Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tributes to Valentina by Guido Crepax - International artists -Fantagraphics

Dear friends and artists,
Hope that all of you had an excellent Xmas among your loved ones.
I've talked with Gary Groth and all international artists who made tributes to Valentina (and you're more than a hundred) will be published by Fantagraphics, first in free limited booklets along Fantagraphics Crepax collection in no particular order and after the collection being finished, they will be compiled in a magnificient book with all your awesome art skills through Fantagraphics aswell.

Meanwhile, I don't know where or when I can do other exhibitions with your artworks, but I'm sure that I'll find more comic book festivals or galleries like I did last year all over the world.
I just need a bit of time to think this through while also doing my work.
Other surprises will appear through Fantagraphics with Valentina, so stay tuned for info or you can write me by email or Facebook for further info about the tributes.
Hope that all of you have an excellent 2017 and thanks to all of you for your awesome support in this project.
You're the best.

 Manuel Espírito Santo 

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