Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A love letter to my kitty ilvie - Boémia caffe exhibition in Porto with art by international artists - 2016 to 2017

"An identity game"

Love is a smooth word.
Life is a hard puzzle to solve.
History is past, present and future together.
I've been thinking about where's the love in our lives.
One can love a person but can lose her form, face or body in a split second while memories remains intact.
To write about love for cats as pets is to write about how they look, how they eat, how they stare at us, how they move, how they sleep, how they dream and all these aspects of cats or kitties will be in our hearts forever like a book that's always open.
I was at Porto searching for me while trying to find my kitty Ilvie, since my love for her will always be deeper than for a common person.
That's why I decided to recite a love letter to her with or without wind, with or without food, with or without people in Boavista's roundabout.
My kitty Ilvie is a warrior and always will be by my side as long as I live, since I'm not amnesiac and my identity card is the city where I was born and the life that I've lived with her with lots of love.
Writing love letters isn't easy, but being my kitty Ilvie, my muse and source of inspiration, the words started to build themselves almost magically in a mere paper like they were written with her little paws in my heart with blood as ink.
So, who am I?
Who is Ilvie?
Where's Porto?
Where're my memories?
Are they in a simple box gathered digitally in a PC, in a bunch of papers or in my heart?
Why pure evil exist in this world?
Why can't people understand that the love that a human being has for his/her pet can be bigger than the one that he/she shares life with a common man or woman.
Evil is in women or men's hearts.
My love will always be with my kitties in my heart, mind and soul.
So, why do people want to murder this love and register my pets like they were an object due to a betrayal while also trying to kill me physically?
My kitty Ilvie was always by my side and never (not even for a second) betrayed my heart or soul and neither one, nor the other will burn because of her.
Song by American band God Is An Astronaut was chosen due to the band's name and to his title because in life "all is violent, all is bright".
Quote by soccer coach José Mourinho was chosen because I truly believe in that statement made by him.
Song by British band My Bloody Valentine was chosen because of the band name since I was working in Valentina comic book character collection, stories and tributes with international artists and also because of its title "to here knows when", since I really don't know where or when I'll see my kittie Ilvie and I've seen them live in Porto after waiting for more than 15 years for a concert from them and after it, this song was in my mind for months and months, while living my life with Ilvie.

Thanks for the support of artists from countries such as:
Argentina: Alejandra Sanguinetti, Cam Rappetti, Carlos Dearmas, Colorada Majox, Fer Calvi, Fernando Beltran, Mister ED, Quique Alcatena, Patricia Breccia, Rodrigo Lujan, Santiago CARUSO.
Brazil: Alex Korolkovas, Brao, Carlos Ferreira, Eder, Tainan Rocha.
Croatia: Danijel Zezelj.
Greece: Con Chrisoulis.
Finland: Jussi Salolainen.
Italy: Guido Crepax.
Portugal: Derradé, Osvaldo Medina, Paulo Pinto.
Poland: Joanna Joka Karpowicz, Magdalena Minko, Nikodem Cabala.
South Korea: Sid Jung.
Spain: Daniel Esteve, Dulce Escribano, Eduardo Alvarado Sanchez-Cortes, Javier Olivares, Joaquin Aldeguer, José Luís Ágreda, Kosta, Maria M. Coluccelli, Miguel Almagro, Pau Masip, Pedro Espinosa, Pedro Espinosa, Pedro Rodriguez, Sandra Hernandez, Ruben Pellejero, Toni Benages Gallard.
Sweden: Emil Gunnar Máxen, Nicolas Krizan.
U.K: James Harvey.
U.S.A: Bill Koeb, Brian Biggs, George Pratt.

Special thanks to Argentine artist Mr ED for his artwork of a poster for the exhibition based in a photo of my kitty Ilvie and for the design of the text that is at the exhibition, to Daniel Castro for providing a space to it at his amazing coffee shop, to all his employees who serve me coffee all days and to my kitty Ilvie for always being my muse and source of inspiration.

Da mui nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto  Manuel Espírito Santo 

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