Monday, September 18, 2017

The Magic BEYOND dreams on "The Sandman"

I never know what to write while thinking in Neil Gaiman's masterpiece "The Sandman".
I only know that some mere fragments of life, dreams, voyages, joy, laughte and sadness can do justice to poetry in motion.
Moments never were only a vague notion of wasted time while reading these books.
Below are some thoughts as a tribute with my own words and some of my favourite panels, objects and artworks that I've treasured deeply in my soul.
Manuel Espírito Santo

Original panel from Sandman issue 1 by Sam Kieth

I do give you an whirlpool of dreams... 
I do give you winds and storms LOUDLY... 
Is this what you want?

Sandman t-shirt by Dave Mckean

I'm the king of dream to be...
I'm the dreamweaver.. 
I'm the oneiromancer... 
I use dreams as a joy to be..~

Original panel from Sandman issue 3 by Sam Kieth

I'm the king of dream to be... 
I'm the dreamweaver.. 
I'm the oneiromancer... 
I use dreams as a joy to be...

Sandman t-shirt by Marc Hempel 

I bid you welcome... 
We can have here dreams or nightmares, which one do you choose?

Sandman issue 22

 I do seek wisdom, where once I provided it...
 But life's an open book...

Sandman poster by Jill Thompson 

I'm on a closet on your house near your bed...
I'm on a wall looking at you... 
I'm the eyes that see it all I'm a wonder to be..

Sandman by Spanish artist Miguelanxo Prado

- Mr Sandman, GIVE me a DREAM or so they say.

Original panel from Sandman issue 49 by Jill Thompson

Like Destruction said once: - "On a quest, one must journey towards the stars."

Sandman illustration by Kelley Jones

I'm taller than a tree... 
I do keep your dreams to be... 
Don't be affraid, I'm the GOD of dreams, don't you forget about this.

Sandman poster by Vince Locke

I do echo on travel of thoughts... 
I do channel REIKI... 
I'm a moon in a soft parade. 
Am I dreaming?

Sandman ad by Mike Dringenberg 

Echoing with stars on MY right EYE, I do WONDER: "Where DREAMS end and REALITY begins?"

Original panel from Sandman by Teddy Kristiansen 

I'm alone with my arms CROSSED, waiting for those who want to FOLLOW my path.

Do you want a head? 
Here's some head, but I do tell you this. 
This head SINGS.
Sandman issue 29
I do travel on a thought of wisdom... I do seek wisdom, where once I provided it.. But life's an open book..

Endless poster by Mike Dringenberg

All gathered like elements of fusion, they wonder to themselves: " We're gods, but we aren't made of wonder."

Sandman by Kent Williams

Climbing a mountain isn't easy, but descending from it, it's EASIER than you think.

Sandman - Kindly ones - Hardcover

We're the kindly ones... 
We can kill you with a whisper.,,, 
We can nurture you with words, which path will you choose?

Sandman t-shirt by Jill Thompson 

A transition of mind...
A transition of spirit...
A glorious day for freedom...

Sandman t-shirt by Kelley Jones 

I do live with my mind... 
I do echo towards my spirit.., 
I do gaze upon the stars and I meditate...

Postcard for Preludes and Nocturnes

On the realm of DREAMS, doves appear on ONE eye, the OTHER is SHATTERED by a MIRROR...

Sandman t-shirt by Chris Bachalo 
Lord Morpheus and HIS sister LADY death on a JOYFUL mood.

- Aren't the pigeons  a joy to see?
 says a sister to his brother.

Reading a BOOK, gazing AT its atmosphere while thinking: "I'm not the DREAMWEAVER?"

I ventured into SOFT lands of LORE... 
I find MY words WHILE merely GAZING at the MOON.

I do carry YOU on me SHOULDERS. 
I do GIVE you WISDOM in order to WRITE, but ARE you made of FLESH and BONE?

I'm DESTINY that LIFTS a book...
I do have BROTHERS, so WHY do I carry this BOOK on MY hands?

I do love BUBBLE SOAPS.,,
I do love to ENTER on delirium... 

I'm BORED as HELL.. 
I'm TIRED of FEELING myself as A GODDESS.,, 
I'm merely HUMAN,,.

Sandman poster by Barron Storey

Circles within CIRCLES,,, 

The GOD of DREAMS mute but WITH a INNER voice...

I gaze upon the BOOK, its PAGES gives ME a scent...

Death illustration by Greg Spalenka

MY eyes ARE tired... 
I'm not SAD or ANYTHING like THAT...

Sandman illustration by Paul Lee

Carrying BOOKS isn't a VIRTUE, their KNOWLEDGE IS in our MIND.

Sandman panel by Kelley Jones

I'm a little KITTY that dreams of THOUGHTS unseen. 
I'm a KITTY that makes a REVOLUTION.

Delirium illustration by sherilyn van valkenburgh

I do LOVE butterflies... 
I do LOVE life... 
I do LOVE to DANCE... 
I do LOVE to GAZE... 
I do LOVE to TALK... 
Why can't YOU see ME?

 I'm MEDUSA filled with SNAKES on MY hair... 
I'm a GODESS, but I DO carry a NAME.

Desire illustration by Rick Berry

I'm HOT as HELL... 
I'm DESIRE made of FLESH and BONE, but I do HAVE a SOUL either.

Desire illustration by Greg Spalenka

I do HAVE a tongue... 
I do SCREAM like a BANSHEE.. 
I'm NOT a LOST indian, I know MY path.

And a sister says to her brother: "Why are we here in the cold?"

I  wonder about PIGEONS... 
I  WONDER being an APPLE. 
I do WONDER in LIFE also.

Sandman illustration by Jill Thompson

Stars gazing towards THE god of DREAMS and he SAYS this: "I don't want to be PART of this ANYMORE."

Is life "a game of you"
Are we all identities with ROLES to play?

Time's PASSING by... 
THE clock's SAND running to TIME itself and he MERELY wonders: "WHY?"

Sandman poster by Michael Zulli

Oneiros gazing at oblivion while thinking: "I don't want to fill these shoes."

I do MARK knowledge THAT isn't a CONCRETE idea... 
I'm DELIRIUM and I'm the YOUNGEST of your SISTERS.

Sandman illustration by George Pratt

Sandman's begging to RELEASE himself.

Sandman - Doll's house - Hardcover

In a DOLL'S house we do MUTTER words... 
We do ENTER in an UNSEEN kingdom, in a DOLL'S HOUSE, we're a CHILD and an ADULT at the SAME time.

Where the dreamweaver meets for the last time, the man who he've gave DREAMS towards eternity.

Sandman - Brief Lives - Hardcover

Is IT life BRIEF? 
IS this one of THE books OF my LIFE? 
What's life WITHOUT a path to FOLLOW and dreams TO enter?

Sandman panel by Kelley Jones

Angry as HELL shouting: "What are you doing in my REALM?"
THE kindly ONES can NURTURE you or KILL you, but IT'S not their FAULT. Being KIND'S a VIRTUE and VIRTUENESS attracts VULTURES.

Sandman statue based by a Kelley Jones drawing by Randy Bowen  

All these DEMONS that TRY to scare... 
All these FACES without a NAME.

I was a werewolf in LOVE, I shouted at THE moon and the MOON wasN'T THERE.

Sandman - Pocket Watch 

In a grain of SAND, I do sink in MY land.

Sandman - The Wake - Hardcover

Sometimes we MUST wake and on THE wake... WE must REST a BIT.

Sandman wrtist watches by Jon J Muth  and Michael Zulli

A little BOX can be a JEWEL box WHERE time stands STILL.

Sandman's helmet drawing by George Pratt

A warrior HELMET can GIVE us POWER or MAKES us WEAKLESS and powerless. 

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