Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Swiss Artist - Valentina tributes to Promote Fantagraphics Crepaxcollection

Dear friends and artists,
I've decided to create a Facebook Professional account to promote your awesome Tributes to Valentina to promote Fantagraphics Crepax collection.
 Don't judge me wrong, I love you all a lot and I sincerely apreciate all your support with some of my ideas, but I need to split in my mind what's Professional and what's personal in order to gain more focus in the work that I do, be it curating exhibitions, book collections, interviews, presentation videos, prefaces to books or book presentations.
I'll organize the tributes by artist in alphabetical order and put each artist in bold to be easier for you to see your tributes and where they were exhibited along your quotes about the character Valentina and your Biography aswell.
 Many thanks to all of you for all your work and hope that you continue to support some of my ideas.
 Special thanks to Gary Groth, Caterina Crepax and my muse and source of inspiration, my kitty Ilvie that was stolen from my sight recently.

Alex Baladi - 
Alex Baladi studied literature in Genève and cinema and video in Paris. He cooperated on magazines such as Psikopat, Le Cheval sans Tête, P.L.G. and Jade, and provided illustrations and comics to several journals. His first graphic album, 'Monsieur Cru et le Désespoir Euphorique', was released in 1992, and this was followed by over 25 albums, mini-comics and smaller books.
Baladi was the publisher and author of the fanzines Toujours Content (1994-1996), Rien, and Moins que Rien (both in 1998). He has appeared in numerous anthologies including Comix 2000 (L’Association 1999) and has recently had work translated to English in Top Shelf Asks the Big Questions (Top Shelf 2003) and Blood Orange #3 (Fantagraphics 2004). In addition to his work in the comics field, Baladi’s paintings have been exhibited widely throughout Europe.

Exhibited at Finland - Helsinki - comic book festival in 2016 

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