Friday, June 9, 2017

Communication, movement, memories and some personal t-shirts with work by international artists - Porto

Since I was a child I was fascinated by t-shirts with drawing or words. I can't sum how many t-shirts I've bought after concerts, animation, books and art festivals that I went to during my life and that I'll continue to buy.
 I also am a kind of a traveller and in each city that I visited, I've bought a t-shirt there, so I always pictured this as a way of communicating with memories that I've had and the excellent times in my life with other people by carrying a mere t-shirt with a message or an artwork on it as a simple guy.
 I never questioned myself much about this, because normally people bought clothes to be properly dressed and also to have fun.
 So, I started thinking a little bit about these three phrases;
- Is communication necessary in today's society with images and words?
- Can we gather memories with a simple t-shirt that we wear with some artworks and try to communicate with them?
- Can we create movement with something personal and static while delivering a message? 
 Communication is a tricky concept nowadays, either you invest in your image or only words can be only a part of who you're and what your own essence is.  
So, I've lots of t-shirts that I've bought with words or images that were already printed (I'm a bit of a t-shirt freak), but I've thought on printing my own t-shirts with artworks from international artists that were kind enough to give me permission to use some images with their artworks for me to print them in t-shirts for my own personal use.
 It's great that in the world that we live in (where everything's digital), one can carry a simple t-shirt with something personal, because it's a fact that we males or females can't be walking on the streets without them.
 I'm deeply thankful to all international artists whose works I love and that have books being distributed all over the world , who I consider my friends and that gave me permission to use images created by them in simple t-shirts that I've printed and that I'll be printing in the future for my personal use.   
 Here're some images of me as a simple human being in movement carrying works by international artists in the city that I was born and live that's Porto.

Mister Ed that's an Argentine artist and that gave me permission to use four images with his artwork.

My kitty Ilvie by MR ED in Bolhão market at Porto 

Soccer coach Mourinho as seen by Mr ED at Rivoli theater in Porto  

Tribute to Perramus masterpiece by  Alberto Breccia by Mr ED at coffeeshop Miss Pavlova in Porto 

"Today's communication revolution" in Spanish by Mr ED

 Santiago Sequeiros that's a Spanish artist and that gave me permission to use two images with his artwork.

Soccer coach Mourinho as seen by Santiago Sequeiros at Santa Catarina's street in Porto  

Valentina sketch study by Santiago Sequeiros at Boémia caffe in Porto

Walter Minus that's a french artist and that gave me permission to use one image with his artwork.

A beautiful woman drawn by Walter Minus at Snipe coffeeshop in Porto

Danijel Zezelj that's a Croatian artist and that gave me permission to use one image with his artwork.

A beautiful woman dancing by Danijel Zezelj at Avenida dos Aliados in Porto

Ruben Pellejero that's a Spanish artist and gave me permission to use one image with his artwork. 

Valentina taking a picture at Corto Maltese's character by Ruben Pellejero at Capitolio in Porto

 These images right now are static, but with the movement of my body, they'll capture a bit of Porto's and world's essence while also posing questions by other people to me such as these examples:

- What pictures are you carrying in your t-shirt?
- What do those characters represent? 
- Where were they inspired?
- Who are the artists that created them?    

I believe that communication, essence and movement are the key to make arts a bigger concept than they already are, due to tourism, global movement, natural disasters and even immigration by people to other countries in order to have a better life. 
  Weight means a lot nowadays in a bag (while travelling to other countries or cities in this world be it by plane, car, train, metro, bus or even walking) and I'm sure that if something like the previous examples that I've gave happens in a common human being's life in this planet, they will want to carry with them what they love most in order to communicate a bit about its belongings, its essence and its value to themselves with less weight.
  Once again in my humble opinion past, present and future will always collide like this mere example with simple t-shirts.

Many thanks to all these awesome international artists whose works appear in this post in personal t-shirts that they gave me permission to use it for my own personal use and to other excellent artists that also gave me permission to print artworks by them in t-shirts for the same purpose and that I still haven't had the time to print them.
Special thanks to my kitty Ilvie while being my muse and my main source of inspiration regarding some of my ideas and that triggered this one with a simple love letter to her at Rotunda da Boavista in Porto and that can be seen at YouTube and at previous posts in this same blogue where past, present and future will always collide in my humble opinion.

Da mui nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto.

Manuel Espírito Santo 


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