Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trying to work with international artists in a concept/play in thefuture

My professional cards and a vintage Radiohead t-shirt 

 Sometimes people do tell me that exhibitions should be held at galleries and I always question them with some inner thoughts that I truly believe in like these ones:
 - Art should be available to every single being in this planet.
 - Even static art should be able to create movement.
 - Art and life most of the times should be like a soccer game and we must know how to play it.
 Other times I'm talking/chatting/communicating with all the kind and generous artists that wanted to pay a tribute to Alberto Breccia and his works (or other exhibitions that I've curated in recent past) while suddenly we're talking about soccer, games, mankind, the nature of human existence or raising questions like this one:
Why, we as human beings are superior to any living being that was born in this same planet as us?
 I love to share also a bit of what I am, who I am and where I am to all of them while they do the same thing to me, because I know that artists are not only gifted with skills, they do know how to observe common people and portray them and they're always real generous.

Mourinho as seen through the eyes of Italian artist Stefano Zattera

 Lots of times I think that I'm only one guy and that several times I communicate with dozens of artists weekly (I've lost track with how many artists I've worked with in the last two years, but I'm sure that were easily more than one 150 truly gifted international artists) and I'm truly happy with all the artists that I've worked in the past, that I'm working in the present and that maybe I'll work in the future.

A Concept

Other times, I'm chatting about some ideas with Argentine artist Mr ED and I do tell him this:
- Ed haven't you noticed that I'm dead?

Ghost in a mirror

Some people know that I love books, great books, with excellent design on them, because I do believe in books and the knowledge that comes with them throughout all world history, but I also know that I must pay attention to my nieces and nephews that are growing and growing, never forgetting my past or my present that will always collide in my future (this happens to every single being in this planet) and that's why sometimes I don't have time at all to communicate properly regarding some ideas that I've concerning Arts or Books.

Me, my niece Lara and my brother César watching a soccer game at Boavista  

Playing hide and seek with my nieces Luzia and Isaurinha

Top models in action - my niece Luzia - Part 1

Top models in action - my niece Isaura - Part 2
My youngest niece Leticia with a wolf in a personalized mug with artwork by Mr Ed  

My niece Isaurinha and Ilvie

Leticia as queen of all streets in Porto

 Other readers of this blogue perhaps have read that I really love my kitty Ilvie also and that I'll always love her.

Ilvie and books,/books and Ilvie 

 I know little in life because I always try to be a simple and an humble guy from a small town in Portugal named Porto.
 Thanks to all the kind and generous international artists with published books all over the world for their support and for their patience while communicating with me in several languages and for their amazing skills in arts.

 Special thanks to Daniel Castro, to Argentine artist Mr Ed for all his help on graphic design (even when I've said to him something like this last year and last month "Hey Ed, it's May, why don't we make a theater play? :)"
 To the awesome daughters and artists that Alberto Breccia raised named Patricia and Cristina and that I deeply treasure in my heart and soul.  

Da mui nobre e invicta cidade do Porto
Manuel Espírito Santo

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