Saturday, September 8, 2018

Info and narrative about Zombierella book project with other projects developped by myself with help by international artists and some memories of past that syncs with present

People say that memories are an hard subject to write about in arts without a narrative or feelings.
knowing that this is a fact, I'll try to sync some of my memories based on some books, movies, plays and even songs with messages and direct speech while trying to give a bit more info about a book project that I'm writing based on my friend/21st century woman/character/musician Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva with help by the following 30 artists that already created artworks based on her organized by 17 countries:
Martin Arrizabalaga
German genga
Pablo Burman
Teke Teke
Tim Grace 
Christophe Swijsen
Fabio Vermelho
Gilmar Fraga
Henrik Kim Rehr
Terhi Ekebom
Isabel Pessoa
Marco Polenta
Rolando Cicatelli
Stefano Zattera
Rico Irdam Ardiansyah
John Kurokawa
Mike V.Derderian
Gaston Ortiz
Bartosz Jekiel
Nikodem Cabala
Sasha Larenkov
Branko Djukic
José Luis Ágreda
Jon Ander Azaola
Ruben Pellejero
Toni Benages Gallard
Nicolas Krizan 
Ayse Ihrem Maktas
Erik Von Erik

Other international artists are still working on tributes to Zombierella and other projects that I'm developping in my mind with help by them.
 Working with Svetlana is really easy, she's Russian and I don't understand Russian, I'm Portuguese and I think that she doesn't understand Portuguese also, so sometimes we communicate in English or within our subconscious because it's a fact that we're human beings, she's a member of Psychobilly band Messer Chups that has gigs all over the world and I'm only a simple writer.
 Sometimes I think on several things at the same time while forming chapters of this project in my mind such as:
- Am I opening a comic book written by Scottish writer Grant Morrison with a chapter named "only lovers left alive" drawn by British artist Chris Weston?

Am I watching a movie with the same name from 2013 directed by Jim Jarmusch and with British actors such as Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swindon and John Hurt in it or am I reading chapters of random thoughts with narratives that I've wrote with this same title in this same blogue?

- Maybe I'm lost in the same comic book also from Grant Morrison named "The Invisibles" from 1994 that showed us what the fictional country Arcadia really is and that even had variant covers created by British artist Rian Hughes with written phrases on their covers like this: "crash the bus", "you are now leaving the twentieth century", "which side are you on?", "New world disorder", "Are you ready to wear the blank badge???", "In the darkness we're all invisible", "Big brother is watching you - learn to become Invisible", "All we want is everything".

- Maybe I'm writing Svetlana's book project with handwritten words in a notebook that has this phrase in it in French "Et danse la vie" while wearing a Bauhaus (the band) t-shirt with a tribute to Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi by them while Svetlana is observing me with some sort of pirate in her couch.

- Maybe I think that I'm dreaming with Svetlana like David Lynch dreamed with Italian actress Monica Belluci in his TV series Twin Peaks: The Return from 2017 or maybe I'm observing a blonde woman smiling to me in some red room.

 Life's hard if I'm observing a real tiger painted by an artist and Svetlana says this to me:
- If you can't remember my name just call me "Zombie".
 I'm still writing chapters in this book project while chasing some memories of mine that I'm sure that will help me finish it.
 I remember buying in 1998 a beautiful chinese book in hardcover with stills by American photographer Christopher Doyle and words quotes of Chinese director Wong Kar wai, whose movies I truly admire because they haven't had any previous written script before their shooting and they mostly gave messages to its viewers based on feelings and memories.
 Below is a pic of the book decorated with Portuguese tiles because I clearly know my origins.      

Angel talk book with pictures based on movies by chinese director Wong Kar Wai by American photographer Christopher Doyle 

I truly admire Wong Kar wai's movies because some of them are fragments that are in my mind in my personal memories.

 "2046" from 2008 was a movie about a man that lost his feelings and began to write about them based on the number of a room where he met a woman and this movie was stuck several times in my mind as the masterpiece that it's because fiction is reality several times in this life in our own memories. 

 There's also a dialogue in 1990 Wong Kar wai movie "Days of being wild" that I truly love between chinese actors Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung based on time that is this one "April 16, 1960, one minute before 3 P.M. You're with me. Because of you, I'll remember that one minute from now on. We're friends of one minute".  

 Below is a picture of the two movies together in a single frame or moment within myself.  

Pictures of chinese director Wong kar wai's movies "2046" and "Days of being wild"

I love movies as an art form and

 Vietnamese director Tran Ahn Hung really knows how to tell a story in them, I find his movies fascinating, "the scent of the green papaya" is a movie that tells the story of a servant that arrives to a family and the lady of the family starts to see her as her dead daughter that's growing up while thinking on her husband that abandoned her, "Cyclo" from 1996 dwells with a brother that has a bike to carry clients that is stolen from him while trying to protect his sister that entered in a chaotic world where prostitution and drugs are involved.
 "Vertical ray of the sun" from 2002 tells a story about three sisters, their dreams and what they think of their lives and men in general.

I've thought that was good to write in a picture of this movie a quote from it that I really love:
"I'd accept that excuse from everyone, but not from a writer. Words are your busyness."

Pictures of Vietnamese director Tran Ahn Hung from his movies "Cyclo","Vertical ray of the sun" and "The scent of Green Papaya"  

Below is a theme from "Vertical ray of the sun" soundtrack performed by The Married Monk with the lyrics of the song in a beautiful scene.

The Married Monk - Tell Her Tell Her

Goodbye, everybody
I'm departing tomorrow
Goodbye everyone
I'm all weak and sorry
Call my mum, on my behalf
[Verse 2]
Goodbye everyone
This time I won't get to stay
Goodbye everyone
I had so many things to say
Call my mum, on my behalf
[Verse 3]
Tell her tell her
That her Nick is on his way
And there's no going back anyway
Tell her Tell her
That I do regret the days
That led me to the chair today
[Verse 4]
I can hear the chaplains pray
I can hear the chaplains pray
In the name of the lord
Who will take care of me they say
And time is running out
For a barking kitten of my kind
Everything's gone wrong
Everything's gone wrong
Everything's gone wrong
Everything's gone wrong 

Sometimes memories are all that we've, other times we can't combine them.
I know that I've a problem while trying to recognise faces, but I know that I love almost all movies by Italian director Fellini because he wasn't mysterious. He showed life through his movies as he visioned it in his mind. 

A book with Italian director Federico Fellini filmography and random pics of books, Fernando Pessoa statues, objects and 21st century women  

Lithuanian Director Sharunas Bartas directed a fascinating movie in 1997 in Portugal named "The house" that was something that he treasured with other people.
 In this particular movie we can sense this feeling by him.
 I've decided to put some words in the movie poster below that's a quote by him regarding life:
"This is my house, I cannot tell exactly where it is, in which place of the world. I just know that the home is mine

Also below is one of my favourite movies ever from a Portuguese director named João César Monteiro (and that's the end of a trilogy by him), the movie's named "A comédia de Deus" from 1995 that mentions Portuguese culture and how difficult it's to be born in a country as Portugal.
 In this movie he's the director and main actor that works with popular ice screams. He talks about life and women as source of it, I've decided to put a quote by him in the movie poster:
Portuguese "Livro dos pensamentos
English "A book with thoughts" and a dialogue by him to an actress: 
Portuguese: "Não te esqueças que um dia serás mãe"
English: "Don't forget that in your future, you'll be a mother"

Pictures of movies "The House" by Lithuanian director Sharunas Bartas and "A comédia de Deus" by Portuguese director João César Monteiro 

British animator Phil Mulloy is a genius, I've met him in Porto and he was kind and even drew me a drawing on a DVD named "intolerance" from 2000 with a character from the fictional planet Zog that was similar and also different from this one. (everybody must check out this movie).
 He paid me a coffee and we had a nice chat, two years after this meeting, I've met him in Lisbon, he paid me a coffee, introduced me to American animation movie directors Quai Bros and asked me this:
- What are you doing in this city? You're from Porto.

Picture of Intolerance DVD by British animator Phil Mulloy with an original artwork by him

American director David Lynch books or movies are sometimes in my mind and I've decided to put in this post a video with him being a musician with his awesome lyrics, because he loves music and simple things in life.

David Lynch - I Know 

I know, I know, 
She stopped to sing, 
Since I went and did that thing, 
I know, I know, 
Loved you.
I know, you can't ? 
Sing and come baby, ? playing the game 
Sing and come at me 
No way you can stay, 
I know, I know, I know, 
I, I, I know.
Don't have to tell me baby, 
See.. on the road now, 
You're gonna live my side, 
But I will remember you baby, 
Each and every midnight, 
Don't have to tell me 
Let me go, 
I, mm, see you so alone, 
And I, I see you go.
Loud girl, 
Please stop to sing, 
Since I went and did that thing, 
I know, I know 
Please let me go

Thinking on a specific comic book with John Constantine Hellblazer character created by British writer Alan Moore during his run in swamp thing comic book saga, the issue below provides me with memories of some sort of twin brother that sometimes appears in every single human being in this planet and that are chosen to live in this world by nature itself, in this comic book this character calls his lost twin brother The Golden Boy, being a paragon of virtue, power and honour, everything John could never be, except in some other world. 
 I've also thought on how real and fictional life collided in Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese character with women that appeared in his stories and that weren't fictional but true women in Italian maestro Hugo Pratt's life.
 Below are pictures showing these same books.

Hellblazer comic book cover issue 39 and Portuguese book edition of Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese comic book character women

El Gaucho written by Italian maestro Hugo Pratt and drawn by Italian visionary Milo Manara tells us how women were exploited in this story the main character Tom Browne, that's retelling these events 84 years after them, settling into his story after he arrived in Buenos Aires - Argentina aboard a British vessel in 1806. 
 Below the officers’ ranks, however, the idea of sacrificing life to perpetuate the British Empire is a concept with lesser appeal, and beyond the opening sequence it’s the ordinary people who are the focus of Pratt’s plot.
 El Gaucho simmers throughout on the periphery of violence, with the occasional eruption, but for all the adventure it’s a meandering script that displays Pratt’s love of historical research more than his usually accomplished storytelling. 
Tom Browne describes what happened with a female Irish character named Molly Malone and her female friends that try to chose a better life for themselves in another country and these hopes finish with them hanged in a rope because of their dreams of another life while giving pleasure and joy to evil men in their sad lives.
 Indian Summer is the first book that these Italian maestros created with scenes of rape in English colonies in the new world where clergy had influence in women and how they were treated when raped.
 This story reminds me a bit of American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne's magnificent book "the scarlet letter" where puritanism was at its peak by families and clergymen.
Below are pictures of these books.

Italian books with Italian maestro Milo Manara's art written by Italian artist Hugo Pratt  

When I was a teenager, I wasn't trying to catch big fish, but watching the magnificent TV series Twin Peaks by American creators Mark Frost and David Lynch where good and evil lurked in some mysterious ways and what it seemed to me at the time some sort of tragedy in a small village, turned in 2017 in Twin Peaks: The Return into what mankind always was where pure evil tries to destroy the beauty of life itself.
Below is a song from Twin Peaks: The Return soundtrack with its lyrics because in Lynch's world "Music is always in the air

Au Revoir Simone - a violent yet flammable world

Oceans shape the sides
Touching down in the spaces
Soaking from a warm goodbye
An early rise offers kindly
Tonight I sleep to dream
Of a place that's calling me
It is always just a dream
Still I cannot forget what I have seen
The crowd's hard to believe
At their faces I'm looking
But your feet I'm following
In soft steps on a path the way you lead
I don't want to lose myself
It's a whisper
It's a funny thing
We fold like icicles on paper shelves
It's a pity to appear this way
You're flying when your foreign eyes
Trace the heights of the city
With rocks and clouds we breathe
Violent skies
A shock to my own body
Speech is wild
Alive sacred and sounding
From across and beyond, oh far beyond
I don't want to lose myself
It's a whisper
It's a funny thing
We fold like icicles on paper shelves
It's a pity to appear this way
Hold, hold, hold on
I swear I saw it somewhere
Waving, wading, one, two, three, above the wakes that follow
Hold, hold, hold on
I swear I saw it somewhere
Waving, wading, one, two, three, above the wakes that follow
I don't want to lose myself
Tonight I sleep to dream of a place that's calling me
It's a whisper
It is always just a dream
It's a funny thing
Still I cannot forget what I have seen
We fold like icicles on paper shelves
With rocks and clouds we breathe, a shock to my own body
It's a pity
Alive sacred and sounding
To appear this way
From across and beyond, oh far beyond
Being a teenager, I knew that Bauhaus told me with their lyrics and hidden cultural messages what society always was and what will always be, where sometimes human beings can't distinguish good from evil while it rips our emotions and hearts out, leaving ourselves with an empty shell and a desire to be free and continuing fighting in life, no matter what.
 Below is a Bauhaus song that I love and its lyrics.

Bauhaus - Crowds
What do you want of me 
What do you long from me 
A slim Pixie, thin and forlorn 
A count, white and drawn 
What do you make of me 
What can you take from me 
Pallid landscapes off my frown 
Let me rip you up and down
For you I came to forsake 
Lay wide despise and hate 
I sing of you in my demented songs 
For you and your stimulations 
Take what you can of me 
Rip what you can off me 
And this I'll say to you 
And hope that it gets through
You worthless bitch 
You fickle shit 
You would spit on me 
You would make me spit 
And when the Judas hour arrives 
And like the Jesus Jews you epitomize 
I'll still be here as strong as you 
And I'll walk away in spite of you

I never know what to expect from a play from Catalan company La Fura Dels Baus (and I saw several live).
 I remember in July 2001 watching them in Porto (re)telling to the audience a completely different version of Shakespeare's Macbeth masterpiece named OBS, that was maybe their best performance ever, and that also was (as the others that I've watched before were) an interactive play with the audience being delighted by it.

 Lithuanian Director Eimuntas Nekrosius adapted Russian writer Dostoievsky's masterpiece "The idiot" in September 2009.  
 I remember being there in awe and watching it for more than four hours and after the end of this play that was performed in a small stage, I was astonished how a beautiful book such as "The idiot" is could be portrayed in movement with actors and actresses always in constant movement.
 Below are pictures of the two plays.

Performance by Catalan theater group La Fura Dels Baus and a play based on "the idiot" book by Russian writer Dostoievski by Lithuanian director Eimuntas Nekrosius

Memories and time are what you do with them.

I clearly remember watching Westworld TV series as some sort of metaphor to British writer John Milton's Paradise lost masterpiece and I wrote in previous posts in this same blogue what that TV series means to me with its metaphors.
I've decided to write on some pictures of this magnificient TV series using quotes of it
"You can't play god without being acquainted with the devil"
"The piano doesn't murder the player if it doesn't like the music" both quotes by character Robert Ford and
"This is the new world and in it, you can be whoever the fuck you want" that is a quote by another character named Maeve from this same TV series.

Westworld Tv series quotes Season 1 from 2016 and season 2 from 2018

I know that I'm a bit random in what I write while gathering my memories.

I remember seeing Greek singer Diamanda Galas in her "Defixiones: will and testament" in 8th October 2001 and how she created an awesome atmosphere with her words and music while a black cat was passing by behind Diamanda's physical body.
I've decided to write a quote by her in her picture below.
"A man without a God, cannot be burned alive. He never was alive".

In 4th November 2001, also in Porto, I've seen a spoken words performance by American artist Lydia Lunch, I remember that she was reading papers with strong words, crashing them with her hands and spitting at the floor.
She was telling to the audience there how society always was and I've decided to put a quote by her in the picture below
"No easy way out. No escape from yourself. You had to learn to deal with the cards you were dealt".

Spoken words performance by American artist Lydia Lunch and a concert by Greek singer Diamanda Galas 

In 16th July 1999, I was buying a book by The Swans musical band leader Michael Gira named "The Consumer" because he was doing a spoken words performance in Porto at that time.
 I also remember that in 13th July 1999, I was seeing Portuguese Mão Morta leader Adolfo Luxúria Canibal talking about a new kind of war based on technology where people/human beings were part of a game that they weren't aware of in a spoken words performance.


Spoken words performance by American  singer Michael Gira (leader of  The Swans musical band) and also Portuguese singer
 Adolfo Luxúria Canibal (leader of Mão Morta's musical band) 

Several times, I don't know where my professional life will be.
  Maybe, I'll be somewhere in some vintage phonebooth without any coins to insert on it, being chased by a character named Miss Z that wants to cut my head with a sword and by a Mascara girl that wants to stab me with a knife and while seeing my phisical body bleeding on the floor, I'll listen to a lady saying this to me: 

 -I'll warn you, I'll break your heart 
 and I'll reply her:
- Already broken
I also know that maybe a mysterious woodsman will see me in the floor and will ask me this (like in Twin Peaks : The Return TV series) 

- Gotta light? 

Many thanks to all international artists that trusted and still trust in some of my ideas.
Special thanks to Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva, to my youngest niece Leticia, to Finnish Artist Terhi Ekebom that gives me lots of ideas, to Swedish artists Lars Erik Sjunesson and Max Andersson (that sometimes help me solving puzzles in narratives), to common simple women that always had inspired me in society at all levels and to international artists that aren't only common "artists" for me, because I really know that the majority of them have a golden heart being my friends all over the world also and that want to share a simple coffee or a drink with me in a moment of this thing called life at some corner of this blue planet.