Thursday, October 6, 2016

Portuguese, Polish and Finnish edition of Alan Moore's run in Miracleman in Portuguese book stores at 3rd October

I've loved helping in the extras of the great run of Miracleman by Alan Moore in a Portuguese and Finnish edition while choosing and organizing some parts of the book with covers as separators along Editor José Hartvig de Freitas for Publisher GFloy studios.

 This saga is pure poetry in an utopian society where super heroes could exist, but a bit different from Alan Moore's Watchmen that is more visceral and that has also a Portuguese edition by Levoir.

 Sometimes readers who buy books think that in order for a publisher to try to publish a book, it's quite simple like taking rabbits out of a hat or like some kind of magic trick. 
 The team work involved, ideas and comunication by all means, usually leave people who work in them without time, since there's several stuff to take care of behind the back stage, but it's this joy of seeing the book published who makes us proud of the job that we do.

 In my opinion, what I don't like is the recoloring, but I'm an old school guy and I believe that a piece of art such as this one should be reprinted with its original colors, but we live in the 21st Century and if readers love comic books this way as a way to read them also as an ebook at Kindle, IPad or an IPhone, who am I to blame their opinion? 
 Being part of History working while working with a team with a complete Alan Moore's masterpiece such as this one is really good for Portuguese and Finnish comic book market.
 It's an excellent hardcover book with a good design, so people must buy one of the best masterpieces ever made in comics, being 25€ for this book a real reasonable price.
 Hoping that readers will enjoy this book as much as we did thinking in its edition.

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