Thursday, September 22, 2016

Upcoming exhibitions tributes by international artists to Valentina to promote Crepax Fantagraphics collection

Dear friends and artists,
Due to several problems I still wasn't able to exhibit some of the magnificient artists that sent me works for this purpose from all over the world (lack of time, a space or organization), since you're too many and I'm the first one to blame myself in my work always.
 I've curated an exhibition in Seattle - Fantagraphics bookstore and gallery, Scott Eder's gallery in New York, in Helsinki - Finland comic book festival this year and at my hometown Porto at Boémia Caffé.
 I'm only a mere guy from Porto and you're too many to organize and I'm not José Mourinho, the soccer manager, Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer player, John Constantine, the Hellblazer or Neil Gaiman's Sandman.

Mourinho seen through the eyes of Spanish Artist Santiago Sequeiros

Mourinho seen through the eyes of Spanish Artist Miguel Almagro 

Mourinho seen through the eyes of Argentine Artist Mister Ed 

CR7 seen through the eyes of Argentine Artist Mister ED 

I also have my own personal life and you're too many to organize and sometimes it seems that I'm fighting my own inner demons while defending myself with words as John Constantine aka Hellblazer.

John Constantine seen through the eyes of Spanish Artist Felipe H. Navarro.

Here's the list of the artists that still weren't exhibited organized by countries in bold.

John Marroquin 
Andy Bennet
Mike Huddleston 
Justine Mara Andersen
Brian Quinn
Timothy Georgarakis 

Agata Rola
Osvaldo Medina
Quico Nogueira
Paula Fonseca 

Rodrigo Rosa
Eric Peleias
João Azeitona
Gelson Mallorcas
Tainan Rocha 
Victor Freundt 
Alcimar Frazao 
Fernanda Guedes
Alex Korolkovas with model Adriana de Moura
Laudo Ferreira Jnr 
Carlos Ferreira 
Camilo Solano
Rafael Sanzio 

Puerto Rico 
Nivea Ortiz 

Christoph Mueller

Tarek Sahin 

Johann Sfar 
Isabel Pessoa

Rutu Modan 

Pupi Herrera
Alejandro aguado 

Stefano Zattera 
Chiara Dattola 
Rocco Lombardi
Alice Crepax 
Thomas Campi
Con Chrisoulis 

Alexandra March 

Fernando Vicente 
Albert Pons Vazquez 
Jon Ander Azaola 
Juan Berrio
Javier Gay Llorente 
Pedro Rodriguez 
Eduardo Alvarado Sanchez Cortes 
Joaquin Aldeguer
Chris Stygryt 
Cesar Moragues 
Carmen Ortiz 
Piedad Ortiz 
Alejandro Santos 
Dulce Escribano 
José Gabriel Miedes 
Diego Fermin 
Pepe Boada
Lem Castañeda Serrano 
Juan Diaz Cañales 
Toni Benages 

Gaston Ortiz 
Tony Sandoval 

Wu Es 
Nikodem Kaballa 

In the near future, I'll try to make more exhibitions with your works in other places in Europe.
I just need what everybody needs, a dream and a physical space.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman seen through the eyes of Argentine Artist Mister Ed.

So, making this post is hard for me, but It's a reminder that all of your amazing artworks aren't forgotten in my head and that they'll have an exhibition place.

Meanwhile, I still must keep control of Crepax Fantagraphics collection and other projects which makes sometimes look at my time and see that I don't have it at all :( 

The first Crepax Fantagraphics book 

Many thanks for all your excellent support and feedback given from all over the world.
Special thanks to Gary Groth, Caterina Crepax, Family, friends and my muse and source of inspiration kitty Ilvie that was stolen from my sight and life recently.
Manuel Espírito Santo 

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