Friday, September 23, 2016

Exhibition tributes to Valentina to promote Crepax collection - NewYork - Scott Eder Gallery - May 2016

In 25th May 2016, I've curated another exhibition in New York - U.S.A at Scott Eder's Gallery to promote Fantagraphics Crepax collection with original tributes from international artists, videos by Brazilian Artist Alex Korolkovas, music by Sergio Rocha and Guido Crepax originals, here are the photos display of it.

American Artists - George Pratt, Jude Harzer
Spanish Artists - Pedro Espinosa, Javier Olivares and Sandra Hernandez
Argentine Artist - Santiago Caruso 

Spanish Artist - Pedro Espinosa 
Argentine Artists : Santiago Caruso and Mister Ed 
American Artists : Roberta Gregory, Benjamin Marra and Danielle Otraki 

Another angle of the exhibition 

Many thanks to all artists from all over the world that are promoting Fantagraphics Crepax collection with this exhibition and others with their own personal view of this iconic comic book character created by Italian maestro Guido Crepax.
Special thanks to Gary Groth, Caterina Crepax, my friends, family, my muse and source of inspiration my kitty Ilvie and also to my ex-wife Paula Fonseca for the to support of some of my ideas when we were together until 10th June.

Following oficial statement by Scott Eder Gallery

"We're pleased to announce the extension of our Guido Crepax exhibition through June 10th, and that there's now, a companion show of tributes to Crepax's Valentina by a host of international artists.
Tributes of Valentina will be published In upcoming promotional booklets by Fantagraphics Books in support of the new Crepax collection, edited by series editor Manuel Santo and with the support of Caterina Crepax.
Many thanks to all the excellent artists who paid excellent tributes to this iconic comic book character.
Santiago Caruso (Argentina)
Mr. ED (Argentina)
Pedro Espinosa (Spain)
Roberta Gregory (USA)
Jude Harzer (USA)
Sandra Hernandez (Spain)
Benjamin Marra (USA)
Javier Olivares (Spain)
George Pratt (USA)
Danielle Otraki (USA)

The art is up on our website for your viewing pleasure. or if you're in the New York area please feel free to come by the gallery and have a look!"

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