Tuesday, April 25, 2017

25th April - 2017 and a revolution in Portugal - A professional card

Today in my country is a date that stands up for freedom of speech when a revolution happened in 25th April 1974 against fascism.
 I was only a baby  when this revolution started without any kind of weapons by Portuguese common people.
 I've decided to make in this date some beautiful professional cards with design by the excellent Argentine artist mister ED with a drawing by him of my kitty Ilvie on it, that represents the work that I've did or that I'm doing at this concept/blogue, because I think that I'm not only a fan of arts,books, exhibitions or comics but I'm also a professional, since 2010 until now.
 I've organized a comic book festival in Porto in 2010 named MAB with excellent artists in it with a small team and a partner that can be seen in previous posts, 

 I've curated several exhibitions all over the world with the help of several international artists with the concept/idea - Invicta Indie Arts that was created by myself and a partner and that also can be seen at previous posts at this same blogue.
 I've wrote several texts and curated several exhibitions for Beja international comic book festival and even helped organizing some books for publishing portuguese company Gfloy and even some books at Levoir.
 I've interviewed several well known international artists from all over the world and started thinking on organizing some comic books collections to a seattle based publishing company called Fantagraphics as consultant editor which I did and I'm still doing, (this can also be seen in previous posts),
 Please stay tuned for more info about some news that are going to happen in the near future.  
     Thanks to all excellent artists from all over the world that support some of my ideas with their works that I try to exhibit it all over the world,
 Special thanks to Argentine artist Mister ED for the design of the card, to Gary Groth for his trust in me, to Patricia Breccia as the amazing artist and human being that she's, to Daniel Castro for supporting my ideas and to my kitty Ilvie that's always in my dreams.

Front of my professional card 
Back of my professional card 

Cards displayed at a coffeeshop in Porto

Sample of the card 

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