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Love and be loved without any kind of blue - A Portuguese love story -Only lovers left alive

A quote about love 

I never thought that it would be so hard writing about something called "love", because feelings are hard to put into words without sounding lame.
 I think that I know some things about love.
 I know that I love the city where I was born that's called Porto with its river, bridges and streets.

I know that since I was a teenager while listening to the music "no love lost" by british band Joy Division/Warsaw band the lyrics of it were always stuck in my mind.

Ian Curtis
I know since I was a kid that love is an awesome thing and that one can never be blue about love, either it's love or it's another feeling.

A blonde girl

Knowing this and never forgetting who I am and who I always was, maybe I can put some words together or maybe I can't, since in my humble opinion love is a puzzle that one should build within our minds, heart and soul.

 Being born in the 70's in Porto was real rough since we were a poor country then that's was fighting fascism and what did we have then?
 I think that it was love, we even started a revolution with flowers and without any bullets fired or men fighting between political issues when I was only a baby.
  In my mind and in my heart, I do treasure my 4 nieces Lara, Luzia, Isaura, Letícia,  3 nephews Leandro, Sandro and Emídio, the 5 kittens that I've had under my care and protection for years Jacky, Nuala, Maya, Pimpolha and Ilvie.
 I don't regret falling in love for the special women that were part of my life for years while sharing a life with me, even if my heart was broken, I always thought that it could be fixed later anyway without entering on "Twilight Zone" moments (and I've had my share of them in the past year and this year).

With my nephews Leandro and Sandro in 2006

With my nieces Luzia and Isaura at Café "Poeta" in Boavista - Porto 

With my nieces Isaura and Luzia and my baby nephew Emídio 

With my nieces Lara and Letícia at Café "Poeta" in Boavista . Porto 

With my youngest niece Letícia and a cousin of her named Bea in Porto

With my youngest niece Letícia at Porto's statue

With my oldest nephew Leandro and my nieces Lara and Letícia

 Do I know what's love? 
 Do I know what's freedom of speech? 
 Do I wanna know? 
 Sometimes life is a punch on our faces other times it seems that all the sugar and honey in the world is within us.
 We should (in my humble opinion) gather our excellent past memories about love, because if it was love it wasn't lost.
 I know that I love my kitty Ilvie a lot, will I be able to see her some day?
 I doubt it, because hearts can be dark after a divorce and filled with hate and blue feelings and that's not how I see love.

I started searching for a new love or a new story to write about this feeling, being true to my feelings like I always was since I was a child.

Holding pics of my closest family my nephews Leandro and Sandro, my brothers Cesar and Pedro my grandma Luzia, my grandpa Manuel Espírito Santo, my cousin Trish Azevedo and my aunt Amy and uncle George that are in Australia.

Holding pics of my nieces Lara, Luzia, Isaura and Letícia and a special someone 

Holding pics with my nieces Luzia and Isaura and a special someone (2)

Holding pics with my nieces Luzia and Letícia and my baby nephew Emídio and the kitties that I've used to have Jacky, Nuala, Maya, Pimpolha and Ilvie.

I do try to form words within words in my mind, trying to add some sugar for a cup of coffee or even tea, but I'm not like my youngest niece Letícia that clearly knows how to write a love story in a minute, but she has magic all over her, like all my nieces and nephews have, always had and always will have.

My youngest niece Letícia writing a love letter 

A simple love letter 

In a minute, I can only write a single sentence while looking at some cards for inspiration.

Where does a love letter begins?

Sometimes people talk with me about goth love, goth love songs or goth aesthetics and I get bored because I love the theme behind goth aesthetics with vampires, werewolves, losts souls and eternal love but as fiction and all these goth love in my humble opinion is something that came out of a really depressed man or woman in world history's gothic period.

Excellent page about eternal love by Argentine artist Fernando Sawa

Excellent page of how Finnish Terhi Ekebom saw another kind of love.

Excellent landscape by South Korean artists Kang Sangbook with some key elements that tries to show where some love is 

A sample of an yet unfinished comic strip with some key elements that tries to show where love is

I really don't know how to describe love in words.
Is it love a common feeling?
Is it love something that strikes us down?
Is it love a simple image on an horizon?
Is it love when you love a pet?
Is it love when you love your family?
Is it love when you don't have lost any love?
Is it love when you love a woman's heart, soul and physical presence?

Usually I don't get confused about my inner feelings but I can be wrong or the other person that I'm in love with can also be wrong and maybe we're only lovers left alive in some kind of mystery train with trust, being each one of us a simple amateur in a room that has the number 2046.
 I'll try to continue seeing what's this feeling inside myself or checking out "who's that girl?" that rules my heart and soul.

To be continued...

Here's a video by british band Radiohead covering british band New Order singing about ceremony in a feeling called love


A simple quote that I believe that's based on the same feeling.

A quote that I love about love
Da mui nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto
Manuel Espírito Santo 



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