Friday, October 13, 2017

Permanent exhibition at greentea coffeeshop with help by internationalartists

Poster by Polish artist Bartosz Jekiel

I remember telling Bartosz to use a cup of tea and the sentence "the world within ourselves" for a narrative and he created this masterpiece.

Back poster for permanent exhibition at Green Tea by Polish artist Bartosz Jekiel

I also remember telling Bartosz to put an open chest with an heart flying out of it in the back poster for this exhibition and I've loved what he did.
 Here's the list of all artists that are going to be present in this permanent exhibition organized by country.

Fernando Sawa 
Mukor Bazan 
Colorada Majox  
German Genga 
Carlos Dearmas
Catriel Talarico 
Colorada Majox

Alex Korolkovas 

Danjiel Zezelj 

Sandra Hernadez 
Miguel Almagro  
Javier Olivares 
Daniel Esteve
Fidel Martiñez Nadal  
Pedro Rodriguez 
Pedro Espinosa 
Ruben Pellejero 
Santiago Sequeiros  
Chema Garcia 
José Luís Ágreda  

Bill Koeb  
George Pratt 
Jeffrey Alan Love 
Peter Kuper 
Paul Pope 

Terhi Ekebom 

Walter Minus 
Isabel Pessoa 

Brian Bolland 
David Lloyd  

Sérgio Ponchione 
Stefano Zattera 

Bartosz Jekiel 
Nikodem Cabala 
Magdalena Minko

Ana Biscaia 
Paulo Pinto
João Sequeira

Lars Erik Sjunesson 
Max Andersson 
Nicolas Krizan 

Lars Henkel
Claudia Pomowski

South Korea
Kang Sangbook

Preface to a narrative about the word "Permanent" in the "world within ourselves".

I never know what's Permanent or what does "forever" means in life.
I know that I love the work that I do and always try to put some love in it like it was a mere diary of what's going on in my mind, heart or soul.
Art is Permanent.
Life is always Permanent in our memories.
Work is not always Permanent.
Love is always Permanent.
Family is Permanent because it's the blood that runs in our veins.
Real friendship against all odds is Permanent.
Trying to think on all this while preparing and curating this exhibition doesn't make me dizzy, but makes me wonder about the word Permanent.

Main narrative with Permanent word on it and the sentence "the world within ourselves".

 Permanent is memories and all the love that I've in my memories for my five kitties.
 Jacky was the first baby kitty that I've had and that I've brought to a shared home.
 Nuala was a baby kitty that was starving in Lisbon streets.
 Maya was a kitty that was abandoned and its life was in danger when I gave shelter and food to her.
 Pimpolha was a kitty that was given to me by a friend and she was real weak at the time, real small, needed extra care and nobody wanted to keep her because of this, later I was informed by the friend that gave me Pimpolha that all her brothers and sisters died because of a disease and she was the sole survivor.
 Ilvie was a kitty that was going to be food for chinese people and to whom I wrote a love letter after a divorce like I've did before with the four kittens that were mine and were stolen from my sight.
They always gave me more than I could possibly imagine throughout the years that were in my life. 

With my first kitty Jacky

 Permanent is moments with all my nephews and nieces in my life since I was present when two of my nieces named Lara and Letícia were born and I couldn't be present in the other births by my  nephews Leandro, Sandro, Emídio or my other nieces Luzia and Isaura because they live in France and I'm a bit scared of airplanes.
 I love all of them a lot and what they give me are always the most pretty treasures in the world.

With my youngest niece Letícia at Metro in Porto

Permanent is Porto that's the city where I was born and that I love a lot and that I always try to pass my love for it to every single people that I've comunicated in the past or comunicate in the present.    

My youngest niece Letícia in downtown in Porto

Permanent is joy in millions of people's lives with a sport such as soccer and having right now at this moment the two best players ever in this sport whose names are Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi and that scare and make magic among goalkeepers and defenses. 

A goalkeeper trying to be erased of the map and soccer player Messi by Argentine artist Mr ED 

Permanent is Clint Eastwood in Sergio Leone's movie "the good, the bad and the ugly"

Clint Eastwood and Porto

Clint Eastwood by Portuguese artist Paulo Pinto

Permanent is water, food, coffee, pen, notebook, eraser, box and "honest mistakes" in life.  


Permanent is published books or yet unpublished ones.

A comic strip 

Permanent is books that reunite friends after some years like Swedish artists Lars Erik Sjunesson and Max Andersson to personalize a copy of their masterpiece "Bosnian Flat Dog" to me or to personalize other books by them with love for their work and I've laughed a lot while reading them.

Bosnian Flat Dog by Swedish artists Lars Erik Sjunesson and Max Andersson

The Excavation by Swedish artist Max Andersson

Ake Ordur by Swedish Lars Erik Sjunesson

Lamort & Cie by Swedish artist Max Andersson

Permanent is vampires that bleed you alive in this life. 

A vampire comic strip page by Argentine artist Fernando Sawa

Permanent is what a child thinks about the world where grown ups live. 

A comic strip page by Finnish artist Terhi Ekebom

Permanent is a shelter in some landscape in this world that we live in.

A shelter and a landscape by South Korean artist Kang Sangbook 

Permanent is a whisper in a street.

Street artwork

Permanent is trying to be the best version of you in this world. 

A bottle

Permanent is trying to know how to work as a team in this world for us to try to show sometimes to other people "the world within ourselves".  

Professional cards with design by Argentine artist MR Ed based on my kitty Ilvie at boémia caffe 

Permanent is trying to listen to a pure song in this world and feeling emotions with its sound and words.

Many thanks to all international artists that support some of my ideas.

Da mui nobre, sempre leal e invicta cidade do Porto
Manuel Espírito Santo 

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