal with my inner demons and guiding angels.

Two strips by Hellblazer comic book character created by British writer Alan Moore in British writer Paul Jenkins and artists Sean Phillips run

Hellblazer monologue written by Paul Jenkins in Hellblazer 119

"What you saw outside today.. Arch an' Chloe an' all that... What are you supposed to make of that, eh?
I mean, my world's all about magic an' lies an' old mates .. Who's to say any of it's real?

Or me, for that matter. Am I simply this... Black lines on white paper, an iconic representation of an idea?

Or am I as real as you are?

Maybe the real question isn't what is real and what's a lie? Maybe it's "what is reality?"

Hellblazer monologue written by Paul Jenkins in Hellblazer 120

"Look, I realize it's a bit naff feeling sorry for yourself after a few pints, but it's this place, innit?
Sometimes I feel like I live here.
You seem him over there? old mate of mine... From before I was even a player. Introduced me to a lot of people, he did. Back when I was nobody.
But him, he was full of clever bloody ideas got me involved in a lot of mad shit... Next thing I know. I'm in knee deep with the soddy cabbage club. My life's been a bloody mess ever since.
Ah well... Those were the days. eh? we've dropped out of touch a bit since then. I mean we run into each other from time to time. like.nothing much of cosequence. Still... you know... Cheers man."

I truly believe in what's real and what's illusion (or magic) and I'm always real fond of my memories while trying to do my work in a professional way. 

The bow movie by Korean director Kim Ki Duk and a picture of Actor Kyle Maclachlan in David Lynch's   Twin Peaks: The Return Season 3 

I also know that it didn't took me 25 years to gather a project with help by international artists from several countries communicating in different languages based on Zombierella as a character but only since March 2018 without any shadows in monochromatic as can be listened in Chromatics
 musical band song below with its lyrics and that was part of David Lynch's Tv series Twin Peaks : The Return in 21st May 2017

"Shadow, take me down
Shadow, take me down with you
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
You're in the water
I'm standing on the shore
Still thinking that I hear your voice
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
At night I'm driving in your car
Pretending that we'll leave this town
We're watching all the street lights fade
And now you're just a stranger's dream
I took your picture from the frame
And now you're nothing like you seem
Your shadow fell like last night's rain
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time
For the last time"

Drawing by Italian artist Rolando Cicatelli with a Z mark

I know that Zombierella name starts with a "Z", so is she a brand, a mark or a simple woman
American director David Lynch with a quote that I love, Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom who I admire and a tribute to Zombierella by American artist Erik von Erik

I'm sure that I love talented, ethical and simple women or men in arts or life, nature and common simple fishes while being aware of metaphors that American director David Lynch uses in his movies or used in Twin Peaks TV Series Season one and two in the 90's when I was a teenager, and in 2017, being myself 44 years old, because a mystery is always a mystery, even if it's a simple one that evolves with a 25 years passage and that drops characters or masks and gives us the clear notion of pure good and evil in men's hearts.

Quote by American director David Lynch:

"Ideas are like fish, if you want to catch a little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. 
but if you want to catch the big fish, you've got to go deeper."

British band Bauhaus poster + ticket from their "ressurection tour" from 1999 and "near the atmosphere" from 2006    

I know that Zombierella loves Bela Lugosi as an actor and Bauhaus music band made him an homage with the excellent song/video below named "Bela Lugosi’s Dead" and it's a magnificient lyric/statement/manifest.
 I also know that I was seeing them live in their "Ressurection Tour" in 14th November 1998 at Lisbon (don't ask me why or how I was there, but I'm sure that I was there with a lady) in awe with this concert set list:

Double Dare
In the flat field
A god in an alcove
In fear of fear
Hollow hills
Kick in the eye
Silent hedges
She's in parties
King volcano
Riders on the storm
The passion of lovers
Dark entries
Telegram Sam
Ziggy Stardust
All we ever wanted was everything
The passenger
Bela Lugosi's dead
Third uncle 

 I'm also sure that in 17th February 2006, I was seeing them performing live again in the city where I was born and that was the last city where they performed their "near the atmosphere" tour that turned into a blast because of all my memories that I've had inside me since I was a simple teenager with this concert set list:

Burning from the inside
In the flat field
A god in an alcove
In fear of fear 
Terror couple kill Colonel
Swing the heartache
She's in parties
The passion of lovers
Silent edges
Kick in the eye
Hollow hills
Rosegarden funeral of sores
Stygmata martyr
Hair of the dog
Dark entries
All we ever wanted was everything
St Vitus dance
Telegram Sam
Ziggy stardust
Bela Lugosi's dead

  Bauhaus music band gave me knowledge in arts since I was 13 years old and I owe them a lot because their songs, lyrics and meaning raised me while turning me in the person that I am today and that I'll always be either in a professional or personal way.

 Sometimes people think that I've appeared in arts movement through comics or book collections, such as the one dedicated to Italian Maestro Guido Crepax, that was  organized by myself with an interview to Crepax heirs 

Antonio, Caterina, Giacomo Crepax, gathering info to it, mirroring its design in my mind, also gathering some of the best essayists in the world concerning Crepax oeuvre such as British writer Tim Pilcher, Spanish Writer Alvaro Pons, Brazilian writer Marco Aurélio Lucchetti, among others, translations from Italian to English that didn't made sense in what Crepax 
was saying in his stories by Italian translator Micol Beltramini and that was the editor of Italian Crepax cheap books by Italian publisher Mondadori with new Valentina stories that turned into a book named "Viva Valentina" from an idea that I previously had with international artists 
and that were published with my name in the first book as series editor and in a second book as consulting editor in U.S.A, with a written introduction for the books by myself, while asking tributes to his main character Valentina and even Belinda to more than 100 international well known artists, with my work to try to publish a beautiful artbook that Gary Groth rejected with tributes by international artists from all over the world dedicated to Italian maestro Crepax turning it into small limited booklets and that I've curated exhibitions in Porto, Finland with them with Hi Res prints and posters for them and one at Seattle - U.S.A (with a poster for it also) and another at New York City - U.S.A  (without a poster) with originals while being in Europe in one of the worst times of my life in personal terms and with a weak health while trying to solve what was going on with international artists originals that were trapped in New York City for almost 2 years, being myself in Europe without being able to do something about them.
 I also know that in 2016, I've wrote comic strips with 10 excellent international artists such as Argentine artist Mr Ed, Patricia Breccia, Brazilian artists Eder, Alex Korolkovas, Brao, Polish artist Magdalena Minko, Spanish artists 
Sandra Hernandez, Pedro Espinosa, Santiago Sequeiros, Fidel Martinez Nadal, Ivila, Toni Benages Gallard, Japanese artist 
John Kurokawa, Portuguese artist Paulo Pinto
That were finished with more than 150 pages with stories set in Barcelona - Spain, Le Mans - France, London - England, Porto - Portugal, Warsaw - Poland, Santiago - Chile, Kyoto - Japan and São Paulo - Brazil and that were rejected again by Gary Groth and Crepax family while international artists were producing these stories for free and L.A models Vika Costa and Katya Kulizhka  wanted to promote Fantagraphics Crepax collection due to them being flesh and bone characters Valentina and Belinda as homages to Crepax seen by the lens of Brazilian photographer Alex Korolkovas for free at Taschen bookstores in Los Angeles - U.S.A, because Crepax was Benedikt Taschen friend, being this another idea rejected by Fantagraphics.
I don't know the reason or explanation for this.
 I know that in March 2018, I was Argentine maestro Alberto Breccia agent with 20 per cent of royalties based on sales of his books or audiovisual, that I've singlehandedly organized a book collection by him in Porto, made an interview to Patricia and Cristina Breccia 
(That are Alberto Breccia's 
heirs) and that can be read in this same blogue in which I took care of contracts, communication, translation, licensing rights about this artist and the writers that worked with him and that I've also curated an exhibition with tributes by more than 60 international artists with Hi Res prints, also in Porto, (with permission and support by 
Patricia and Cristina Breccia)
and that books by this maestro are going to be published, sold and licensed in U.S.A and all over the world in English, Spanish and other languages without my name on it and I really don't know what happened in April 2018 when my contract (that was for four years) for this same collection  was suddenly cut from me due to the fact that I wasn't feeling good at the time (due to real strong personal issues), losing myself with this thousands of dollars in royalties with other people profiting on them like it happened before with Italian maestro Crepax book collection published in U.S.A. where my payment for the work of almost 3 years in both collections was 750 USD and in published books (that sometimes I received some of them while others they weren't sent to me).
 I know that I've did interviews and tried to pitch books with these artists that in my opinion are maestros in comic books such as Spanish artists Santiago Sequeiros, Javier Olivares, Enric Sió or Ruben Pellejero, Argentine artist José Muñoz, Croatian artist Danijel Zezelj,German artists Anke Feuchtenberger, Uli Oestergeld, Italian artists Stefano Ricci, Stefano Zattera, Liberatore, Guido Buzzelli, Rocco Lombardi, Belgium artist Dominique Goblet, Swiss artist Alex Baladi, Swedish artists Knut Larsson, Lars Erik Sjunesson, Nicolas Krizan,
Argentine artist Carlos nine and Mr Ed,  Danish Artist Kim Ki Rehr and that I've also organized them for Gary Groth and his son while advicing the best book editions for Fantagraphics, to buy and create Fantagraphics their own digital files and collection by Alberto Breccia, either the book collections or the interviews that I made were simply ignored by an American publisher (maybe because of greed or financial interests).
 I also know that I've curated exhibitions with several international artists only with my heart, soul and mind with simple themes and narratives in them such as "cats as pets", a strong word that's "identity", another one that's "permanent", "music and musicians" at Porto, also another one based on a simple concept such as "life or death" in France while developping another one with a musician/woman/character named Zombierella and all this information is mentioned in previous posts in this same blogue or in hundreds of emails that I've sent to Fantagraphics President Gary Groth hat that wasn't interested in these collections by some of the best artists ever and also lists of international artists with exhibitions promoting Fantagraphics books,  for free end even posters for them created by the best artists that I was working with at the time when they were exhibited.
 I clearly remember having a nice personal chat eye to eye with Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy in Porto about comic books, books, movies, TV series and arts in 1996 and that he loved the knowledge that I had in books or comic books at the time.

"White on white translucent black capes
Back on the rack
Bela Lugosi's dead
The bats have left the bell tower
The victims have been bled
Red velvet lines the black box
Bela Lugosi's dead
Undead undead undead
The virginal brides file past his tomb
Strewn with time's dead flowers
Bereft in deathly bloom
Alone in a darkened room
The count
Bela Lugosi's dead
Undead undead undead"

Many thanks to all international artists who are with me in this project and several others that I've developped or that I'm developping.
 Special thanks to Musician XXI century woman and my friend Svetlana that believes in this project. 

Exclusive interview to excellent Czech musician Iva Bittova to Invicta Indie Arts

Magnificient Czech musician Iva Bittova was kind enough to concede me an exclusive interview for this blogue.
 Iva's one of the best musicians ever in my opinion and several times, I had this question stuck in my mind:

"Why don't I make an interview to one of my favourite musicians ever having her email for more than 15 years?"
 I've decided to write her after all these years and she was nice and answered me with a direct speech in a small coffeeshop talk while being honest and true regarding her work as a musician.
 Below is the interview.
Many thanks Iva   

Iva Bittova 
 01) I remember buying this double CD by you in 1997 with Vladimír Václavek Bílé inferno (White Inferno) (1997, 2xCD, from label Indies). I was astonished by it when I've listened to it (it's one of my favourite CDS ever) with songs that I couldn't understand due to not understaning Czech, but it seemed to me at the time that it had a bipolarity of a dark side (the black CD) and a joyful one (the white CD). Can you tell us a bit about what you mention in it and how it was conceived along Vladimir?

Iva Bittova and Vladimír Václavek Bílé inferno (White Inferno)

Iva: Vladimir was as a member of our rock band Dunaj (Danube) and also he created a lot of music together with Pavel Fajt.
After we finished our partnership with Pavel, Vladimir suddenly become to me much closer as a musician in two weeks we've composed just the two of us a whole new duo program that became Bile Inferno.
I've decided to name it as that because I try to put white and black as a complete circle.

02) Later, I've bought other older CDs by you with Pavel Fajt or solo ones such as these: 
Bittová + Fajt (1987, LP, Panton)
Iva Bittová (1986, EP, Panton)
Ne, nehledej (No, Do Not Seek) (1994, CD, BMG)
Divná slečinka (A Strange Young Lady) (1996, CD, BMG
 I've loved them also and how you could play violin with your own voice being almost like another instrument that was natural and that was a gift conceded to you by nature itself. 
How do you "see" right now your earlier works and yourself as the powerful musician and woman that you’re?

Bittová + Fajt (1987 - LP - Panton) - cover 

Iva Bittová (1986-EP- Panton)- cover 

Ne, nehledej (No, Do Not Seek) (1994 - CD - BMG) - Cover

Divná slečinka (A Strange Young Lady) (1996 - CD -BMG) - Cover

Iva: As I don’t listen so often to myself, sometimes old songs come to my ears and I realize, how differnet energy is there… but I have to say, wonderful is the moment where I reveal my every single steps on my journey in music.

03) I've also loved this CD by you With Dorothea Kellerová (the design of the CD was awesome)

Iva Bittova and Dorothea Kellerová - éla Bartók: 44 dueta pro dvoje housle (44 Duets for Two Violins) - cover 

Iva: Unfortunately this CD doesn’t exist anymore and Dorothea (no one knows why) she did not gave me a permission for new release... shame
Béla Bartók: 44 dueta pro dvoje housle (44 Duets for Two Violins) (1997, CD, Rachot Behemot)
04 - Was this some sort of homage to Hungarian composer Bartók?

Iva: Bartok's music is as Janacek one since it's in my veins, because moravian and hungarian roots comes from my parents. Just love those composers!

05) I remember seeing you performing live in Spain at Valencia in 2000. The concert was mesmerizing, even though, the majority of people there didn't understand czech. 
 Do you think that performing and singing in czech, that your audience understands the message that you're trying to pass with your awesome music and lyrics?

Iva: Lyrics is so important, but when I try to translate it , beauty and its meaning disappears. I always try to create a strong expression to my songs that maybe all people can understand what those lyrics mean.

06) In 2006, I remember buying this DVD from you "Superchameleon" because I've wanted to frame some of the memories that I've had in your concert in Valencia while watching you performing another concert and this was a magnificient performance.
 Can you tells us a bit of how you conceived this concert?

Iva Bittova - Superchameleon 

Iva: DVD was directed by a crew of TV people and I usualy am not so happy with camera, but that time I decide it to be willing as we can have something complete as one period of my music life. I rather prefer that exact moment on the stage with audience as a incarnation present.

07) Music is art, power and a message (I truly believe in this).
 Can you please tell us where do you get your inspiration to create your masterpieces?

Iva: Mostly from nature, my lovely family, from the silence. I don’t listen so much to radio and I don’t have TV, I need to listen my own thoughts and later new music begins to develop as ideas in my head. I also practice violin that is another level of discipline and also to develop sound vibrations with my voice.

08) Do you love other kinds of arts besides music?
Iva: Painting, dance, garden, woods.
09) Can you tell us about which kind of art that you love?
Music is my love

10) How do you see music industry today with it being freely distributed in platforms such as youtube or Spotify?
Iva: I dont follow those things.
 Do you think that these platforms are good or bad for musicians?
It is for some people some source of information, but it can also be very confusing.

11) Can you tell us a bit about your hometown that's Bruntál and how it could possibly influence you as a musician?

Bruntál - Czech Republic 

Iva: I grew up on the nord of Moravia, Bruntál memories are just the hospital, where my mother gave my birth. There is not so strong conection to that town,but I like to perform in that location and there are still some of my relatives there, which I like to visit.

Below is Iva Bittova performing one of my favourite songs ever. 


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Narrative about freedom of speech, communication and dreams with help by international artists

Writing a narrative about freedom of speech in Europe is like trying to throw a bottle in an ocean with written words inside it.
 The world where we live in right now is full of people who think that know everything about life and all that it matters in it is money (no matter what you do in order to have it).
 I clearly know that I don't have freedom of speech and to all people who think that have this sort of freedom, I can only tell you that you're wrong.
 People can't SAY what's in their minds because if you do this, you'll be judged in a socalled anarchist "society" by your own words or feelings in this Kafkaesque world that we live in.
 What I can tell you, is that a simple concept such as "communication" can be used either in a good or in a wrong way.
 I know that even if you're communicating in a proper way, it'll exist people that will tell you that you're doing everything in a wrong way, so that they can profit with your skills based on this art form or your own work.
 This happens lots of times in life, if you're a single human being or an individual and you're communicating with enterprises that only want to profit with your work.
 In this example, you're not communicating with human beings, you're communicating with people that love cash and themselves more than anything in this world (usually this kind of people act nicely and will even tell you that they're helping you or that they love you while clearly knowing that they're stealing your work in order to have profit).
 Dreams are a different subject, because in them you can be whoever you want to be and be wherever you want to be.
 I've thought on using for this narrative some printed artworks or pictures that clearly shows examples of what I've mentioned before based on concepts such as "freedom of speech", "communication" or "dreams", below are some examples with a direct narrative.

Sometimes poetry is in my mind, heart and soul while writing love stories with a personalized t-shirt by Brazilian photographer Alex Korolkovas based on two XXI century women near a statue that was vanished of a man selling newspapers and that appeared once again intact in the prettiest city in the world.

I know that I own several personalized t-shirts or mugs with artworks by some of the best international artists ever that can actually be seen and read in narratives in previous posts in this same blogue.

 How can a simple guy such as myself have permission to print artworks by the best international artists ever?

 I believe that this was based on the work that I've show that could be made either with a lost character based on a XX century woman, a published book collection by Italian maestro Crepax worldwide distributed by American book publishing company Fantagraphics (where my name appears on it), an upcoming book collection with graphic stories with adaptations of world wide well known tales by writers such as German writers Grimm Bros, American writers H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe among many others or even to historical characters such as Argentine fighter Che Guevara or Argentine politician Evita Perón and that I've single handlely organized in a collection dedicated to Argentine maestro Alberto Breccia and that will be published and also worldwide distributed by Fantagraphics book publishing company.
 I know that I've curated exhibitions based on these two huge book collections by these two big names in arts (Italian maestro Guido Crepax and Argentine maestro Alberto Breccia), with cats as pets, with strong words such as "Identity" or "Permanent" forming a narrative, an exhibition of a XXI century woman based on my friend and musician Svetlana Nagaeva (bassist from Russian band Messer Chups) with her character Zombierella with help by international artists and that I'm writing a book based on it to be published, worldwide distributed with promotion made by Zombierella in her gigs around the world either alone or with Russian band Messer Chups. 

Trying to do some sort of magic with words and an artwork based on me by French artist Isabel Pessoa

 I also know my origins and I do try to show them by putting objects decorated with portuguese tiles in framed pictures along artworks by some of the best international artists ever within a narrative while being aware that written words always had power in world history.
 I've written this small text in a picture of myself that can be seen above: "I'm sure that I'm somewhere between life and death, I shake hands with the devils and walk past them.I also know that there's no rest for me in this world, perhaps in the next." in a picture of mine near an illustration of portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa that can be seen above as some sort of feeling regarding life.

Artworks by Argentine artist Mr Ed and Spanish artist Fidel Martínez Nadal
about A XX century woman lost in my hometown and an artwork based on myself by my friend and Argentine maestro ED ED 

I also know that I've worked with more than 140 international artists that created artworks based on a XX century woman that was also a character that appeared in Italian maestro Crepax graphic stories and that was his wife. 
 These artists always trusted in myself in a team concept regarding this or other exhibitions/projects that I've created with their help all over the world.

Cover of two books by Italian director Federico Fellini and Italian maestro Milo Manara about a movie that Fellini never directed and another magnificent drawing by Italian director Federico Fellini.

Life's hard when you clearly know that while you're making an interview to Italian Maestro Milo Manara based on his works and his collaboration with Italian director Federico Fellini, somebody will try to tell you that this was useful or will not be, based on their profitable or non profitable values.

French cover of "L'excavation" by Swedish maestro Max Andersson published by L'ASSOCIATION, a magnificent book by Chilean writer Alejandro Jodorowski and a XX century woman artwork given to me by French maestro Walter Minus
I'm also aware that if I do an interview to Chilean writer Alejandro Jodorowski, the same thing that I've mentioned in the paragraph before in this same post will happen.
 I remember asking in May 2018 to Swedish artist Max Andersson and later Gary Groth a simple question such as this:
"Why don't you publish your complete short stories at Fantagraphics and later I can help you on a Portuguese book edition of it?"
 Max loved the idea and Fantagraphics will publish his complete short stories in English, so my main goal while communicating with Max or Gary is accomplished, a book collection with Max Andersson's complete short stories will be compiled and worldwide distributed in the upcoming future through American Fantagraphics publishing company.
 I'm sure that French maestro Walter Minus offered me one original based on the XX century woman that I was working on with more than 100 artists and that know he's also working with Crepax's family that backstabbed me because of my work done on their father's collection with my own ideas and also because of royalties on this same worldwide collection that started in my mind in my hometown.

Writing about my dreams while seeing dreams of my friend and extraordinary Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom turning into artworks.
I know that I trust in the artskills by my friend and extraordinary Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom that puts her heart, soul and dreams in her work and we can actually see above a little girl lost in a labyrinth.

Cover of a Fellini/Manara book about a movie that Fellini never directed, a little girl leaving a labyrinth by my friend and Extraordinary Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom and a  magnificent drawing by Italian director Federico Fellini.

In 1966 Italian director Federico Fellini wanted to direct a movie named "Journey to G. Mastorna" and that he couldn't direct it or frame it in his mind even with a script because of these facts: "Italian writer Vincenzo Mollica calls “Mastorna” the most famous unmade film in Italian cinema. Such were the accidents and deaths associated with it that he came to think of it as jinxed: food poisoning after he had met Italian writer Dino Buzzati, the death of Bernhard and then of the cinematographer Gianni Di Venanzo, almost Fellini himself in April 1967,when he was misdiagnosed and became sick enough to prompt a telegram from, of all people, the Pope. He shrouded the film in mystery partly to keep open the option of making it., later he did wrote a script that was turned into a book with help by Italian maestro Milo Manara (the picture of the book above proves this as a known fact). 
Trying to link this fact to the previous artwork shown in another picture by my friend and extraordinary Finnish Artist Terhi Ekebom, one can see in the picture above a little girl exiting the labyrinth where she was before creating movement with two drawings in a static art form, while in the same picture, one can see a Fellini's drawing for his 1986 movie "Ginger and Fred" with actress Giulietta Masina (that was Felinni's wife) and actor Marcelo Mastroianni.

Gathering tributes by international artists about a XX century woman while thinking on a conceptual arts magazine also with international artists. 

Knowing that I continue to work in a mega project based on a XX century woman created by Italian maestro Crepax and that's being published and worldwide distributed by American book publisher Fantagraphics, I clearly know that I'm still working in it, to try to see international artists that paid tribute to this character with their excellent artwork s (that I treasure a lot) and that are being published in limited booklets (being a simple example Italian artist , Rolando Cicatelli's tribute to this character and that can be seen above along a tribute to English singer/actor/performer David Bowie and with pics by Italian magazine Frigidaire that was an awesome anthology provided with texts and artworks by excellent comic book artists such as Liberatore, Pazienza, Hugo Pratt among many others) 

Working on complex books such as the newly released "savages" by Croatian artist and maestro Danijel Zezelj - 01

 Clearly knowing who I am, I know that I've helped my friend and awesome Croatian artist Danijel Zezelj on his latest book "The savage detectives" because of an idea by him to publish a book about world storytellers in history in their original native tongue in published books.
 I'm proud of this book, because I was able to find well known quotes by some of my favourite writers ever such as 
Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa in Portuguese, 
Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector in Portuguese
Argentine writer Julio Cortazar in Spanish
Chilean writer Nicanor Parra in Spanish 
Spanish writer Cervantes in Spanish
Argentine writer José Luis Borges in Spanish
Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño in Spanish 
Czech writer Franz Kafka in German 
Swiss writer Robert Walser in German 
Romanian writer Herta Muller in German 
Austrian writer Ranier Maria Rilke in German and that were illustrated by Danijel Zezelj and translated to English and Croatian in this masterpiece that's being worldwide distributed and that everybody should buy it, because Danijel is one of the best contemporary artists that has excellent ideas and knows how to publish books in an awesome format in hardback editions with excellent quality paper.
 I know that I've also made an interview to Danijel in this same blogue, that I've written an intro to "Luna Park" for the portuguese edition of this masterpiece that was written by American writer Kevin Baker with artworks by Danijel (that was loosely based on memories of a man) and that Danijel also collaborated in several exhibitions that I've curated all over the world with help by several international artists in the past two years.

Working on complex books such as newly released "savages" by Croatian artist and maestro Danijel Zezelj - 02

Trying to be "Lost in a Nordic dream" with help by Nordic artists

I know that I've gathered a PDF with short stories by Swedish artists Lars Erik Sjunesson, Max Andersson, Knut Larsson, Clara Bessijelle Johansson, Nicolas Krizan, Finnish Artist Terhi Ekebom, Danish Artist Henrik Kim Rehr and Polish artist Bartosz Jekiel in order to be "Lost in a Nordic dream", trying to publish this anthology either at American publishing book company Fantagraphics or at French publishing book company L'association.
 In the above picture, I've decided to print a funny artwork by Swedish artist Lars Erik Sjunesson and the French book edition of Max Andersson's masterpiece "The Excavation" that is the best book edition of this magnificent graphic novel with an astonishing book cover and that dwells in dreams or nightmares that Max Andersson had in the past years.
 I know that I've made an interview to both these artists in previous posts in this same blogue that were honest, had lots of information about their artworks as some sort of friendly conversation in a coffeeshop.

Trying to have inspiration for my work with help by international artists based on an awesome TV Series named "Peaky Blinders"

Clearly knowing that one writes about what he observes in life or watches in a screen, I've tried to seek inspiration for this narrative in Peaky Blinders TV Series with monologues or dialogues by actors or actresses because I truly believe that life's more than simple images or words that sometimes make no sense within my mind, heart or soul.
 Below are some examples of what life always was in society for simple people.

Polly character monologue in Peaky Blinders"It's in our gypsy blood,we live somewhere between life and death waiting to move on and in the end we accept it. We shake hands with devils and we walk past them."

Frances character dialogue in Peaky Blinders:"Mr Shelby, you're meant to be resting"
Tommy Shelby character dialogue in Peaky Blinders:"I've learned something Frances. There's no rest for me in this world. Perhaps in the next" 

Writing about 21st century woman/character/musician Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva with help by Italian artist Rolando Cicatelli and Japanese artist John Kurokawa

Knowing also that it's hard to understand a XXI century real woman such as my friend and magnificent musician/character Zombierella, I do try to write what's my personal vision of herself either with printed pictures of her or original artworks based on her like the above examples of Italian artist Rolando Cicatelli or Japanese artist John Kurokawa among many others that can be read or seen in previous posts with artworks by international artists and narratives created by myself in this same blogue.
 While I was finishing this sort of narrative, I was thinking on a magnificient Russian movie named "Stalker" that had a complex narrative based on time, zones and living beings (loosely adapted from the book "Roadside Picnic" by Russian writers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky and that was originally published in 1971), being later worldwide screened in 1979 by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky with a fascinating monologue/dialogue below of a writer that is lost in a zone in this delightful movie.

Writer: "One more experiment.
Experiments, facts, truth of higher instance.
There is no such thinhs as facts.
Expecially here.
All this is someone's idiotic invention.
Don't you feel it ?
But you, of course, must find out whose invention it is.
and why.
What good can your knowledge do ? 
Who is going to get guilty conscience because of it? Me ?
I have got no conscience.
I just got nerves.
Some bastards would criticize me, I get wounded.
Another would laud me, I get wounded again.
I would put my heart and soul in it, the gobble up both my heart and soul.
I wouuld relieve my soul of filth, they gobble it up too.
They are all so literate.
They all got sensory deficiency.
and they are all swarming around, journalists, editors, critics, some endless broads.
and they all demand: more. more !!!
What hell of a writer I am if I hate writing ?
If it is constant torment for me, a painful, shameful occupation, sort of squeezing out a hemorrhiods.
I used to think that someone would  get better because of my books.
No, nobody needs me !
In two days after I die they will start gobbling up someone else.
I wanted to change them, but it is they who have changed me.
Making me in their own image.
The future used to be just a continuation of the present, with all the changes looming far behind the horizon.
Now the future and the present are one.
Are they ready for it ?!
They don't want to know anything !
All they know is how to gobble !
Stalker: Gush ! How lucky you are ! My goodness, now .. You are going to live a hundred years !
Writer: Yes. But why not forever ? Like the eternal Jew."

Special thanks to all international artists, publishers, writers, musicians and common people who believe in my work that's worldwide distributed in simple books in several languages or in ideas loosely spread in this same blogue.