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A feeling called life, a feeling called love - A happy birthday to a princess - Identity exhibition

A life together 

I clearly remember being lost in 1991 
I clearly remember finding you in 1992 
I clearly remember the perfume that you wore and the clothes that you were wearing.
I clearly remember how we danced gazing into each other eyes and hearts like the end of the world was approaching.
I was shouting at a Depeche Mode concert in 1993 in Porto and you were in my heart.
I was yelling at a Einsturzende Neubauten concert in 1993 in Lisbon and you were in my soul.
I was living in a room in 1993 and I clearly remember how you shared your bread with me every single day in a magical garden in Porto.
I was living for you and you were living for me.
It was you who gave me the strength when I couldn't understand how to work with a PC in 1992.
It was you who told me that I could be a leader of men when I was only a teenager while working with international brands such as Robert Bosch, BMW, John Deere, Ikea and Donnay then.
It was you, who believed in me and helped me get the best degrees in an English and German exams in Portugal and it was you who went to the University and paid for my studies with our money in order for me to have an excellent scholarship and you were always in my mind and soul.
I remember when we first danced and looked into one another while a song named "so alive" was being played by Love & Rockets - the band.
I remember when we married at your birthday 11 March 1995 being myself your special present to you and that we had then our first kitty together in that same year in our own house named Jacky and that was pure and white as snow because of a cartoon that we both loved.
I remember when my grandma died and you imediately told me to take care of the dog that I gave her named Rozz for her company (and he was an amazing dog). 
I remember when we had our second kitty in 1997 named Nuala because of she being the keeper of Morpheus house in The Sandman comic book character created by british writer Neil Gaiman that we both personally met in 2004 and that we found starving and alone as a baby in Lisbon.
I remember when we had our third kitty Maya named after the hindu goddess of ilusion that was starving and almost dying near our house in 2000. 
I remember all your smiles..
All your heart and soul. 
All your jealousy. 
All my jealousy. 
All our memories together with writers, books, music, movies directors and lots of real life stories.
I clearly remember when you wanted me to have a driver's license in 1996 and you gathered our money to pay for it and you surprised me with it when my head was collapsing due to my grandmother that was everything to me named Luzia Faria was murdered (that is the name of one of my nieces from my brother Pedro can you even imagine this?)
I clearly remember that you were at my side when my grandpa Manuel Espírito Santo died.
Our love was true, honest and sincere.
We were everything one to the other: father, mother, lover, best friend, so who was I loving besides you? 
I remember that in 2000 my fragile body collapsed and I stayed in bed for more than 6 months and it was you who were there taking care of me.
I also remember being a bastard when I had my third nervous breakdown due to excess of work I n 2002.
I remember when we had our fourth kitty named Pimpolha in 2003.
I remember when we were loving the love that two dogs named Baltazar and Beatriz had one for the other and how you smiled at me or even when I was translating The nightmare before christmas by Tim Burton to Filipinha and playing with her after work every single day for years until midnight (she's a woman now) and also with her cousin Cátia. (That seems a model now)
I remember when I was on the verge of losing my life in 2000 at dawn without any kind of strength that I couldn't even move and that you jumped in front of a car in order for it to take us both to the hospital.
I remember your fragile body in the hospital in 2002 and 2003 and my head spinning and spinning without feeling any breath at all and I've felt my heart collapsing because of your life and health.
I remember how I loved you and how you loved me when we were divorcing ourselves in 2004 (I was asking for the divorce because of your health and I was total in love with you while saying that the divorce was better because of your own health and my heart was still burning and burning for you) while you were asking me for a baby child to have a forever a part of me with you forever.
I remember how you fought everyone that stood against me while I did the same to you.
You were my dream come true, you told me lots of times that I was everything to you and you were everything to me in my life, always side by side, no matter what.
Since 2004, after we divorced, I do fight with words (I think that I'm a fighter like you're) while communicating with my heart and soul to all human beings and animals all over the world.
Lots of times I remember our love, since we had an excellent love story, I remember when I've met another woman and after we split in 2007, she stole all our kitties: Jacky, Nuala, Maya and Pimpolinha.
 I shouted at the world, I yelled at the ocean, trying to find a sign from you.
 I remember listening to Mogwai's song "Mogwai fear Satan" then.
 I remember loving another woman when I was reciting a text about Porto that was the city that we both lived in and how lots of times you told me to do this with my own written words.
  I saw an abandoned kitty in the street in 2010 that I've brought to a home with another woman.
 Her name is Ilvie, can you imagine it? 
 We sang lots of times the song of Wickie and Ilvie during the 12 years that we were together from 1992 until 2004.
 So, she was part of me and part of my memories of you with this act, somebody stole me once again in June 2017 not only the kitty that I've brought from the streets in 2010 and that it's the being that I love most in the world, but also some memories of us and who we were.
 Some people tried to kill me, to steal me, to put me in jail because of lies that I've easily detected.
 I wasn't understanding a thing after this split, since I was only asking some pictures of my kitty Ilvie with me, my work, my personal documents and even important post due to health among other very important stuff, because of life as a couple with this person.
 I've fought with mind, heart and soul against several people like a tiger without words with a wound in my left foot that enabled me to walk.
 When people tell me that I'm weak, I do show them how strong I am with everything that you taught me since we met in 1992 while you were naming me your "little tiger" every single day when I was awakening to go to work with your soft voice that still echoes in my mind.
 I had to shout loud for the world to listen to this with the help of several excellent international artists that I've instantly comunicated with in several languages while thinking on you with your soul and spirit guiding me.
 I've continued shouting when somebody was telling lies about who I am (when you taught me a lot about life in bad times and you were my support in every single thing).
I instantly curated another exhibition with the help of more excellent international artists telling who I was, like you always told me to do while they were also gathering their memories and common people's memories aswell in an awesome coffeeshop at Porto named Boémia as observers with their own selfportraits, since I'm sure that they know more about life than myself.
 Today is your birthday princess and I don't know where or how you're.
 I don't know how our kitties that we brought from the streets together also are.
 I don't know how the kitty that I brought from the street named Ilvie is.
 But I do know one thing, that past, present and future always collide in my heart and soul lots of times with you on my mind and spirit.
 I know who you are to me.
 Probably you know who I am to you.
 But nothing else matters princess, since I'm pretty sure that you're smiling at the world and the world is smiling back at thee.
 I never forget our promise every single year.
 A simple whisper, a simple flower, a simple smile, a single spirit in a magical garden in Porto.
 Today is your day (you were born in Oliveira do Hospital near Coimbra in 1974) and you were always my guiding star, like I think that I was yours.
 Happy birthday wandering star and hope that life is filling your spirit, flesh, bones, heart and soul with the strength that I know that you've.
Just love and be loved in return and always "find the tiger within yourself" like you always told me to do it.
The world is mad, people confuse theirs and other people feelings, but our feelings toward one another were always true and we know that words always carry reality with simple messages like this opened letter that I'm writing to you.
Kisses from the bottom of my heart and I know that the strength that I've, it was given from you to me in a single special kind of energy that we always had when we were together.
Happy birthday sweet princess and you know that you're the most precious flower that life gave me.
Manuel Espírito Santo

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