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Info with a narrative about Zombierella's project and others with help by international artists

Several times I lose myself in endless stories that are on my mind, soul and spirit while walking in cities in old Europe. 
Writing a narrative about a complex character as Zombierella that is not only a character but also an excellent musician and a nice/pretty 21st century woman that loves ghoulish creatures that lurk in the dark while loving also the sun and the light that it provides, makes me wonder about society and how we lose ourselves in it. In a world that's constantly changing in nano seconds due to the virtual life that we human beings have, I've always thought that the best way to put a narrative in motion is with words or printed images with artworks by some of the best international artists that I know of in order to solve some sort of puzzle about who we're in this blue planet called Earth. It's a fact that Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva was born in Saint Petersburg in Russia and that she is part again of rockabilly/surf music band Messer Chups like can actually be seen in posters bellow with date tours of this same band.
Messer chups - tour posters with Zombierella 

It's also a fact that I was born in the prettiest city in the world always in a road to everywhere.

I'm a bit confused on what to write in this post regarding a possible book project with help by international artists that drew or that are drawing Zombierella's character like Brazilian artist Fabio Vermelho artwork based on her that can be seen bellow in a printed picture.
Zombierella tribute by Brazilian artist Fabio Vermelho  

There's only one thing that I know about this project, that's the fact that this project started at Invicta with printed images/collages of Zombierella's and myself trying to write something about her character as the excellent musician that she's and a beautiful 21st century woman with help by several international artists who worked with me in the past or are working with me in present time in other projects that I'm also trying to develop being this project spread in several countries in the world.
A simple guy
Being a bit lost in this project actually makes my mind work faster because I always believed that women are source of life, that they are completely different from men and this makes all the difference in a world filled with images. I've thought on taking pics to simple things in life concerning some sort of narrative for this project because writing one is not as easy as people think. 
Printed artwork by Brazilian artist Fabio Vermelho based on Zombierella's, a pic with words and sayings in a simple coffeeshop, a statue with a female angel, an artwork with a woman daydreaming with fishes by Polish artist Ania Walus, myself wearing a personalized t-shirt with an excellent artwork based on women by extraordinary Canadian artist Dave Cooper, an orange lighter and a cigarette box with Portuguese tiles.
I'm only a guy who loves arts and artworks and how women appear on them, always daydreaming about life, like can be seen in the picture bellow taken by my friend and awesome photographer Alex Korolkovas that was born in Brazil.
Sometimes while being lost in translation or in comunication with my friend and excellent musician Svetlana, I try to talk with statues searching for some inspiration to write about this same project as can be seen bellow.
Angels that guide me  
Other times I see magnificient artworks that show me the inner beauty of women like the one posted bellow by excellent Spanish artist Daniel Esteve and I think this towards myself: "Should I write in this project about Zombierella's character or the role that women always played in society since the existence of human beings in this planet?"

A simple woman by Spanish artist Daniel Esteve  
While I'm lost in thoughts regarding this project or others, I comunicate with international artists like my Swedish friend and excellent artist Lars Erik Sjunesson that drew me as a man taking pics in a picture booth as can be seen bellow.
While I daydream in this project, I gaze towards masterpieces with women observing society in buildings like the picture posted bellow by my friend and magnificient Brazilian photographer Alex Korolkovas with a 21st century women.
Continuing to try to make sense in a narrative as a man and a character in it, I also observe lovely artworks inspired in men or characters by Danish artist Henrik Kim Rehr, Spanish artist Miguel Almagro, Swedish artist Max Andersson while wearing a Personalized t-shirt by this same artist with a character named Carboy in a street in Europe where lions stand still as can be seen below.
Women always were a fascinating subject to write about and when I see their complexity in life shown in arts like the bellow picture by Brazilian photographer Alex Korolkovas, I do try to imagine some words as inspiration for this project just because women always were and always will be the strongest link in society's past, present or future.
I know that I believe in nature and that I love books, Portuguese tiles, personalized t-shirts by some of the best international artists that I know of and while trying to figure out words or ideas for this project, I do try to figure the purpose of an artwork based on women by extraordinary Canadian artist Dave Cooper because it will make part of a bit of my essence by wearing it in a personal t-shirt as can be seen bellow in a pic.
Loving nature and women is the best way to have our memories back because I always loved cats as pets and a living being and in my mind while writing this sort of narrative, I was framing not only women in artworks but also cats in arts like in the bellow picture with artworks based on women by Canadian artist Dave Cooper and an artwork based on cats as pets by excellent Argentine artist Patricia Breccia.
I truly believe that pictures can inspire words in a simple text. I love faeries, myths, cards that tell us a bit about who we'll be and simple notebooks to be written with or without a picture of one of the best writers ever that is Fernando Pessoa and that was born in the same country as myself and truly knew a lot about words, life and even world mythology.
While writing these words, a woman that appeared as a character in my life provided me a message about a mime that can be seen and read below.
Music always has an important role in this narrative and when played by a woman, as can be seen in the picture below, its importance is even bigger because this is a narrative about a character that's a musician while being a 21st century woman.
I only know that in some magical garden, I'll believe in this project, trying to sync it with other projects that I'm trying to develop with help by several international artists, with or without personalized t-shirts like the one that can be seen in the picture bellow by Argentine Artist Mr Ed based on myself as a character and world wide exhibitions curator.
This is a narrative about a musician/character/21st century woman that started with a simple pic of her in the prettiest city in the whole word and since I love music and messages in them, I've thought on putting in this post a translated lyrics in English and its "hidden" message in an awesome song by Portuguese band Mão Morta named "Anarquista Duval" that give us a short story about a word called "FREEDOM" declared by a man that lived in this world in the 19th and 20th Century named Clément Duval.
 Duval was a man that was born in 1850 and that his own ideas concerning individual reclamation were greatly influential in later shaping illegalism. In a printed letter in November 1886 issue of the anarchist paper "Le Révolté", Duval famously declared: "Theft is but restitution carried out by an individual to his own benefit, being conscious of another's undue monopolization of wealth." 
 This band set some standards in my teenage years and in other men and women that listened to it also and that were born in Portugal, while thinking on what society was then and what's society now, either with words or with songs in Portuguese, being the origins of this band in Braga (that is a Portuguese city in the north where catholicism always ruled in Portuguese society) and being their leader Adolfo Luxúria Canibal a musician/performer and a lawyer at the time and in the same body makes this mix an explosive cocktail.
Below is a pic of an autobiographic book by Clément Duval and the lyrics/message for this song in English, because being Portuguese is being a bit anarchist since in world history we're known as a land of sailors and poets.
"Along a road a man was walking, he was covered in night shadows.
Someone asked him his name.
He replied:
- I'm a ghost, they say that I seed chaos and destruction like the wind seeds poppy.
- My name is... freedom.
In that same road walked FREEDOM also  covered in night shadows.
Freedom questioned a lamplight:
- Do you know who I am?
The lamplight replied:
- You're only a vision and you belong to a huge book based on life written by those who provoke that also are known as poets with souls that dream.
A policeman said to the man that was an Anarchist named Clément Duval:
"Are you Anarchist Duval? I'm arresting you on suspicion based in our law and order.'
Clément Duval replied:
"And I suppress you with the word "freedom"."
These two men who caused this scenario walked in the same road.
In that night all that was left was the lamplight that was covered in shadows." 
I've also thought on putting here another  translation from a Portuguese song into English by a 21st Century Danish woman (that's a Viking descendant) named Isabel Berg and that told me that I'm an Atlantis descendant by Portuguese band Xutos & Pontapés named "O homem do Leme" that tells us a short story of a Portuguese helmsman (because Portuguese people always were sailors).
 I know that being born in a small town named Porto sometimes is a problem. Invicta citizens must fight and sail a lot to be recognized all over the world, maybe this is due to the fact that we only have borders with Spain and the Ocean.
 It's good knowing my origins and how people from Porto fought hard in the past and fight harder in the present. 
 Below is a picture of a statue of an helmsman that actually exist in the prettiest city in the world and the translated song by Isabel Berg into English.  

- From the land of Poets and Atlantis descendants.
"Alone in the night
A boat roams, where does it goes?
A light in the dark shines ahead
Obfuscates the rest.
And more than one wave, more than one tide.
They tried to arrest him impose him a faith.
But, destroying his kindness and his free will, breaking his longing (=saudade).
Sails the one who fears nothing, sails the helmsman.
And a will to smile, is born inside his inner self.
And a will to sail all over the world and depart his country.
Life always is a losing game.
In the bottom of the sea
Lie the others, the ones who stayed there
In the darkest day,
they found eternal rest there
And more than one wave, more than one tide
They tried to arrest him impose him a faith
But, sailing with kindness, without his inner  longing (=saudade)
Sails the one who fears nothing, sails the helmsman.
And a will to smile, is born from the bottom of his inner self.
And a will to sail all over the world and depart his country.
Life always is a losing game.
In the bottom of the sea
A whisper is blown, where does it goes?
Without time by his side
He feels his future gone while saying to himself:
- it's too late!!!
And a will to smile, is born inside his inner self.
And a will to sail the world and depart his country.
Life always is a losing game."
Many thanks to all international artists who believe in this and other projects that I try to develop with artworks, words and simple pics.
Special thanks to my friend Svetlana Zombierella Nagaeva that sometimes let me "dive" a bit in her character as the excellent musician and 21st century that she is.
20th May 2018 
Manuel Espírito Santo

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