Sunday, January 8, 2017

More info about multimedia exhibition/project at boémia caffe in Porto- January 2017

Dear artists and friends,
I've decided to post here a second part of the video of myself showing you all a bit of the city where I live in and where I was born while reciting a post that I've wrote here in this blogue, being this direct comunication.
Later, I'll unite it with the first part and make a post about all this exhibition/project about identity.
I'll also make another video with all the excellent self-portraits that all of you sent me in order for this exhibition to happen like a sort of exchange of who we're in this life with or without social networks.
In this video, I've decided to put two songs named "thousands are sailing" by Irish band The Pogues, since the song talks a bit about  emigration and why we must do it and it's one of my favourite songs ever, the other song that serves as background music is by American band Explosions in the Sky "Yasmin, the light" that I've seen live in Porto some years ago and since I love the post rock movement without words, I've thought that perhaps some light can be given to me regarding this subject that's identity and direct comunication.
I'm putting here an excellent self-portrait by Spanish artist Santiago Sequeiros, because he told me that it was done when his mother died of cancer and the power of this image really stuck in my mind, because my grandfather also died of this disease and even my late father-in-law in February 2016 (and I had to deal with it like a grown up adult must deal with a terrible disease like this, becoming sad and not mad) and Santiago's a simple guy that comunicates with everybody in a simple speech without being lame or having self pity of himself.
In other posts that I'll write in the near future, I'll use another self-portrait by another international artist or several at the same time to try to give a different emotional impact in this blogue and with some written words by me or by some of you.
I continue not understanding several things in life regarding social networks and also about freedom of speech nowadays. 
Like I've written before in previous posts, I think that with social networks, it seems that we're being observed all times and if we act a bit different from how society wants us to be, people will shout at us (like we were mere lambs to slaughter), it happened to me last friday when I was stating some of my rights as a mere common human being and a person was shouting to me and telling me that I'm a real bad guy and even defaming me.
I didn't answer to the person who was shouting at me, since in my humble opinion, I comunicate only with whom I love and I'm not in this life, telling who's right or who's wrong based in some behaviour by what a person told about another person or based on a supposed psychological behaviour.
Enough about me, since some of you know that I'm in a bit in an emotional state because of the sudden loss of my kitty Ilvie due to things that I can't really understand in this society like I've stated in previous posts in this same blogue with several artworks of cats that some of the best artists in the world have send me to make an exhibition that it's finishing and that it seems from what my friend Daniel Castro and boémia caffe owner told me is being a real blast with people giving tons of feedback and asking him why this exhibition is happening and how its concept began.
So, I'll try to put some examples of social networks in nowadays normal lives in real world, if I'm in the streets of Porto or anyone of you are in the streets of the city that you live in and we start observing a woman or a man and we tell him/her that we like how they look like physically, maybe the person will tell us to fuck off (or maybe not, it depends if we're lucky or not), but if the same person upload a picture of her/him in some social network, I'm pretty sure that he/she will love to have tons of likes or comments, even if these likes or comments come from strangers, filling his/her ego with this kind of faked fame that social networks give to common and simple people.
If in the streets, we see a person that says something in a coffee shop or in the streets about the sudden loss of somebody or a pet and if we start telling them as a mere "stranger" that's passing by that "we're really sorry", I'm pretty sure that they will tell us to mind our own busyness and they will think to themselves that we're a bit lunatic.
Another common example that I observe is that if we are listening to music in public or in a private party (depending on the hour) I'm pretty sure that somebody will call the police and we'll be brought to justice because of this and in social networks we can do this all the time.
Do we've more freedom now or are we really being controlled to act this way in social networks? 
Another common example about where our freedom ends is when you disconnect with somebody from social networks or real life, an individual can say in a social network that you're some sort of psychopath and that you're or were a real bad guy (like a really bad soap opera) and the circle of his/her "friends/acquaintances" becomes influenced by what a person says and they have a bad or good image of us, not knowing who we're and some of them, do start to point some fingers in the streets to us or even insulting us because of a social network rumour that's being spread in a circle of people.
If this same thing happens in real life, most people will ignore the person and think that he or she is a bit lunatic and will try to see what's wrong with him/her in his/her mind, heart or soul.
Another example is if we're going to see a movie, a play, an exhibition, a soccer game or even watching the news and we start saying in a coffee shop good or bad things about something that we watched or observed, a discussion will appear out of nowhere with people telling us how right or how wrong we're, be them friends, acquaintances or even strangers and losing a bit of our "freedom" of speech in real life, but if we do the same thing at a social network, people will think that it's our opinion and we've the right to it.
So, in my humble opinion and with some mere examples of how social networks can never be mixed in our lives (people do this often). I do try to be always the same guy in them that tries to spread a bit of direct comunication like I do in real life with all my virtues and failures (even not understanding them).
Hope that I can continue counting with your support regarding this exhibition/project by direct communicating and that you can help some people with your artworks and self-portraits having a different approach in their personal lives.

Da mui nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto, 

Self-portrait by Spanish artist Santiago Sequeiros

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