Monday, October 10, 2016

Second exhibition of international tributes to Valentina at boémia caffe in Porto - October - 2016

Sometimes, people ask me if I've a team and suddenly, I realize that I'm not a leader of anything and that the work that I do is made due to a simple thing called communication.
 So, based in a concept that I've and that I've aplied to my life in this blogue where I thought in merging all art forms with international artists from several countries while communicating with them by several ways and different languages I thought in gathering artists from several art forms: Illustration, comic book artists, photographers, animation directors, models and musicians to pay tribute to an iconic comic book character such as Guido Crepax's Valentina to promote Crepax Fantagraphics collection where I'm series editor of it.
 So, this concept of mine is not a team with a leader but a collective work that can come from anywhere or everywhere with several artists that want to help me and some people as well by doing unconventional exhibitions at coffee shops, since I sincerely believe that art should belong to everybody and I always wondered why art wasn't merged where all people gather like in this coffee shop named boémia caffé and that has the best croissants in the world and where hundreds of people walks inside it all days, being myself merely one of them.
 My friend and owner of this coffee shop : Daniel Castro is an awesome guy that gives me freedom to collaborate with his amazing coffee shop.

 It isn't easy trying to exhibit more than 200 artists and organize them (and I've curated one exhibition in Seattle, in New York, Finland and two times in Porto, like you can see in previous posts in this blogue). 
 I think in my mind that everything can be made in this world while trying to live life as well.
 Life was never easy for me, so when I put something in my mind, I try to do it the best way that I can by putting my ideas with the means that are provided to me.
 I couldn't attend Helsinki - Finland comic book festival by health and personal problems as wrtiiten in previous posts with a conversation panel in the same day as German Artist Anke Feuchtenberger (whose work I admire a lot) as seen in the catalogue of this year festival in the following pictures: 

In this second exhibition, boémia caffé customers can see works from the following 36 artists and countries: 

Andy Bennet
Justine Mara Andersen
Jeffrey Alan Love
Bob Burden 

Agata rola 
Debora FM

Rodrigo Rosa
Tainan Rocha 
Fernanda Guedes
Laudo Ferreira Jnr 

Johann Sfar 
Isabel Pessoa

Antonella Adamo
Rocco Lombardi
Sergio Ponchione 

Alexandra March 

Fernando Vicente 
Albert Pons Vazquez 
Jon Ander Azaola 
Juan Berrio
Eduardo Alvarado Sanchez Cortes 
Joaquin Aldeguer
Chris Stygryt 
Lem Castañeda Serrano 
Javier Olivares 

Here are the pictures of them taken from a mere IPad

Tribute pages to Valentina by Guido Crepax and with script by me with the following artists: 
Mister Ed from Argentina
Pedro Espinosa from Spain
Felipe H. Navarro from Spain 
Sandra Hernandez from Spain
Fidel Martiñez Nadal from Spain
Ivila Caballero from Spain
Magdalena Minko from Poland 
Paulo Pinto from Portugal
Brao from Brazil 
John Kurokawa from Japan 

Here's a picture of them

Of course that without your help, I couldn't do a thing and I admire you all a lot, since ascending heaven and descending to hell real quickly kills a man and I'm not the soccer coach Mourinho as seen here in this picture by the eyes of Argentine Artist Mister Ed and Spanish Artist Santiago Sequeiros

Like I told in a previous post, sometimes I've to deal with my inner demons and face some of them face to face like the comic book character John Constantine does only with words as seen through the eyes of Spanish Artist Felipe H. Navarro.

I'm also sure that I'm not Cristiano Ronaldo as seen here through the eyes of Argentine Artist Mister ED

I believe also that a work that comes from mind and soul can't be made without the help of a friend with the importance in my life as Daniel Castro (once again with José Mourinho seen through the eyes of Spanish Artist Santiago Sequeiros).

I believe in dreams and what they can offer me in order to turn them into reality, like I believe in nightmares also and I must face both all days until my last breath, hoping that mister Sandman gives me more dreams than nightmares. 
 Morpheus seen through the eyes of Argentine Artist Mister Ed 

So while I try to turn dreams into reality, I'm sure that whatever I'll do in life, I'll need people, friends and to know how to comunicate with them with words, heart and soul.

Many thanks to all of you once again to all artists for riding a lost highway with me.
Special thanks to Gary Groth, Caterina Crepax, Family, friends, people who see the exhibitions and that love or hate them and last but not least my kitty Ilvie that even physically separated from me recently continues to be my muse and source of inspiration in this life.

Da mui nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto
Manuel Espírito Santo

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