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Upcoming exhibition to Alberto Breccia at Porto in boémia caffe - May -2017

Alberto Breccia's picture given to me by his daughter Patricia Breccia

Writing about Alberto Breccia is writing about World History and Art.
Several readers all over the world know that as an artist he adapted excellent literature masterpieces like American writer Lovecraft masterpiece "Cthulhu myths",short stories by American writer Edgar Allan Poe, tales and stories based on writers such as Ernesto Sabato from Argentina, Gabriel Garcia Marquez from Colombia, Grimm Bros from Germany, José Luis Borges from Argentina or Robert Louis Stevenson from U.S,A among  others with some of his friends that were writers also like Carlos Trillo, Norberto Buscaglia, Guillermo Saccomano or the masterpieces that he created with Argentine writer Hector Oesterheld's Mort Cinder or Perramus with Juan Sasturain or even the stories that he created based on the hystorical character Che that was drawn by him and his son Enrique Breccia or another based on another hystorical character such as Evita Perón with scripts by Hector Oesterheld. 
 After having curated in this same coffeeshop with the help of excellent international artists pieces of art with published books all over the world written in several languages like the one curated to Italian maestro Crepax comic book character Valentina, that with this character portrayed the role of the modern woman from the XX and XXI century showing in the 60's with this character, the same rights between the male and female species and two more dedicated to the love that all people have with their own pets (with my kitty Ilvie present in my recent memories in her company at the time, due to the sudden loss of her physical presence as my muse) and another one that I've curated with a theme as sinple and complex as "identity" in the society created for every single human being while posing questions such as:
- Who are we?
- Who were we?
- What will we become in the future?    
 and that can be seen in previous posts in this blogue or even watched at youtube videos describing them in this same blogue.   
I've decided to curate another one in this same space - the amazing coffeeshop boémia caffe in Porto's city, because it's a space where commom people go every single day to have a coffee or eat something, dedicated to maestro Alberto Breccia that worked by helping his father as a butcher by cutting the intestines of some animals, being this a sort of liaison with Porto's History that it's know because its inhabitants ate pork intestines in order to give meat to a military expedition to Ceuta, that's a city that belongs to Spain and that it's located in Africa, as ordered by Prince Henry, the navigator in 1415.
 Even today pork intestines are a typical dish of Porto's city and that its inhabitants love to eat it, so it's an amazing coincidence that I'm curating this exhibition since I'm also a simple inhabitant of the beautiful city of Porto.  
 Alberto Breccia was mostly known by his work in arts and how he thought first in the concept of family, freedom of speech while also battling against dictatorship in Argentina at Buenos Aires that had as a victim of it his friend and writer Hector Oesterheld that "conveniently" was arrested and disappeared in 1977 having Oesterheld only 58 years old. 
 Writing about Breccia is writing about words such as humanity, humility, simplicity and fight against social and political opression.
Sometimes I do think that some things happen first at Porto's city in the world (maybe because Porto's one of the oldest cities in the world and never was defeated by any conqueror in World History),
 I'm having as "partners" in this venture some international artists that appear on the bottom of this post with a list organized by their country of birth and that also have published books all over the world and in several languages and to whom, I deeply thank them from the bottom of my heart for their kindness towards this project to maestro Alberto Breccia because without their works this exhibition could not be held.          
Special thanks to the excellent Argentine artist mister ED that it's providing a poster for it, to the excellent artist and human being that is Patricia Breccia (that's one of Alberto Breccia's daughters), to my family, to owner of boémia caffe coffeeshop Daniel Castro for providing the space for it (I know that Alberto Breccia loved common people and life) and to my kitty ilvie that will continue to be forever and ever in my heart and soul.
I've decided to include also music videos on this post because Alberto Breccia lived in Buenos Aires and he loved Astor Piazzolla, just like his daughters Cristina and Patricia Breccia also do and I've thought that it was good to have this music theme in Spanish as company for the ears, eyes and mind for the readers of this blogue also in this project, since in my opinion perhaps it'll be a little bit loony one :), I've also posted another music by a musician born in Porto that in its lyrics in Portuguese talks about our inner ghosts and I'm sure that Breccia had his own inner ghosts also.           
Later when the exhibition is displayed, I'll write another post about it with pictures of it,
Stay tuned for further info in this same blogue.   

Manuel Espírito Santo

International artists that paid tribute to Alberto Breccia and his works

Mister ED
Gonzalo Ruggieri
Patricia Breccia
German Genga 
Fer Calvi
Catriel Tallarico
Pato Delpeche
Dario Mekler
Mukor Bazan
Fernando Sawa

Nicolas Mahler

Rodrigo Rosa
Carlos Ferreira


Christophe Swijsen

Bartosz Jekiel
Nikodem Cabala

João Sequeira
Paulo Pinto
Júlia Barata
Osvaldo Medina

Stefano Zattera
Sérgio Ponchionne


Danijel Zezelj

Javier Olivares
Ruben Pellejero
Joaquin Aldeguer
José Luís Ágreda
Jon Ander Azaola
Pau Masip
Javier Gay Llorente
Toni Benages Gallard
Victor Puchalski
Daniel Esteve 

Mike V Derderian


Emil Gunnar Maxén
Nicolas Krizan

Alex Baladi

Danilo Milosev

Mattias Bergara

Bill Koeb

Astor Piazzolla's song and music video "Balada para un Loco

Pedro Abrunhosa's song and music video "fantasmas

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