Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thoughts in mere rubber - A Portuguese love story - Only lovers left alive

Tower of London

Entering a Tower, I've been thinking on Ravens and their black feathers, they're as big as a lion.
I listen to music and always know that 2 rights makes 1 wrong, so while the music is playing, I look at a mere napkin on some table.
A raven starts talking to me: 
- Why do you feel blue? 
- Do you want me to fade into you? 
- Enter a red room and never forget to fly like a common sparrow.
I'm trapped in thoughts, so I can't listen to the raven's words, because they seem like a whisper thrown at the wind.
You try to give me some oranges and I gaze into an abyss, I'm listening to your words while looking into a mere napkin: 
- Do you listen to the birds singing to you? 
- Why are you so blue? 
- Why don't you cut your heart in two? 
- What are you doing while seeking the truth? 
- How do you manage to ring a bell with a mere key that destroys your soul and brings you into the blue? 
- Drink water dear and don't forget to be more than a cigarette lost in a common gillete.
I'm still flying over mountains while sensing the clouds while writing in a mere blank page, being within the universe, I search for a common grain of sand that's in my left hand.
 I look into a street and I see an oldman that says to me: 
- Be invisible in the void.
- Never forget to destroy what's running amok.
- Feel your lungs and breathe after a coma.
- Never fear Satan or God.
- Embrace life and love with words within words that make your own world spin.
I try to walk with a mere backpack with some words trapped in some map and while looking at a mirror, I close my eyes and feel my heart drumming in my chest.
- Am I a bullet in some nest? 
- Are you a pen writing my own words? 
- Are you within me to here knows when? 
These thoughts trace a map of who I am and suddenly I'm lost observing the universe.
I'm shouting at him when nightmares surround me in my personal road.
I see you smoking a cigarette and drinking a cup of wine and it makes some chills in my spine.
I see a pin where your heart used to be.
I see a voodoo doll piercing my body and performing magic while Satan's laughing at me.
I look at you and see lord Bacchus giving you the truth while he says to you: 
- Run away from boxes.
- Be smarter than foxes.
- The world is yours for the taking, be more than a mere joy in a morning glory in a common story.
You are lost in your thoughts and dreams while a wolf is talking to thee: 
- Are you a bat without a cigarette? 
- Are you lost in some kind of map? 
- Give me truth and I'll give you lies.
- Give me food and I'll give you lines.
- Are you my shelter, when all I need is to feel some snow in my nostrils? 
I'm still walking in a common street in my hometown, feeling homesick and I see a ball made with paper, I unravel it and try to right on it, but its paper is really huge and suddenly I know that this paper that formed a ball is the universe.
You look into the stars and you imagine yourself as a muse lost in some kind of Paradise where ice is more than a pair of dice.
You say this to me: 
- Don't look at me twice when the world is more than mere mice.
I can't listen to your words, since the raven is observing my figure in some wall, it says to me these words: 
- My life's turning pages, I see a promised day.
You're wearing a necklace and a ring and I tell you about a dream that's not a scream: 
- Do you know where Alpha and Omega stand? 
- Do you know the true purpose of ourobouros also known as the snake that is constantly eating its own tale towards eternity? 
- Can't you feel echoes in your soul when the day is worth more than gold? 
I run away from the coffee where I'm standing still and the raven is still watching me.
I enter in an old building filled with stairs and I sense a kiss on its wall, while a dream chases me with a scream.
You always search for me after I'm gone and done.
In a mere flower day, the raven always says to me: 
- In life everything is more than a pay in a sunny day

To be continued

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