Thursday, May 31, 2018

Max Andersson at Beja - comic book festival - 25,26 & 27 May - 2018

Sometimes I hate comic books, other times I love them (depending on my mood and some comic book that triggers my passion once again with them).
 "The Excavation" by genius Swedish Artist Max Andersson was this book in the last 15 years or even more (It's a fact that time flies and we get older).
 I remember that when I've started communicating with Max and Gary Groth about this book, he was telling me to see his animations also (which I did) and I've loved them.
 Later Max entered in some exhibitions that I've organized with Invicta Indie Arts concept with help by several international artists.
 Max is one of my favourite artists ever since I've read his masterpiece "Pixy" or his short stories at "Zero Zero" comic book issues in the nineties, so I also thought on trying to be physically with him somewhere in Europe (when he told me that this was a cool idea, I grabbed a phone and talked with my friend Paulo Monteiro and he told me to invite him to Beja, which I actually did).
 So, Max Andersson will be in a comic book festival in Beja in his European tour with an awesome exhibition, selling and promoting his work and I'll try to be his host there with a live talk to an audience with him and me.
 Will we talk about comic books?
 Will we talk about arts?
 Will we pass Max's short animations movies in the conversation?
 Will we talk about the weather?
 Will I pay a beer to Max or will he pay me?
 I really don't have answers for these questions since me and Max will improvise something for sure.
Maybe in the middle of the conversation he'll tell me that I'm a carboy and I'll gladly acept the role of being this character that can be seen below in a pic with it among a maths notebook, a cigarette box with Portuguese tiles and another notebook with an illustrated cover of an image of canned sardines



I know that Max Andersson's masterpiece "Pixy" will also be there among the same objects that I've mentioned before in the pic below.


I've told people that Max would do an European tour to show his recent masterpiece "The Excavation" but nobody believed in me and I was a bit sad, but in the picture bellow we can actually see a Max Andersson Spring tour poster all over Europe being Beja, the end of it.


I'm sure that me and Max will talk a lot about carboy characters (or maybe we'll not, I really don't know this).


- Will Max and me talk about carboy characters and his short stories or not? 
While seeing the picture bellow with a print of one, I'm sure that we'll (will we Max? I need help)


Maybe we'll talk about life and how funny it is like we can also see in a Max's print artwork in the picture bellow.


Maybe we'll talk about cigarettes and candy 


Maybe we'll talk about Fantagraphics as a worldwide book publisher.


I'll be physically there with a simple concept while talking with Max or seeing his awesome artworks like can be seen in the picture bellow.


- Will I wear a personalized Max Andersson t-shirt or a Lars Erik Sjunesson one with Ake Ordur character while talking with Max at Beja?  
 The picture below proves that I've at least one t-shirt with a Max Andersson's artwork.


Will I ask Max to sign me books or draw some sketches in paper?
(I'm sure that Max already signed and drew some sketches in comic books for myself)






- Will Swedish artist Lars Erik Sjunesson be there in ethereal form thinking that me and Max are Bosnian Flat Dogs?
He and Max actually drew a copy of this book as a team for me.



- Will I or Max be in a kafkaesque state of mind at Beja? 
Below is a Kafka quote that I love.


Will we talk about movies and nostalgia?


- Will British writer George Orwell's character named Big Brother from his masterpiece "1984" be watching us?


What I know is that I don't have answers regarding Max Andersson's schedule in Beja, but everybody should relax a bit there and appreciate Max Andersson's presence, buy his latest masterpiece "The Excavation" or his other books and enjoy an exhibition with originals by one of the best comic book artists ever.
Being a carboy character with pride, hoping that everybody can catch Max Andersson's artwork everywhere.
Manuel Espírito Santo

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