Monday, November 6, 2017

Exhibition Music and Musicians + Permanent exhibition - December 2017

Dear friends, artists and readers of this blogue,
 Sometimes, I really don't have time enough to comunicate with all of you in the best way possible, either because I'm writing narratives/love stories/stories/introductions/organizing collections for books in several languages or I'm physically or online presenting books, making exclusive interviews to international artists, thinking on ideas and trying to make them come true for several projects that I'm involved in while receiving books, pdfs and reading them or simply trying to live life in the company of friends and family.

Organizing everything in my head

 This small text is to say that I'm organizing amazing artworks in these two exhibitions with help by several international artists (to whom I'm always grateful for their support in some of my ideas) with narratives on them, like I've curated several of them in several countries in 2016 and this year also.   Both (Permanent + Music and Musicians exhibitions) will be held in December - 2017 with more than 80 excellent artworks from several international truly gifted artists.
 Many thanks for all the amazing support and feedback on some of my ideas that I receive lots of times and stay tuned to some posts at this same blogue with info about artworks already drawn or others that are being drawn for Music and Musicians exhibition- December 2017.
 Below I'm showing some artworks already drawn for Music and Musicians exhibition and you can see the works that will be held at Permanent exhibition - December 2017 in another post in this same blogue.

Shane Mcgowan by Portuguese artist Derradé

The Clash as cats by Portuguese artist Paulo Pinto

The Doors by Mexican artist Gaston Ortiz

Kim Gordon by Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen

A fictional music band by Portuguese artist Derradé

John Coltrane by Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen

Tom Waits by Italian artist Stefano Zattera

Music as a concept by Swedish artist Lars Erik Sjunesson

Tom Waits by Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen 

Woman playing violin by Argentine artist Mukor Bazan

Pink Floyd's spirit by Argentine artist Pablo Burman  

Tom Waits by Italian Artist Rolando Cicatelli

Ella Fitzgerald by Croatian artist Danijel Zezelj 

Noel Rosa by Brazilian artist Gelson Mallorca 

Mazzy Star by Spanish artist Sonia Pulido

Bowie by Belgium artist Christophe Swijsen 

John Coltrane by Croatian artist Danijel Zezelj 

Peter Gabriel by American artist Bill Koeb

The Strokes by Spanish artist Javier Olivares

Tom Waits by Argentine artist Mr ED

Pixies by Argentine artist Teke Teke

Musicians by American artist Chad Edwards

Pete Townsend by American artist Bill Koeb

Tom Waits by Swedish artist Knut Larsson

Da mui nobre sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto
Manuel Espírito Santo

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