Friday, July 28, 2017

Preparing Identity exhibition - end of narrative

Writing about an exhibition as complex as the one that I'm preparing about identity is trying to know exactly who you are and how you comunicate with people from all over the world, be them artists or common people.

Alternative poster design for Identity exhibition by Spanish artist Daniel Esteve with the colours of the Portuguese flag in it 

 I'm choosing for this post several random pictures that I took or someone took of me with works by international artists. 
 I know one thing, I just love to comunicate with lots of people directly with my heart and soul and with my memories intact.
 Sometimes it's easy for a human being to lose him or herself in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, by phone and even personally in the 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol predicted in the 20th Century.
 I'm only a guy that was born in Porto playing a character in this exhibition and I really don't know what I'll do in it, maybe I'll use photos with some excellent drawings by more than one hundred worldwide well known international artists, that worked with me as a team on other projects (that can be read, listened or watched in this same blogue in other entries), maybe I'll also use videos with myself talking in Spanish, Portuguese or English, but I'm sure that the exhibition will be held and that I'll use words as my tools (because I really don't have any other tool and I believe in the power of words and comunication).
 Boémia caffe is where I use to hang out with my friends and has hundreds of customers every single day, but I also love Porto's city and all my memories in it (be them good or bad ones, I don't have skeletons in my closet).
I also love soccer, books, movies, Tv Series, music but what I love most is all sort of living species in this planet that we call earth.
What do I treasure most in my life and what must we treasure mostly in life in my opinion?
 Family, pets, emotions, friendship, love, comunication, because even being a character I know that I've memories and that I'm not amnesiac, so I'll continue to love my kitty Ilvie, my family, all the people that passed, pass or will pass into my life and into my inner world (as a character or as an human being).
I really don't "see" life in any other way.
Maybe this is who I am.
Maybe this isn't who I am,
Maybe this was who I was.
Maybe this wasn't who I am.
Because in my opinion, not being amnesiac is a drug that keeps mankind alive.

Drawing of a comic book character that was sent to me as a gift by french artist Walter Minus in 2016  

Drawing based on me by Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom 

Drawing of Hellblazer comic book character given to me by British artist David Lloyd

Smoking a cigarette at Avenida de França in Porto while carrying a t-shirt with a photo of comic book character in flesh and bone with Brazilian professional model Barbara Nogueira by Brazilian photographer Alex Korolkovas 

David Thewlis - Johnny character in Mike Leigh's movie "Naked"  

Drawing based on me as American artist Will Eisner comic book character "The Spirit" by Spanish artist Pedro Rodriguez and another with Crepax's comic book character Valentina and Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese by Spanish artist Ruben Pelejero  

Carrying a personalized t-shirt in Porto with the masterpiece "Las meninas" by Spanish artist Javier Olivares  

Soccer coach Mourinho as seen by Spanish artists Santiago Sequeiros and Daniel Esteve, Argentine artist Mister ED, Italian artist Stefano Zattera at "Menina Nua" statue in Porto

Soccer coach Mourinho seen through the eyes of italian artist Stefano Zattera in a pagan statue in Porto   

Carrying a personalized t-shirt with a picture by Brazilian photographer Alex Korolkovas of two comic book characters with professional LA Models Vika Costa and Katya in Santa Catarina's street in Porto.  

An handwritten letter with a drawing that I've found by American artist Bill Koeb from 2001

Drawing based on me by Portuguese artist João Sequeira

Carrying a personalized t-shirt with a drawing based on me by American artist Bill Koeb at Porto's streets

Lost in a concept at Boavista in Porto 

Me and my niece Letícia in a coffeeshop in Porto

In the heart of Porto, by the statue where our greatest writer name is and with a drawing by Spanish artist Miguel Almagro, a drawing by Spanish artist Toni Benages Gallard based on me and a drawing that was made for the portuguese book edition of "V for Vendetta" masterpiece by british artist David Lloyd and british writer Alan Moore that wasn't used in it.    

Some religion portuguese words in Porto with a comic book character in them by Argentine artist Mister ED

Carrying a personalized T-shirt with a drawing based on me by Croatian artist Danijel Zezelj and a drawing that was given to my niece Letícia by Argentine artist Mister ED 

Carrying a personalized t-shirt with a drawing based on me by Spanish artist Daniel Esteve    

Poster of a project of mine with my ktty Ilvie in it by Argentine artist Mister ED

A simple question mark.

An open book that flies

Drawing of Mazzy Star band that was given to me as a gift by Spanish artist Sonia Pulido

Drawing based on me by Argentine artist Teke Teke with some of my love. 

Drawing of British singer PJ Harvey that was given to me by Spanish artist Sonia Pulido

I love how some international artists that worked with me or are working, connect a bit more one with another after seeing their works together with huge names in the art busyness. (with comunication in several languages being a solid tool that unites everybody) 
 I don't know what I'll be in the near future, what I'll do, where I'll be, who I'll meet, but I know that I will continue to work harder and harder, because I'm Portuguese and it seems that Portuguese people must work really hard in order to people admire them (Portugal is a total mess as a country, always was and always will be), but I love Porto,
 So, I'm sure of one thing that I'll always live in Porto and this is enough for me.
 Thanks to all international artists who believe in my ideas, since the truth is that you're all awesome, if you believe more in your work, your ideas and international sucess will be a question of time. 
 Special thanks to Argentine artist Mr Ed that always stayed by my side in all my projects, to Spanish artist Daniel Esteve for providing a poster for this exhibition, to Daniel Castro for believing in me and my skills, to the beautiful city where I was born and I live and that will always be my muse and to my kitty Ilvie that makes my heart pump faster even wthout her physical presence.   
Manuel Espírito Santo

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