Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tributes to Crepax - limited free 1st, second and third booklet -Fantagraphics Crepax collection

Good afternoon to all readers, collectors and international artists, here's a small text about tributes to Valentina by Crepax.
Selecting and organizing tributes to Valentina by Crepax for limited booklets for Fantagraphics Crepax collection from excellent artists from all over the world isn't an easy task, since we can't publish them all right now, but we'll do it in the near future.
 I've comunicated with more than 100 artists in several languages and the feedback was awesome from all of them with all your awesome support (not only with this character, but also with other exhibitions that I've also curated in Porto based on cats as pets due to the loss of my kitty Ilvie and an identity one that was an huge sucess), my heart felt thanks goes to all of you, who backed me in these exhibitions aswell.
 In order to publish these tributes to Valentina we also had full support of Caterina Crepax and Gary Groth, because without it, these booklets couldn't be published for sure.
 Valentina by Italian maestro Crepax is a strong character based on the role of the independence of women regarding male opression through her dreams and fantasies, while being a married woman with her own children, portraying herself like a 21st century woman and not only an erotica character.
 All the international artists made excellent visions of her that appeared (and will appear) in free limited booklets and also at exhibitions all over the world like the one that I've curated at Beja - Portugal in the  X comic book festival in June's 2014 (with Guido Crepax's originals also), at Helsinki - Finland in comic book festival in September 2016, 2 at Porto - Portugal in boémia caffe in 2016 In May and August and two others also in 2016 at Seattle - U.S.A in Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery in April and at New York - U.S.A in Scott Eder's gallery in May also with Guido Crepax's originals (all these exhibitions can be seen in this same blogue in previous posts).

Here's the list of the artists that were already published in 2 limited free booklets (and the third one that's being prepared) by Fantagraphics to go along Fantagraphics Crepax collection.

Published first Fantagraphics Crepax free limited booklet organized by countries where the artists were born in bold 

Mister ED
Alex Korolkovas 
Sandra Hernandez 
Santiago Sequeiros 
New Zealand 
Dylan Horrocks 
Ricardo Drumond 
Bill Sienkiewicz 
George Pratt 
Gilbert Hernandez 
Richard Sala 
Noah Van Sciver 
Mark Wheatley 

Published second Fantagraphics Crepax free limited booklet organized by countries where the artists were born in bold 

Santiago Caruso 
Walter Minus 
Sérgio Ponchionne 
Tony Sandoval 
Javier Olivares 
Brian Bolland 
David Lloyd 
Rian Hughes 
Benjamin Marra
Roberta Gregory 
Peter Kuper 
Bob Burden 
Paul Pope 

Yet to be published third Fantagraphics Crepax free limited booklet organized by countries where the artists were born in bold 

Patricia Breccia 
Rodrigo Rosa 
Danijel Zezelj 
Caterina Crepax 
John Kurokawa 
Fidel Martinez Nadal
Pedro Espinosa 
José Luís Ágreda 
Bill Koeb
Brian Biggs 
David Lasky
Jeffrey Alan Love 
Olivia De Bernardinis 

Many to all international artists for the support in this project
Special thanks to Caterina Crepax, Gary Groth and to my kitty Ilvie that's still my muse and source of inspiration.
Manuel Espírito Santo

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