Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Not all a dream - A Portuguese love story - Only lovers left alive

Amateur - Hal Hartley

I had a dream in a scream and I started counting several numbers at once.
Waking up, makes me sleepy and dizzy, so the thoughts are lost in a bottle of water.
I hug my pillow high to be more tight.
Tears of joy starts running from my face in some space.
I think on a candy bar, when I walk in a street filled with cats where my soul used to be.
Fire's burning in my chest and no Demons here, so I colide against a wall and see the universe filled with colors.
I remain by your side without a glide. 
A person pass by me and says this to me: 
- Veut tu être aveugle? 
- Qu'est ce que tu veut être? 
- Cherches tu l'eau rouge? 
I don't know what to say to her, but she's beautiful, pretty and filled with stars inside her.
I only saw her silhouette and her black hair that covered her shoulders.
- Where was I? 
- Was I on a dream? 
- Was it only a scream? 
I think on this towards myself while turning pages of a blank book that I carry on a mere backpack.
The book shines like a star that searches for air in despair.
- Never give up a Fight when love's on sight.
Says a sailor to myself.
- Never enter a club when you're more than a cub.
Says a woman to me.
- Je veut être avec toi sans savoir pourquoi.
- Je veut lire tes mots, parce que mon âme, cherche calme.
Says a cat to myself.
Candy bar in my sight and I don't know how much sugar it has, so I pick a salty and spicy flavour instead while running to my bed.
Give me what's right and I'll give you dreams for a night. 
Some Kisses are right and bright and within my backpack, I never forget what to say, what to talk or what to feel.
Sometimes, passing through streets, I sense bullets in my chest and my heart's on fire with a flame running through a wire.
I pass a candlelight and ask it for something right for my heart to be roaming free.
- Never lose your mind and you'll see what you're doing is kind.
Says the candlelight to me when I imagine your hand inside me.

To be continued

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