Friday, November 3, 2017

Who's this girl?! - A Portuguese love story

Drawing of several drawings inspired in me and José Mourinho as my alter ego by Spanish artist Eduardo Alvarado Sánchez-Cortés 

Writing love stories or narratives about feelings sometimes makes my heart beat faster and pump blood into my body and my bones turn into some sort of machine.

 I'm going to tell you about a girl or maybe I don't want to tell you about a girl because we've in our hearts and souls a bridge that puts us on a way from here to eternity.

 know who this girl is and I know that she's a bit like the snow queen that created the world of eternal winter where the polar wind cools human souls and clearness of lines obscure emotions like mentioned in Danish writer/artist Hans Christian Andersen's tale. 
 She cools my soul and clear the lines of obscure emotions, because there's breathing where there was no breath before.

A sticker

Where've I found her in order to be a sort of muse and source of inspiration?
 I know that she has stickers with her pictures all over the city where I was born along a drawing based on me by a polish artist and soon they'll be all over the world.
 I know that I've seen pictures of her in several international magazines along some written words by me and that I'm with her in my heart and soul and I think that I was physically with her (maybe it was in another tale that I'm writing and I'm confused or maybe not).

A puzzle

I've tried to create a sequential puzzle with who this girl was in my mind, heart and soul and I know that this girl was whispering several words and sentences to me and I was doing the same to her.

I've told her;
- So fucking close...
- I've met you...
She asked me this some months ago:
- Are you happy or sad?
I replied:
She continued talking with me:
- Ok... I'll warn you.. I'll break your heart.. (smiling towards me)
I replied:
Already broken.


She was telling me that she has an eye that spy.
I've asked her:
- Will you dance?
She replied:
- If I'm asked properly. 
I've asked her:
- Can I have this dance with you?
She answered me:
- Sure that you can.

 We simply danced while she was telling me about her niece that had the same name as one of my six  nieces and I was laughing, talking about my youngest niece and that she was queen of all the world, because she was born in New Zealand and she doesn't understand Portuguese ...

 Her niece was singing loudly to a crowd being a bit shy looking at me and at the same time I was trying to get a glimpse of her voice and how the song appeared in my mind, heart and soul like I always do with my nieces when they sang or dance to me ...


She told me:
- I feel you.
I've replied her:
- Sometimes I'm everywhere and nowhere at the same time, will you've a cup of coffee with me? 
I'm freezing to death in this street.


She told me:
- Will you smile for a while?
- You keep me safe.
- Have you seen me?
- Are we a team?
I replied her:
- I've found you and you've found me.


She told me:
- I'm waiting for you, are you waiting for the night to fall?
I've asked her:
- Will you help me?
She replied while asking me this:
- With what?
I've told her:
- With everything.
- We'll help each other.

She asked me about somebody.

I've told her:
- She's in the past.. the past is not my concern...


I've asked her:
- Are you still here?
She replied me:
- I'm here, but maybe I'm not in words...

Puzzle 02

I was creating another sequential puzzle in my mind, heart and soul with a glass of water, a coffee and a cigarette somewhere.


She asked me:
- Who am I?
- Who are you?
I've asked her:
- Have you seen me?
She replied me with the same question and a sentence
- Have you seen me?
- It's part of the deal not to.
I've asked her:
- Since when? 
She replied:
- I don't know, isn't eternity a long time?


I've asked her:
- What are you doing here?
She replied me with a question:
- Do you want to impress me?
I've replied her:
- Yes.
She asked me:
- Am I not the prettiest star that will lie in the sky this evening?

I didn't knew what to answer her, so I've smoked a cigarette looking towards a tree.


She continues telling me:
- Where are you?
- You're being too kind to me.

She told me:
- I'm here, can't you see me?
- Where are you?
- You're all over the place and nobody sees you.
- Can I see you?
I've told her:
- You're my good fortune.
She replied me:
-  Perhaps you're also mine.


While looking at me with a camera, you've told me:
- Look at me.
- Can't you feel the sun turning into winter time?


I was gazing towards you and you were asking me several questions at the same time:
- When will you dance with me?
- Will it be in the moonlight?
- Will it be in winter?
- Do you know who I am?
- Why do you love your kitty so much?
- Do you think that I want a chewing gum?
- Why do you love your nieces and nephews so much?
- Do you want me to give you a ride somewhere?

Sticker - 02

I didn't knew what to answer to all these questions that she was posing me, so I started answering her randomly:
- I know who you're.
- Haven't we met 25 years ago, when I was a rebel with a cause and you were a young child?
- I was basically a straight person.
- I need cigarettes...
- I was lost in some woods...
- I'm getting away with it all.
- I can give you words, acts or magic but without cigarettes, I'm completely lost...
- Do you love mysteries or do you prefer secrets? 

To be continued while looking at some pictures of you ...

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