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Italian Artists - Valentina tributes to Promote Fantagraphics Crepaxcollection

Tributes to Valentina to promote Fantagraphics Crepax collection.
 Don't judge me wrong, I love you all a lot and I sincerely apreciate all your support with some of my ideas, but I need to split in my mind what's Professional and what's personal in order to gain more focus in the work that I do, be it curating exhibitions, book collections, interviews, presentation videos, prefaces to books or book presentations.
I'll organize the tributes by artist in alphabetical order and put each artist in bold to be easier for you to see your tributes and where they were exhibited along your quotes about the character Valentina and your Biography aswell.
 Many thanks to all of you for all your work and hope that you continue to support some of my ideas.
 Special thanks to Gary Groth, Caterina Crepax and my muse and source of inspiration, my kitty Ilvie that was stolen from my sight recently.

Alice Crepax Giordana - 

Not yet exhibited

Antonella Adamo - 

Exhibited at second boémia caffe in Porto

Caterina Crepax - 
Caterina Crepax  was born in Milan in February 1964
Architect, Interiors designer, she molds paper into sumptuous dresses, characterized by breathtaking details,  creating objects of desire.
Focusing on the reuse of paper, she is inspired by the ironic game of metamorphosis, transforming the raw material  into precious "tissues". Her artistic touch gives life to sculptures, wearable elements for fashion shows and theaters, sets displays for exhibitions and events. Caterina is furthermore engaged in special projects  for fashion and design schools.
Another part of the professional experience encompasses her involvment for Guido Crepax Archive, with use, selection and treatment of the images and projects of  exhibitions dedicated to her father.
She creates 3D comic strips making handmade small paper dioramas.

Not yet exhibited

Exhibited at the first boémia caffe exhibition in Porto 

Rocco Lombardi - "In Valentina eroticism is the encouragement to explore the power of the feminine , imagination , creative thinking ... An incredible opportunity for men who do not stop on the curves of the body of Valentina!"
Rocco Lombardi was born in Formia, Italy, in 1973. He public comics and illustrations since 2001. With Lamette Comics has edited The scarred tree (2006) and Non senza mano cattiva (2011). He Posted the silent comics Annetta (NPEditions 2009) and Alberico (GIUDA Editions, 2013). He made duet with Simone Lucciola in Campana  (GIUDA Editions 2014). In 2014 for BluGallery public FieraNera, an illustrated  apocalyptic bestiary. He goes around in Italy together Marina Girardi with Nomadisegni: a work in progress project made of traveling workshops , stories and drawings inspired by the landscape.

Sergio Ponchione - "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"
Sergio Ponchione was born in Asti, Italy, in 1975. Comic artist and illustrator, he published in Italy, France and USA with various publishers like Sergio Bonelli Editore, Coconino Press, Comma 22, Vertige Graphics and Fantagraphics Books. Among his major works: Obliquomo, Grotesque, Impronte Maltesi and DKW - Ditko Kirby Wood. He contributed to several italian magazines like Internazionale, Wired and Linus, most famous and long-lived italian comic magazine for which he recently designed the 50th years’ issue cover. For his works he won the Gran Guinigi and Micheluzzi prizes. He is currently working on Dylan Dog comics for Bonelli and on a personal new graphic novel.

Exhibited at the first boémia caffe exhibition in Porto 

Stefano Zattera - "Me and Valentina are both 50 years old. I have spent these years drawing. She has spent these years being drawn"
Stefano Zattera, (Born in Vicenza, 1965) is a cartoonist, illustrator, painter and writer.
After Art School and Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice he began in the 90's a self-production with fanzines as: Delirio, Zattera distorsioni, Baby Burger & Fast Dog and I viaggi dello Psiconauta. He collaborated with Interzona (Italy), the Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza: Schizzo, Monograph Book Earl Foureyes (Italy), Italia Online (Italy), Stripburger (Slovenia), Italian Monsters of Stampa Alternativa (Italy), Tattoo Comix AAA editions (Italy), Rancune (Belgium), Horrorgasmo and Mater Universalis Mondo Bizarro Press (Italy), Biblia (Portugal), Lamette (Italy), Monografico (Spain), Inguine Mah! gazine of Comma-22 (Italy), Malefact (USA), Black Coconino Press, XL of Republica (Italy), Il Male of Vauro and Vincino, Barricate (Italy), Inner Space of Latitude 42 (Italy). He published a short story in the anthology "Veneto Texas" editions La Case. It was in the collective novel "IL Palazzo" for Tragopano editions. He teaches Illustration at the School of Comics Wonderland of Vicenza.
main exhibits:
He exhibited in Comics Convention in Lucca (Italy), Napoli (Italy), Treviso (Italy), Anguleme (France), Seoul (Corea).
Art galleries: Mondo Bizarro (Bologna, Italy), Mondo POP (Roma, Italy), Gestalt (Pietrasanta, Italy), Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea (Milano, Italy), The Don Gallery (Milano, Italy), La Luz de Jesus (Los Angeles, USA).

Not yet exhibited
Thomas Campi - 

Not yet exhibited

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