Monday, November 5, 2018

Autobiography book project with help by international artists and a narrative about a woman named Sandra

Sometimes I wonder about life, men and women...
Sometimes I wander in life...
Sometimes I know who I am...
Sometimes I don't know who I am.
 I know that I'm always sailing or in movement while communicating personally or online with artists or women in my professional or personal life.
 This ain't a story about myself but about a pretty woman named Sandra.
 In the picture below Sandra is thinking about something while I'm thinking about her with a personalized t-shirt by Italian Artist Stefano Zattera based on a project that I'm creating with my friend Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva that's a Russian musician/21st character and that borrows me her magnificient character from time to time with international artists that can be seen and read in this same blogue in some previous posts in it.


Sandra is a pretty lady that was born in Ucraine and all men should care about pretty ladies.
 She loves her family...
 She loves her work...
 She loves love stories...
 She loves social networks...
 Maybe I'm old enough to be her dad.
 Below is a printed artwork based on myself by Swedish Artist Knut Larsson smoking a cigarette while in its smoke appears a lady.

Printed artwork based on myself by Swedish Artist Knut Larsson

Below it's a picture of myself carrying a personalized t-shirt with an awesome photography by Brazilian Artist Alex Korolkovas with a Russian live model named Vika Costa and another one named Katya Kulizhuka from Ucraine and that were part of a project that I've created and worked since 2015 until a month ago based on a XX century woman with help by more than 100 international artists and Katya was really nice by telling me that she would help me promoting this project in U.S.A with her image and physical presence in New York at a Taschen bookstore there.
 In the second picture is the same photography with two tributes to this XX century woman named Valentina by Argentine Artists Mr Ed and Santiago Caruso.

Personalized T-shirt

Personalized mug 

There are things that I really don't know about Sandra because women always were and always will be mysterious, being this a virtue to all men.
 There are things that I really love in Sandra:
She's simple...
- She's emotional.
- She's an honest lady.
 Below are pictures of 60 artworks that international artists from several countries that were created for an identity exhibition/autobiography based on my physical body and that can also be read in previous posts in this same blogue.
 I know that I've personalized some of their artworks in t-shirts, mugs, printed them while trying to put them on movement and also received original artworks based on me by mail because I really care about international artists artworks and how they support some of my ideas by remembering me with their artworks in my mind, soul and spirit about the eternal question of "who are we on this blue planet?".

Artwork based on myself printed on a personalized t-shirt by Argentine artist MR Ed and a printed artwork based on myself by French Artist Isabel Pessoa

Original artworks based on myself by Japanese artist John Kurokawa, Spanish Artist Jon Ander Azaola and posters for two identity exhibitions based on myself by Argentine Artist MR Ed 

Two original Artworks based on myself by Italian Artist Rolando Cicatelli and another one by Japanese Artist John Kurokawa

Poster for an identity exhibition based on myself by Spanish Artist Daniel Esteve and two personalized mugs with artworks based on myself by Portuguese Artist Ana Biscaia and Swedish Artist Nicolas Krizan

Two personalized mugs with artworks based on myself by Argentine Artists Fernando Sawa and Gérman Genga

A ppersonalized mug with an artwork based on myself by Polish Artist Bartosz Jekiel, a printed artwork based on myself by Swedish Artist Max Andersson and another one by Spanish Artist Daniel Esteve.
An original artwork based on myself by Swedish Artist Nicolas Krizanprinted artwork and an original arrwork based on myself by Spanish Artist José Luís Ágreda

Printed and framed Artworks based on myself by Argentine Artists Roda Rodrigo, Teke Teke, Pablo Burman and Mexican Artist Gaston Ortiz

Printed and framed Artworks based on myself by Argentine Artists Roda Rodrigo, Austrian Artist Nicolas Mahler, Spanish Artist Toni Benages Gallard and French Artist Isabel Pessoa

Printed and framed Artworks based on myself by Argentine Artist Martin Arrizabalaga, Spanish Artist Pedro Espinosa, Serbian Artist Danilo Milosev Wostok and Brazilian Artist Douglas P Lobo

Printed artwork based on myself by Spanish Artist Pedro Rodriguez and Personalized t-shirts with Artworks based on myself by American Artist Bill Koeb, Spanish Artist Daniel Esteve and Croatian Artist Danijel Zezelj

4 original artworks by Polish Artist Nikodem Cabala

Original artworks by Portuguese Artist João Sequeira and Finnish Artist Terhi Ekebom and Two personalized mugs with artworks based on myself by Italian Artist Rolando Cicatelli and Polish Artist Bartosz Jekiel

Two personalized mugs with artworks based on myself by Japanese Artist John Kurokawa and Polish Artist Magdalena Minko and Two personalized t-shirts based on myself by Swedish Artist Max Andersson and Spanish Artist Daniel Esteve

Printed artworks based on myself by Russian Artist Garbage Which Burns, Two printed artworks based on myself by Canadian Artist Stanley Wany and another one by him with a cameo based on me while Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva is making a phone call in a phonebooth and a Printed artwork based on me by Polish Artist Bartosz Jekiel

Printed artworks based on myself by Israeli Artist Cadial, a personalized mug with an artwork based on myself by Argentine Mukor Bazan and a printed artwork based on myself by Spanish artist José Luís Ágreda, an original artwork by Belgium Dominique Goblet 

Printed artwork based on myself by Belgium Artist Christophe Swijsen and a doodle based on myself by youngest niece Letícia 

Sandra's a delightful woman.
Sandra dreams breathes and walks among men and women in public streets.
 Sandra's a reliable human being.
 Sandra's a love story within a love story.
 Sometimes people ask me who Sandra is and I answer them:
- She's part of society.
- She's part of nature.
- She lives in a blue planet.
- She's a random simple woman that can be a coffeeshop and suddenly time stops.
- She doesn't live in a counter clock world.
- She isn't fictional.
- She isn't lame.
- She isn't mysterious but she has her own mysteries.
- She's lovely.
- She's nice.
 Being part of a narrative, Sandra's what she'll always be either in her memories or on mine.

Sandra - 01 

Sometimes I say this to her out of the blue:
- Will you stare and relax for a while with words by your side?
- Will you dream without any scream when the world asks you to be true giving you something new?
 - Will your eyes gaze at the sea when nature will beg thee to be a mother without laughter?
 - Will your joy be more than a toy while thinking on some boy?
 - Will your hair turn into despair when the colour white will be a simple sight?
 - Will you watch a soccer match when you're thinking on what to attach?
 - Will you translate every single world that comes out of your mouth without a shout?
 - Will you smile, read, listen, live when images dwell in your mind like a book filled with imagination that ressembles the power of a nation?
 - Will your hand be free when your heart's talking to thee? 

I've thought on displaying a part of the world where Sandra lives in with artworks by international artists below.
 She sure isn't an artwork by Japanese Artist Shiro Baba, or printed artworks by German Artist Anke Feuchtenberger and I'm sure that she doesn't live in American director David Lynch's quotes, movies or series that can be seen in the picture below.

Printed artwork based on myself by Japanese Artist Shiro Baba with printed papers with German Artist Anke Feuchtenberger and a David Lynch's quote in a picture.

I know that Sandra hasn't seen any movie by Portuguese director João César Monteiro, that she isn't a bass player like my friend and Russian musician Mascara Girl is as drawn by Italian Artist Stefano Zattera or part of a script by David Lynch's first movie "Eraserhead" like can be seen below.

Printed Artwork based on Russian musician Mascara Girl, a picture with a woman, a picture with David Lynch's script of his masterpiece movie "Eraserhead"

I know that Sandra has all the time in the world.
 I know that Sandra isn't an artwork by Italian Artist Rolando Cicatelli but she sure is as prettier as one of them.
 I know that she isn't a fictional memory like can be watched in Westworld TV series.
 These are facts that are illustrated in the picture below.

Printed picture about time, printed artwork based on a woman by Italian Artist Rolando Cicatelli, a picture with a Westworld TV series quote.

Knowing that Sandra isn't an L.A model like Russian woman Vika Costa and Katya Kulizhuka are, I'm sure that she isn't lost in Italian director Federico Fellini's movie "8 and an half" and his own memories interpreted by Italian actor Marcelo Mastroianni.
I also know that Sandra isn't undead like Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi is.
The picture below proves this as a fact.

Picture of myself wearing a t-shirt with Russian model Vika Costa and Ucranian model Katya Kulizhuka, with an artwork based on Italian actor Marcelo Mastroianni, an artwork by German artist Anke Feuchtenberger and a picture of Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi with written words on it by me.

Sandra's the pretty lady shown in the picture below.
 Sometimes she tells me this:
- How do you feel your inner sucess?
- Today I was drinking a coffee with a friend.
- I love life.
- Will you bring me Paradise in a cube frozen in Ice? 
Sandra - 02

Sandra isn't an unfinished painting by American Artist Erik Von Erik like can be seen below.
A painting of a woman by American Artist Erik Von Erik

Sandra isn't a woman that passed in Corto Maltese's character that was created by Italian maestro Hugo Pratt.
 Sandra isn't a drawing by British Artist David Lloyd based on a fictional character created by British writer Alan Moore named John Constantine/Hellblazer with his inner demons.
 Sandra isn't inside a professional card designed by Argentine Artist Mr Ed.
 Sandra isn't an artwork created by German Artist Lars Henkel for an Arts festival named Mab that I've organized with a small team and that can be read in previous posts in this same blogue.
 The photo below proves this as a fact.

Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese, a personalized t-shirt from Hellblazer character by British Artist David Lloyd and an artwork by German Artist Lars Henkel.

Maybe Sandra is part of German Artist Anke Feuchtenberger artworks and her inner universe based on women.
 Maybe Sandra loves David Bowie and all the characters that he created like I do.

Three printed artworks by German Artist Anke Feuchtenberger and a photos of David Bowie

Maybe not in Sandra's mind.
Maybe not in Sandra's heart.
Maybe not in Sandra's soul.
I'm sure that Sandra watches Westworld TV series and that she doesn't love a lot the before mentioned John Constantine's character drawn by British Artists Simon Bisley or Sean Phillips or even Cassidy's character created by British Artists Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.
 The two pictures below reflects a bit of Sandra's soul.

Two pictures with Westworld TV quotes, A Hellblazer artwork by Simon Bisley and a Peacher Artwork by Steve Dillon 

Printed Artworks by Hellblazer character by British Artist Sean Phillips

Sometimes Sandra is with me into the blue.
Sometimes Sandra proves what's right with a sight.
Sometimes Sandra is more than a simple pretty face.
Sometimes Sandra is an ace.
Sometimes Sandra's body moves like a flower within the hour.
Sometimes Sandra's having a coffee with me for free.
Sometimes Sandra guides my hand, heart and soul when I'm writing a love story that can be worth gold.
The picture below shows Sandra's staring at me while I'm thinking about the sea.

Sandra is life...
Sandra is a choise of a man and woman that gave her light in some night...
Sandra is joy...
Sandra is madness...
Sandra loves coffee, cream, chocolate and strawberries...
Sandra isn't the choice of a man and a woman that was made 25 years ago and that can be seen in the artwork below by Swedish Artist Lars Erik Sjunesson.
Sandra's bright, light and an insight.


Many thanks to all international artists who created artworks based on me for an autobiography and that illustrated this narrative about Sandra and that are the following: 
From Argentina: Mr Ed, Fernando Sawa, Teke Teke, Martin Arrizabalaga, Pablo Burman, Roda Rodrigo, German Genga, Mukor Bazan 
From Austria: Nicolas Mahler
From Belgium: Christophe Swijsen and Dominique Goblet
From Brazil: Douglas P Lobo
From Croatia: Danijel Zezelj
From France: Isabel Pessoa
From Israel: Cadial
From Italy: Rolando Cicatelli 
From Japan: John Kurokawa and Shiro Baba
From México: Gaston Ortiz
From Poland: Bartosz Jekiel, Magdalena Minko, Nikodem Cabala
From Portugal: Ana Biscaia, Paulo Pinto and 
Joao Sequeira
From Russia: Garbage which burns
From Serbia: Danilo Milosev
From Spain, Jon Ander Azaola, Joaquin Aldeguer,Daniel Esteve, Toni Benages Gallard, Pedro Rodriguez, Jose Luis Agreda, Pedro Espinosa
From Sweden: Nicolas Krizan,Knut Larsson, Lars Erik Sjunesson and Max Anderson
From U.S.A: Bill Koeb

And to Spanish artists Eduardo Alvarado Sanches Cortés, Ruben Pellejero and Joaquin Aldeguer, Argentine artists Mr Ed and Carlos Dearmas, Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen, Brazilian artist Éder, Italian artistsRolando Cicatelli, Stefano Zattera and Marco Kapete, Portuguese artist Paulo Pinto, Swedish artists Lars Erik Sjunesson who illustrated the previous narrative that I've wrote in this same blogue with artworks based on me.
 Thanks also to artworks provided to me by German Artists Lars Henkel and Anke Feuchtenberger, Swedish Artist Lars Erik Sjunesson, British Artist David Lloyd, Italian Artist Stefano Zattera American Artist Erik Von Erik, to Brazilian Photographer Alex Korolkovas, to L.A. Models Vika Costa and Katya Kulizhuka, to Russian bass player Mascara Girl and that also served as sort of illustration for this narrative about an autobiography.
 Special thanks to my youngest niece Letícia and to Sandra with one of the prettiest songs ever below by Swedish band Madrugada

Friday, November 2, 2018

Multimedia narrative about autobiography project, memories and other projects with help by international artists

Trying to develop...
Real life...
Fictional life...
International artists...

I was listening today at a Tom Waits song and instantly thought on some "black wings" that he sang and described along the dark and light windows of his conscious/subconscious.
 I've thought on this to myself:
- Who carries black wings?
- Where're my dreams?
- Are they're on a coach and horses?
Below is a collage picture with my nieces, cousins, a kitten named Migala and some artworks that international artists created based on me for an autobiography.


Of course that I can't be always jiggling with words, images with black wings, within some drafts for an autobiography that I'll assemble with help by international artists when I'm in the company of my youngest niece Letícia or with my cousins because I'm sure that all my six nieces, three nephews and several of my cousins will be present on written words on it because like Tom says:
 "He's not there for he has risen"
Below is an artwork based on my youngest niece Letícia by Italian artist Rolando Cicatelli as a little mermaid because she really loves the sea and water itself.

Letícia - Rolando Cicatelli

Sometimes people actually believe in dragons, I was born in a city where soccer is played inside a stadium named Dragon.
Is this fact or fiction?

At Dragon's stadium 

 I can't actually state what's fiction or fiction since I'm sure that dragons lure me there to watch soccer matches while observing heaven's door opening themselves for me.
Below is a dragon artwork study by Spanish maestro Eduardo Alvarado Sanchez Cortés that is one of the best contemporary artists that I know of and that also created an artwork that can also be seen below with several versions of myself along soccer coach Mourinho that used to be coach in Dragon's stadium where he was European champion in 2004.

A dragon study - Eduardo Alvarado Sanches Cortés 

Opening Heaven's door - Eduardo Alvarado Sanches Cortés 

An artwork based on several versions of myself along Mourinho 

I remember that last year in December that , I curated and organized an exhibition based on Music and musicians in my hometown at Boémia caffe with help by more than 40 international contemporary artists that can be read in this same blogue and that some of them wanted to draw Tom Waits because of his songs and magnificent character, maybe some Tom's words or his rhythm was on their minds.
Tom's a poet, a words jingler and even a magnificent actor and several times he remind us of this as human beings: 
- Time's not your friend.
- Tell me who are you this time?
Below are some artworks by some of the best contemporary artists who drew Tom for the exhibition curated in December 2017

Argentina: Carlos Dearmas and Mr Ed 
Belgium: Christophe Swijsen 
Brazil: Éder
Italy: Stefano Zattera and Rolando Cicatelli
Portugal: Paulo Pinto
Spain: Joaquin Aldeguer
Sweden: Knut Larsson

American singer Tom Waits seen by Spanish artist Ruben Pellejero, Brazilian artist Éder, Portuguese artist Paulo Pinto and Swedish artist Knut Larsson 
American singer Tom Waits seen by Argentine artists Carlos Dearmas, Mr Ed, Italian artist Rolando Cicatelli, Spanish artist Joaquin Aldeguer 

American singer Tom Waits seen by Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen, Brazilian and Italian artist Stefano Zattera

I know that these same artists created artworks based on myself for an identity exhibition-end of narrative that was held in my hometown in August 2017 at Boémia caffe and that was curated and organized by me with help by more than 40 of the best contemporary international artists, that can be seen and read in previous posts in this same blogue and are displayed either below or on this post while I was writing this narrative.



Below is a Tom Waits "Black wings" video from his 1992 album "bone machine"

Well, take an eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
Just like they say in the Bible
Well, never leave a trace or forget a face
Of any man at the table
Any man at the table
When the moon is a cold chiseled dagger
And it's sharp enough to draw blood from a stone
He rides through your dreams on a coach and horses
And the fenceposts in the moonlight look like bones
Well they've stopped trying to hold him
With mortar, stone and chain
He broke out of every prison
When the boots mount the staircase
And the door is flung back open
He's not there for he has risen
He's not there for he has risen
Some say he once killed a man with a guitar string
He's been seen at the table with kings
Well, he once saved a baby from drowning
There are those who say beneath his coat there are wings
Well, some say they fear him
Well, some say they fear him
Others admire him
Because he steals his promise
But one look in his eye
And everyone denies
Ever having met him
Ever having met him
He can turn himself into a stranger
Well, they broke a lot of canes on his hide
He was born away in a cornfield
A fever beats in his head just like a drum inside
Some say they fear him
Others admire him
Because he steals his promise
But one look in his eye
Everyone denies
Ever having met him
Ever having met him
Ever having met him
Ever having met him
Ever having met him
Ever having met him

International artists are awesome, they're not only some of the best contemporary artists ever, but sometimes they do vision what's on my mind while thinking on an autobiography like Italian artist Marco Kapete did while creating an artwork based on myself in David Lynch's Twin Peaks TV series "Red Room" like can be seen below with the the alphabet in a t-shirt that I'm wearing that states abcde FUCK.


I remember in 1992 watching "fire walk with me" that "maybe" was a prologue to Twin Peaks TV series.
 I was 19 at the time and the atmosphere was dense while watching it.
 I also remember that I wanted to see what would David Lynch do with singer/actor David Bowie in this movie and the chameleon/thin white duke/aladdinsane/major tom/ziggy stardust (that unfortunately passed away as a black star on 10th January 2016) interpreted the role of an FBI agent named Philip Jeffries who was in a different space and time zone from ours and having only a small part as some sort of "ghost" in this movie was pivotal on Twin Peaks mysteries about dopplegangers.
 Here's a dialogue between Philip Jeffries (Bowie), Cooper (American actor Kyle Maclachlan) and Gordon (David Lynch himself) 
JeffriesWell now, I'm not gonna talk about Judy. In fact, we're not gonna talk about Judy at all, we're gonna keep her out of it.
Cooper : [bewildered]  Gordon?
Gordon : I KNOW, COOP!
Jeffries : Who do you think this is there?
Below is a magnificent poster from this fascinating movie.


Twin Peaks first and second season had 30 episodes was original released from
April 8 April 1990 to June 10 1991.
 I was only a teenager then but what grabbed my attention on this TV series then was not "who killed Laura Palmer?" but "why somebody or something killed her".
 I was always thinking on the "red room" and If or was a sort of "heaven/hell" or another time zone where people communicated differently from this one, of course that I've got some shivers while watching this TV series while actually seeing Laura Palmer telling this there "I'll see you again in 25 years".
 I was astonished when David Lynch announced the third season of this TV series that had 18 episodes and that ran from May 21 to September 3, 2017 (almost 25 years after Laura mentioned her return).
 I was older now and was passing a bizarre period in my life and while watching Twin Peaks: The Return didn't matter that much who actually killed Laura on it (maybe she wasn't killed because she appears in it), but what's going on in that town with awesome characters that loved life. 
 - Were there dopplegangers?
- Did Evil flourished over Good?
- Does Big fuck small all the time?
- Were we surrounded by evil or good spirits?
- Was the main character Laura, Dale Cooper or Gordon himself? 
- Were Philip Jeffries/Bowie's premonitions right?
 I knew that Bowie's character was too good for Lynch to avoid what he said in "Fire walk with me".
 Twin Peaks is maybe the best TV series ever and Lynch paid homage to actors or actress that were old or dying because life's a constant renewal of living beings appearing and disappearing in a full circle in this blue planet.
 Below are some official posters of this magnificent TV series.

Below are 19 tribute posters that Brazilian artist Cristiano Siqueira created for each episode with a character and a tribute to American actor Harry Dean Stanton that passed away shortly after Twin Peaks: The Return.

Below is a video from Twin Peaks TV series that takes action in the "Red Room

 I'm sure that my friend and beautiful Italian poet Antonella Adamo doesn't live in some sort of "Red Room" while writing her own poetry with pen and pencil while travelling Europe by train being herself inside different characters at the same time as the astonishing woman that she really is as can be seen in the picture below.

Antonella Adamo writing 

Antonella and me 

Swedish artist Lars Erik Sjunesson show us in the artwork below an older woman that used to be a Gestapo member watching TV with several cables near her.
- Was she a lost woman in some sort of a "Red Room" then?

- Maybe we'll never know about this.
What I really know is that Lars created an awesome artwork based on myself that can also be seen below.

Lars Erik Sjunesson - 01

Lars Erik Sjunesson - 02

German artist Lars Henkel show us in the artwork below, a man playing piano, lost in his own dreams with stairs, these dreams may feel like you have followed a lot of twists and turns in your mind all night, only to wake and feel like you have not arrived anywhere.
This is a feeling that sometimes can be found within some "Red Room".

Lars Henkel

Argentine  artist Mr Ed show us in the artwork below that we mustn't dwell with our own shadows with light because they're a ghost of our inner selves either being or not being ourselves in some 'Red Room".
 Mr Ed also created an artwork based on myself for an identity exhibition and I know that I owe him a lot while helping me gather my inner strength back in several projects with help by international artists in the past two years.

Mr Ed - 01

Mr Ed - 02

 American artist Erik Von Erik is an artist who surprised me while I was communicating with international artists in several projects that I work in.
 International artists are always real interesting since they always have a story to tell while observing people.
 Erik is a fascinating artist and told me that he would create an artwork based on me.
 He usually does oil paintings, but what was fascinating also in Erik was how simple he was (artists usually are simple people) and I was not only amazed by his paintings but about the toys that he creates with his hands and how it all fits good together in his mind.
 I was mesmerized when he told me that his father was a writer and a pilot and I've thought this to myself:
- To be able to write while actually seeing the sky must be an awesome feeling.
Below are 26 pics with Erik's paintings and handcrafted toys and an Erik's statement of how he builds his toys.

"I make the toys from scratch out of plastic in liquid form including coloring the plastic with dye and glow chemicals. I make a clay or wax sculpture then make a mold of it then mass produced all the parts. Each doll had 24 moving parts. There were around ten body styles so each body had all those parts. Then there were 50 separate characters- so I had to make thousands of parts. Then they had to be assembled painted and I had to sew the clothes. It was round the clock work and very toxic."

American director Tim Burton's"Ed Wood" from 1994 is a fascinating movie.
 Ed wood was not a good movies director but he had passion and in his movies Glenn or Glenda from 1953, Bride of the Monster from 1955 and Plan 9 from Outer Space from 1959 he actually persuaded Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi to perform in the first two movies and to put images of Bela on the third as a tribute to him.
Bela Lugosi surely is always undead. 
Tim Burton's movie touches Ed Wood's passion for movies and his feelings towards Bela Lugosi (interpreted in this movie by American actor Martin Landau that passed away in 15th July 2017)
 Below are official posters for this awesome movie and a fascinating video with Tim Burton's former wife Lisa Marie composed by Canadian musician Howard Shore.

American director Jim Jarmusch's movie "Deadman" from 1995

 This movie really entered on my life like a sort of spiritual voyage.
 Not only because of how magnificent this movie is, but also because at the time when it premiered at Portugal, I was in a nervous breakdown and I remember that I was telling my first wife Anabela Martins Ferreira that I should see this movie no matter what because it talked about cowboys and Indians in a spiritual way while actually the main character and the Indian were always talking about English poet/artist William Blake that also was the name of the main character's movie.
 When you're in a spiritual journey and with William Blake's words in your mind, there's no better movie to watch.
Below are 22 official posters of it and Neil Young's astonishing musical soundtrack for this movie.

There's a time in our life when memories are everything that you've in it, be it with friends, family or who you are, were and you'll become.
 As soon as we start to reach a certain age what you do indeed remember is not the clothes that you wear or the money that you've but the flavours and scent that you enjoyed when you were little or your first kiss, your first friend, how you were treated all your life in modern day society because of this or that, that's when your pace suddenly changes and you don't have enough time to memorize all that you want to read, watch, see or observe.
 I entered in TV series fandom wagon and the pace in them is completely different from other art forms, because writing while visioning an idea isn't as simple as people think, since it depends on what we can bring that'll be new on this world.
 Westworld TV series is astonishing regarding this subject because it deals with our memories, what we were/are/will be and the choices that we have to make on this life.
 This TV series changed me, not because of  its visual graphics but because of its narrative.
 It has 20 episodes and was released on October 2, 2016.
 A masterpiece turns into one when all is clearly synced within our minds.
 Below are some official posters of it and a video with awesome dialogues about life itself and a song named "Somebody's watching me (feat. Lola)" by musician J2 from their album "the iconic series presents" released on June 2016.

Peaky Blinders is an excelllent Tv series that has 24 episodes that ran from 12 September 2013 till present time
and totally different from anything that I've watched because the creator of it mixes present time with the past on it.
 This series dwells on subjects such as:
identity,family,love and a quest of a man thinking too much about life.
Below are 58 posters of it and a video mixed with dialogues by their characters with a song by Russian composer 
 Michael Afanasyev named infinity from 2015.

Chris Carter TV series Millennium that was originally released from October 25, 1996 to May 21, 1999 and that contained 3 seasons and 67 episodes was a masterpiece, but I only watched season 1 and 2 with 45 episodes because it didn't seemed logic in my opinion that premises such as "the time is now" or "this is who we are" could be lost in a third season.
Below are 5 official posters of it and a tribute video named "ballad of Lucy Butler" with scenes of its episode 20 titled "A Room With No View" and that featured an evil entity named Lucy Butler.

Taboo is an excelllent Tv series that is inspired on discoveries of The East India Company (EIC), that was found in December 1600 known as the Honourable East India Company (HEIC) or the British East India Company and informally as John Company, was an English and later British joint-stock company. It was formed to trade in the Indian Ocean region, initially with Mughal India and the East Indies (Maritime Southeast Asia), and later with Qing China. The company ended up seizing control over large parts of the Indian subcontinentcolonized parts of Southeast Asia, and colonized Hong Kong after a war with Qing China.
 This TV series merged in my mind portuguese India House that was the Portuguese organization that managed all overseas territories during the heyday of the Portuguese Empire in the 16th century. It was both the central authority for managing all aspects of overseas trade, the central shipment point and clearing house. 
It was found by one of the biggest genius in world history that was Portuguese sailor Henry, the navigator.
 The series that was originally released from 7 January 2017 till now showcased 8 episodes that also shows us the inner demons that the main character James Delaney finds after arriving to London from Africa and fighting English Empire this quote by Delaney is impressive "After I left England, I thought I was mad. But they taught me to use it: now it's a gift."
Below are 20 posters/ads and a tribute video to it with dialogues by the characters and a song by American composer Zack Hemsey named "the way" from 2011

Deadwood is an amazing TV series that shows its viewers United States of America origins and from what their history was built.
 It was originally released from March 21, 2004 to August 27, 2006 in 3 seasons with 36 episodes.
Below are 15 official posters and a video with dialogues of its characters and an instrumental version of the song "god's gonna cut you down" by American musician Johnny Cash from his album "American V: A Hundred Highways" in 2003.

Game of Thrones is an awesome TV series loosely based on George R R Martin book fantasy saga "A song of Ice and fire" that was originally released from April 17, 2011 till present time and that has 67 episodes in 7 seasons.
 I always thought that Game of Thrones was even better than JRR Tolkien masterpiece fantasy saga "the lord of the rings" that I've read when I was a teenager.
Below are 10 official posters from it and a tribute video titled "choices" with dialogues from its characters repeating this word and a music by German composer Hans Zimmer named "time".

Boardwalk Empire is an extraordinary TV series originally released from September 19, 2010 to October 26, 2014 with 5 seasons and 56 episodes.
Below are 23 posters and a tribute video with the song "life's funny proposition" by American singer Eddie Cantor

Did you ever sit and ponder,

Sit and wonder, sit and think,
Why we're here and what this life is all about?
It's a problem that has driven
Many brainy men to drink,
It's the weirdest thing they've tried to figure out.
About a thousand different theories
All the scientists can show,
But never yet have proved a reason why
With all we've thought
And all we're taught,
Why all we seem to know
Is we're born and live a while and then we die.
Life's a very funny proposition after all,
Imagination, jealousy, hypocrisy and all.
Three meals a day, a whole lot to say;
When you haven't got the coin you're always in the way.
Everybody's fighting as we wend our way along,
Every fellow claims the other fellow's in the wrong;
Hurried and worried until we're buried and there's no curtain call.
Life's a very funny proposition after all.
When all things are coming easy, and when luck is with a man,
Why then life to him is sunshine everywhere;
Then the fates blow rather breezy and they quite upset a plan,
Then he'll cry that life's a burden hard to bear.
Though today may be a day of smiles, tomorrow's still in doubt,
And what brings me joy, may bring you care and woe;
We're born to die, but don't know why, or what it's all about,
And the more we try to learn the less we know.
Life's a very funny proposition, you can bet,
And no one's ever solved the problem properly as yet.
Young for a day, then old and gray;
Like the rose that buds and blooms and fades and falls away,
Losing health to gain our wealth as through this dream we tour.
Everything's a guess and nothing's absolutely sure;
Battles exciting and fates we're fighting until the curtain falls.
Life's a very funny proposition after all.

The Tudors TV series  originally released from 1 April 2007 to 20 June 2010, that had 4 seasons and 38 episodes and was based on the life of Henry VIII, king of England (1509–47) who presided over the beginnings of the English Renaissance and the English Reformation.
 I just love historical TV series even mixing fact with fiction like British creator Michael Hirst does.
 Below are 8 posters of this series and a tribute video to it by French project Era with a song named "hymne" from their album Era 2 from 2000.

Vikings TV series is an awesome entertainment show that was originally released from March 3, 2013 till present time with 5 seasons and 59 episodes.
 It was also created by British artist Michael Hirst.
 This series showcases a different view of what the Vikings really were.
 They believed in nature.
 They respected women as an equal living being as men.
 They were mostly farmers and settlers.
 Of course that in this TV series, the viewer can't distinguish fact from myth.
 Below are 19 posters of it and a tribute video with a battle that appears on the 10th episode of its 5th season.

Carnivale TV series was something original created by Daniel Knauf. 
 It was originally released from September 7, 2003 to March 27, 2005.
 It had 2 seasons with 24 episodes that told its viewers about good and evil flourishing together.
 Below are 9 posters for it and an awesome song titled "the silent aviary" from 2009

Penny Dreadful was originally released from May 11, 2014 to June 19, 2016.
 It had 3 seasons and 27 episodes.
 It was created by John Logan and it was fun seeing some well know monsters in a love story. 
Origins of the saying "penny dreadful" that was originally used in reference to a specific type of literature circulating in mid-Victorian Britain because books based on this theme costed only a penny
  Origin of British saying "a penny for your thought"
 "What's on your mind? (Usually said to someone who is looking pensive.) The saying is from a time when the British penny was worth a significant sum. In 1522, Sir Thomas More wrote (in 'Four Last Things'): "It often happeth, that the very face sheweth the mind walking a pilgrimage, in such wise that other folk sodainly say to them a peny for your thought.'"
Below are 20 posters/ads from these TV series and a tribute video with excelente quotes with a song named "cold" by Mexican composer Jorge Mendéz from 2016

The Borgias was a TV series originally released from April 3, 2011 to June16, 2013 and created by Irish director Neil Jordan.
It had 3 seasons and 29 episodes.
 This series clearly shows what catholic church was all about in world's history with a fictional "holy book" commanding millions of people towards misery while trying to seek some kind of personal faith in their lives.
 Below are 4 official posters of it and a tribute video with dialogues by characters of this series and the song "from Manuscript of XII Century" from Origen musical band from their musical album "mooky zvoo" from 2001 

Mad Men was a TV series that was originally released from July 19, 2007 to  May 17, 2015 that had 7 seasons and 92 episodes.
 I really love this quote "the best idea always wins, and you know it when you see it" by its main character Don Draper.
Below are 49 posters/ads and a tribute video with a short speech by Don Draper and the song "Space oddity" from British musician David Bowie from his second album released on 11 July 1969 in UK with the title "David Bowie" and in November 1969 titled "Man of Words/Man of Music"
 Bowie always was some sort of father figure for those who know me well and 
 the chameleon/alladinsane/thin white duke/Major Tom/Ziggy Stardust/Black Star will always be in my deepest memories as singer/performer/poet/actor/mimic/

 Sometimes I don't think (it's a fact) due to a different pace that I've now that I'm a bit older.
 It was a joy actually seeing a tribute to Rasmus Klump that was a Danish comic strip series for children created in 1951 by the Danish wife and husband team Carla and Vilhelm Hansen, that was successfully published in translation worldwide, with total sales running over 30 million by Danish artist Henrik Kim Rehr for this year's Halloween and is part of my memories as a young child.
 Below is the stunning artwork by Danish artist Henrik Kim Rehr and an artwork that he created based on me for an identity exhibition.

Henrik Kim Rehr 01

Henrik Kim Rehr 01

Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom, like I've mentioned in previous posts in this same blogue, gives me ideas all the time.
 She was in Russia last month in the russian city Vyborg that has a distance to Saint Petersburg of 137 KMS and that used to be named The Viipuri Province (FinnishViipurin lääni, commonly abbreviated Vpl, SwedishViborgs län or SwedishWiborgs län) and that was a province of Finland from 1812 to 1947.
 I didn't knew also that Vyborg belonged to Sweden in the past and in a quick research found this "ThVyborg Castle was founded during the Third Swedish Crusade in 1293 by marsk Torkel Knutsson. on the site of an older Karelian fort which was burned.  The castle, which was the first center for the spread of Christianity in Karelia, was fought over for decades between Sweden and the Novgorod Republic. As a result of the Treaty of Nöteborg in 1323 between the Republic of Novgorod and Sweden, Vyborg was finally recognized as a part of Sweden. The town's trade privileges were chartered by the Pan-Scandinavian King Eric of Pomerania in 1403. It withstood a prolonged siege by Daniil Shchenya during the Russo–Swedish War of 1496–1497.
Under Swedish rule, Vyborg was closely associated with the noble family of Bååt, originally from Småland. The late-medieval commanders and fief holders of Vyborg were (almost always) descended from or married to the Bååt family. In practice, though not having this as their formal title, they functioned as Margraves, had feudal privileges, and kept all the crown's incomes from the fief to use for the defense of the realm's eastern border.
 Vyborg remained in Swedish hands until its capture in 1710 after the Siege of Vyborg by Tsar Peter the Great in the Great Northern War. In the course of Peter's second administrative reform, Vyborg became the seat of the Vyborg Province of St. Petersburg Governorate.the 1721 Treaty of Nystad, which concluded the war with Sweden, finalized the transfer of the town and a part of Old Finland to Russia.The loss of Vyborg led Sweden to develop Fredrikshamn as a substitute port town.Another result of the loss of Vyborg was that its diocese was moved to Borgå, transforming the town into an important learning centre." 
 Terhi was in a land that belonged to her ancestors and that also belonged to ancestors of Swedish artists Knut Larsson, Max Anderson, Clara Bessijelle Johansson and Lars Erik Sjunesson with whom I'm working along Terhi and other artists in the book anthology "Lost in a nordic dream".
 I also know that Terhi was near Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva and Dostoiévski hometown and that she created an artwork for a Zombierella book project that I'm also working on with several international artists regarding Svetlana's awesome character.
 Below is Terhi showing a magnificient artwork that she created located on Viipuri, that was Finnish land, being at the same time in Vyborg that's now Russian land where past and present collided in an extraordinary artwork.
 Also below is a mug with an artwork based on myself by Terhi Ekebom that I'll use in my autobiography with help by more than 43 international artists from 17 different countries.
 Terhi is not only an extraordinary artist and my friend.
 She also helps me connecting several dots when I'm a bit "lost" in between projects that I'm creating with help by contemporary international artists.

Terhi at Viipuri or Vyborg?

Terhi Ekebom artwork based on myself

List of 47 international artists from 20 differentcountries that already created artworks based on myself for an identity exhibition/autobiography/narrative book that I'm planning to publish.

Mr Ed, Fernando Sawa, Teke Teke, Martin Arrizabalaga, Carlos Dearmas, Pablo Burman, Roda Rodrigo, German Genga, Mukor Bazan 

Nicolas Mahler

Christophe Swijsen and Dominique Goblet

Eder, Douglas P Lobo

Stanley Wany

Danijel Zezelj

Henrik Kim Rehr

Isabel Pessoa

Terhi Ekebom


Stefano Zattera
Rolando Cicatelli
Marco Kapete

John Kurokawa
Shiro Baba

Gaston Ortiz

Bartosz Jekiel, Magdalena Minko, Nikodem Cabala

Ana Biscaia
Paulo Pinto
Joao Sequeira

Garbage which burns

Danilo Milosev

Jon Ander Azaola
Joaquin Aldeguer
Eduardo Alvarado Sanchez Cortés
Daniel Esteve
Toni Benages Gallard
Pedro Rodriguez
Ruben Pellejero
Jose Luis Agreda
Pedro Espinosa

Nicolas Krizan
Knut Larsson
Lars Erik Sjunesson
Max Anderson

Bill Koeb

Many thanks to all international contemporary artists who believe on some of my ideas/projects.
Special thanks to my youngest niece Letícia, to Spanish artists Eduardo Alvarado Sanches Cortés, Ruben Pellejero and Joaquin Aldeguer, German artist Lars Henkel, Danish artist Henrik Kim Rehr, Argentine artists Mr Ed and Carlos Dearmas, Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen, Brazilian artist Éder, Italian artists Rolando Cicatelli, Stefano Zattera and Marco Kapete, Portuguese artist Paulo Pinto, Swedish artists Lars Erik Sjunesson and Knut Larsson, American artist Erik Von Erik, Italian model Antonella Adamo and to Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom who gave me permission in order for their artworks to illustrate this sort of draft for an autobiography based on some of my memories/ideas for it while being inside a jigsaw puzzle in other projects at the same time with more international artists in the same pace that TV series nowadays are created.


Randomly talking with the devil in old Europe like is shown in the above picture in Halloween's evening.